1855 – A Unique Approach to Coaching and Consulting with Stan Gibson

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Principal & Owner of Stan Gibson Speaks, Stan Gibson.

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Stan Gibson is a leadership consultant who has dedicated his life to empowering others. As the founder and CEO of Stan Gibson Speaks, he has carved out a niche for himself in the industry, guiding individuals and organizations towards achieving their full potential.

Stan delved into the core principles that underpin effective leadership. One of the most profound takeaways was the importance of authenticity. Stan champions the courage to be oneself, even when it means admitting you don't have all the answers. This level of honesty fosters trust within teams and encourages a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Stan also emphasized the value of emotional intelligence in leadership. The ability to understand and manage one's emotions and empathize with others is crucial in today's fast-paced and interconnected world. Leaders who master this skill are better equipped to navigate the complexities of human dynamics, leading to more cohesive and productive teams.

What sets Stan apart in his coaching and consulting practice is his tailored approach. He recognizes that each individual and team has unique challenges and aspirations. By working across various industries and organizational sizes, Stan has developed a keen ability to adapt his strategies to meet the specific needs of his clients, ensuring impactful and lasting change.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Introduction of Stan Gibson
  • Insights on leadership and authenticity
  • Embracing uncertainty for personal and professional growth
  • Value of emotional intelligence
  • Approach to coaching and consulting
  • Speaking engagements, both in-person and virtual
  • Impact of presentations on corporate teams and industry events
  • Resources available on Stan Gibson's website
  • Practical advice for enhancing leadership skills

About Stan Gibson:

Stan Gibson is a seasoned leadership coach with a passion for transforming organizational culture and enhancing team dynamics. With a rich background as a senior executive at two Fortune 500 companies and an entrepreneur, he specializes in people-centric leadership, aiming to elevate C-suite leaders and their teams beyond their expectations.

Stan work focuses on improving team connectivity, defining roles, and boosting productivity through purposeful and intentional strategies. Stan, who has been married for 40 years and met his wife in the third grade, is also a compelling keynote speaker. He captivates audiences with topics on advanced leadership, the future workplace, and the economic environment.

Stan delves into the science of wellbeing, exploring how leaders can harness energy through sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and more, to achieve optimal performance. Stan is also an author and an avid researcher, further contributing to his expertise in fostering leadership and organizational growth.

Tweetable Moments:

7:02 – “I think one of the strongest forms of emotional intelligence, is having the courage to say ‘I don't know'.”

9:09 – “Growth lies in the land of uncertainty, and typically, when we think we've got it all figured out, Josh, is when we're probably further away from the truth.”

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Stan (00:02:28) - Josh. Thank you I can't wait I'm excited. I watch all your videos and,, you're an inspiration yourself, my friend.

Stan (00:02:36) - So anyway, yeah. Love it. And ready to rock and roll.

Josh (00:02:39) - Well, kind of you to say, but, Stan, you know, I can't help but notice that you've got a believe poster behind you. Ted Lasso, one of the very, very few TV series that I rated a ten out of ten. And it just there was so much that I saw in it that like, it was just, you know, inspired me, you know, just so much about humanity, just such great storytelling in it. But I imagine there are some Ted Lasso isms that you incorporate into the work that you do. Do you mind if we could talk about the geek out on the show for just a minute, and then we'll get a little bit more tactical on what you did?

Stan (00:03:18) - I couldn't think of anything I'd rather talk about. I just, you know, you know what? Yeah, I've got it up there and my wife and I've been talking, you know, it's kind of getting dated.

Stan (00:03:24) - Do I take it down? Do I not take it down? And it's like, you know what? I just it's it's a big part of my practice. Positivity within leadership., it moves mountains, Josh. And so no, let's talk about it. I'm. I'm game.

Josh (00:03:38) - Well, okay. So what is 1 or 2 things that we can learn? Maybe something that stands out in the series of like remember when this happened or blah blah blah blah without,, spoiler alert, without being too spoilery. What are some, maybe some principles that we can learn from Ted Lasso himself or either otherwise something that happened in the show.

