1876 – Harnessing the Power of Video Production and Sales Funnels with Matt Peet

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Creator of Focused Funnel Builders, Matt Peet.

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Matt highlighted the importance of video storytelling not only for capturing personal milestones but also as a vital tool for business engagement. He pointed out that through authentic storytelling, businesses can create a deep connection with their audience, fostering loyalty that transcends mere transactions.

Matt introduced the transformative impact of artificial intelligence in marketing, focusing on Napoleon, an AI tool by ClickFunnels. This tool is revolutionizing the way headlines and copy are crafted within sales funnels, making the process more efficient and allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on strategic and creative aspects of their business.

He also emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to business growth, underlining the importance of attracting traffic and converting it effectively. This insight is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to broaden their reach and make a significant impact.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Matt Peet's expertise in video production and sales funnels
  • Matt's journey in video production and working with entrepreneurs and conferences
  • Importance of creating emotional connections through timely video content
  • Role of AI in streamlining the funnel-building process
  • ClickFunnels' AI tool, Napoleon, and its impact on rewriting headlines and copy
  • Misconceptions about easy success in funnel building and caution against lazy marketing tactics
  • Significance of marketing funnels in driving traffic to sales funnels

About Matt Peet:

Matt Peet is an entrepreneur with a diverse background who seamlessly transitioned from videography to digital marketing, specifically in funnel building, over the past decade. His journey began in high school in 2009, leading him to establish a wedding video business in 2013, which he transitioned to a full-time career after graduating college in 2014. His innovative marketing approach caught John Lee Dumas's attention in 2015, allowing him to expand his portfolio by shooting videos for notable figures over the years. This experience catalyzed his pivot towards leveraging funnels in his wedding video business, generating substantial revenue through this method.

In 2020, Peet's career took a significant turn after participating in the One Funnel Away Challenge, which deepened his understanding of digital funnels and their underlying psychology. The first funnel he designed post-challenge generated $20k on its initial launch, marking the beginning of his focused