Stan (00:03:57) - Yeah, well, you know, Josh, we didn't script this, so this is really rough. This is off the cuff here. But, you know, one of the things that I really love about that show is, you know, he treated everybody the same, but yet he treated them differently. Yes.

Speaker 3 (00:04:09) - Yeah.

Stan (00:04:10) - And and so you know, he just had this way of and and it's kind of a big part of my practice too is I believe you need to know who you are and who you're not.

Stan (00:04:19) - And I think that when people start to get their own authenticity, they don't try to be somebody else. I mean, you look at him, I mean, it's it's I know it's a story written, you know, for, for for TV. But when you look at a guy that comes into a leadership role of something, you know, a sport that he knows nothing about, and he didn't pretend, he didn't try to show up in the meeting and say, you know what?, you know, I, I know everything there is to know about soccer. He came in and said, you know what I know about people? Because when you know about people, it can be ubiquitous. You can you can take that and translate that into so many different industries and different situations. And and we can't just be, you know, there are so many different types of leaders in, in certain leadership roles, call for, for various types of leaders. But when you come into it from an authentic point of view.

Stan (00:05:08) - Then you can start to be you. I mean, nobody's better at you than you. And so anyway, I work with a lot of leaders on just that authenticity. I work with teams on having that individual authenticity. And when you have individual authenticity but you know everybody else in the room, then you can start to say, oh, you know what? Now I know how Josh is wired. I know how Stan is. You know, nothing's malicious. I know what he or she brings to the table is strong, not wrong. And so anyway, I think that that's one of the elements is just that authenticity that Ted Lasso has. That really is first and foremost.. And I never thought about it till you just asked me, but I think that that is really one of the ways that I, I coach, I consult is not by trying to transform somebody into something they're not, but by trying to take what they are and then and then elevating it, moving it up, getting them to, to to go beyond what they thought was possible with those strengths and gifts they have.

Speaker 3 (00:06:08) - Yeah.

Josh (00:06:09) - You know, you mentioned something there. And I'm curious about this. When we think about leaders, when is it appropriate and how is it appropriate as a leader to say.

Speaker 3 (00:06:20) - I don't know.

Josh (00:06:21) - You know, and then obviously follow it up. But, you know, because I think that there could be some among us who say they could never say that in front of my people. They count on me to know all the answers. You want to talk about kind of the role of a leader and how much we need to know.

Stan (00:06:38) - Josh. You know, number one, I've been saying this because I've been on several podcasts, seems like recently, but I've been saying this, you know, IQ, we get to a certain level because because we know our business. I mean, IQ is the level setting. And when you throw artificial intelligence into it, life's an open book test. So if we don't know something, we can go find the answer. What isn't the open book test is EQ Emotional intelligence.

Stan (00:07:02) - And I think one of the strongest forms of emotional intelligence, Josh, is having the courage to say, I don't know, you know, a lot of corporate leaders that I work with, they can't go to the board because the board, if they show any kind of incompetence. Then you know that's a mark against them. They can't go to their peers, they can't go to people. So they're bottled up in believing that they have to know and be all dual. And that's wrong. Josh. The more we are authentic and we say, you know what, I don't know this, but I guarantee you one thing. I have a staff that does. I have a team that does between us. Here's what we're going to come back with and we'll have an answer. I will tell you, I was in the corporate world for 40 years. I was in,, you know, I worked for Wells Fargo, I work for Principal Financial Group. I ran the strategic aspects of these companies that real estate globally.

Stan (00:07:51) - And I will tell you. Real estate is not how I'm defined. I was never the smartest guy in the room, Josh, I just wasn't. And I'm not putting myself down. I typically had the gift of bringing the right people in the room. I had a team for 14 years that nobody left. I had a way of taking the brilliance of a lot of people in the room that they couldn't communicate it. I just have a way of communicating it to the C-suite, and I would bring them with me and give them the credit. That, to me, is what authentic leadership is, and I'm not putting myself on a pedestal. I'm just saying that I came to an early realization that I didn't have to have all the answers, but I had to surround myself with people that did and give them the credit. And together we,, I guess we, I think we were able to, to do, to do some amazing things. So, Josh, yeah.

Josh (00:08:44) - You shared something recently on your social and it says if you don't have imposter syndrome, you're not uncomfortable enough.

Josh (00:08:52) - That one. Sticking with me here, can you you mind sharing just a little bit about that? Because I think, you know, there's as leaders, there are going to be times when we're going to be pretty uncomfortable. And that's not necessarily a bad thing based on kind of I think what you're implying here.

Stan (00:09:09) - No, I agree, you know, I have another saying too, that, you know, growth lies in the land of uncertainty. And typically, you know, when we think we've got it all figured out, Josh, is when we're probably further away from the truth. And so I really believe that, yes, I think, you know, I come across a lot of leaders, a lot of leaders that are pretty dynamic. And they say, well, I've got this imposter syndrome. And I I'm just afraid people are going to find me out. And I'm like, hey, give yourself some grace, dude. This is okay. Again, when you think you got it figured out is when you're probably furthest away from the truth.

Stan (00:09:42) - So feel like, you know, with that imposter syndrome, you're still learning. You're still basically, you know, on a growth curve. And again, you know, that leadership that will that growth lies in the land of uncertainty. So embrace uncertainty. That is actually what causes us to grow.

Speaker 3 (00:09:59) - Yeah. Stan, who.

Josh (00:10:01) - Do you typically work with? Like, you know, is it leaders within certain size organizations or, you know, is it always have to be the CEO, founder? I mean, who do you find yourself engaging with most?

Stan (00:10:12) - That's a great question. I work with teams and that team can be you know, it can be a leader within companies, you know, 5 million and under in revenue it can be 20 million and under. I'm actually working with a with a fortune 250 next week. But it's a team within the fortune 250. So, you know, I work with teams, I work with individuals and teams. And so whether I'm coaching or consulting and there is a difference.

Stan (00:10:32) - The coaching basically is, you know, when I'm working with somebody, they have the answer. They just need someone to basically help pull it out. And again, when they come up with the answer, it typically sticks longer than me telling them what to do. But I also consult because I've got 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, but also in the corporate world. And so I'm able to bring some things to the table. And I also do a lot of research on the neuroscience of how does the brain work, how does the body work, how do we how do we sleep better, how do we eat better? How do we have nutrition? How do we have these routines? Because we're all burned out. So I come at my clients as a consultant in business, as a consultant on their health and as a consultant in productivity. So consulting and coaching is typically what I do. But I can find that that ideal client, whether it be a large corporation, but a team of folks that want to, you know, they want to come together.

Stan (00:11:22) - Maybe they're not hitting on all cylinders, or I can find it in smaller companies. And I love working with smaller companies because typically, you know, they'll buy 4 to 5 to six hours of my time a month and I'll coach them. I might even do joint coaching because there's always conflict in bringing them together. And I have a process that takes these people through, and all of a sudden they can start to have grace for one another instead of instead of this malicious conflict. And so I love to coach individuals. I love to coach teams. I love to coach project managers to get more done more efficiently. So it's really a loose answer to a great question, but I can take teams and individuals and we can do some pretty exciting things quite honestly. Josh.

Josh (00:12:04) - Now your website is Stan Gibson So we also well let's talk about your speaking. What types of events do you speak at. Because there again you know a lot of folks find this podcast either because they're researching you or they're researching your topic.

Josh (00:12:21) - And there's a lot of us that we need those, you know, when we if we have an annual meeting coming up, you know, like we want to make sure that our it's impactful for our troops. What is that speaking experience typically look like when you engage.

Speaker 3 (00:12:36) - In that can be an event.

Stan (00:12:37) - You can be a lot of things. And if you really want to, you know, if you go to Stan Gibson speaks at com, I do have on my website I've got a five minute sizzle reel. We call it where, you know, you can kind of see me in action talking about people centric leadership, but I love I just, you know, speakers speak. That comment was made to me probably about six months ago. And it was like, yeah, speakers speak. That's right. That's what I'd love to do. I have a lot of passion on stage. And so, you know, whether it's an organization that brings me in, it's an industry event. Some of the most fun I've had is coming in and talking to,, corporate teams.

Stan (00:13:10) - It could be a team of five. It can be a team of 50, it can be a team of 100. But coming in and talking to to corporate leaders and then spending the day with a lot of the leadership team individually, collectively, and just seeing what's on their mind., I just that's the dopamine just coming out through my ears when that happens. So any type of event and I realized that, you know, anymore that can be virtual and that can be IRL in real life. My wife and I didn't even know what that was until recently, but IRL. So it can be in real life and I love to speak in person, but you know, we can do something just as easily. I'm working with a,, speaking to a team next week, and unfortunately, I have to start my,, my speech at,, 430 in the morning to accommodate those in Asia., so anyway, I have to somehow figure out how to get my dopamine. Yeah. Flowing.

Stan (00:13:59) - You're waking up in the morning.

Josh (00:14:00) - And,, I don't know how much coffee one can consume between 3 and 4, but.

Stan (00:14:06) - Yeah, well, we're going to find out it's Monday and Thursday both, so. Yeah. So I guess in one week.

Josh (00:14:12) - Yeah. Stan, your website, Stan Gibson I think you've got some resources. Well we talked about your sizzle reel obviously, but, yeah. For someone that's just interested in the topic of leadership, you know, what resources would you recommend for them?, you know, prior to maybe having a conversation with you?

Stan (00:14:29) - Well, I too, but if you want to, like I say, I do have a resource tab on there if you want to listen to a podcast. It's funny, I, I have a podcast,, whether they're business, I just in fact, I just had somebody on LinkedIn last night,, you know, they reached out to me and I don't know the person that well, but they gave me a Bible verse or something like that.

Stan (00:14:46) - And I said, well, just so happens I've got a,, I've got a full podcast I did a year ago on my testimony, and it was with a podcaster from England. And so I sent it to him and within like,, six hours, he sent it back and he said, my gosh, I'm blown away. He said, I've sent this on to three more people. Yeah. So if you go to my resources tab and you just want to pick out any and,, I'm putting more and more on. But if you want to pick out any of those, I've also got a book called living a Rich and Intentional Life. Never let a good pandemic go to waste., you know, when the pandemic came around, we all had a few extra hours in our hand. And so I use those hours wisely each week,, for a year to,, to put all my thoughts on paper and into a book. So living a rich and intentional life, you can get it on Amazon.

Stan (00:15:27) - And,, it covers a whole lot. It covers a lot. But,, hopefully you'll find it of of value.

Speaker 3 (00:15:34) - Yeah.

Josh (00:15:35) - Stan Gibson,, it's been great having you again., renowned speaker and again, founder CEO of Stan Gibson speaks your website. Stan Gibson Stan, it's been great having you. Thank you so much for joining us.

Stan (00:15:49) - Thank you Josh it's been a blast I enjoy it. And again if anybody wants to call hey I'm not a hard sales guy. I just love to meet people and I connect dots and I connect people the same as you do. And that's the joy of life for me.

Josh (00:16:00) - Yeah. Awesome. Thank you Stan.

Stan (00:16:02) - Thank you. Have a great day, everybody.

Josh (00:16:09) - Thanks for listening to the Thoughtful Entrepreneur show. If you are a thoughtful business owner or professional who would like to be on this daily program, please visit up my influence. Comments. Guest. If you're a listener, I'd love to shout out your business to our whole audience for free.

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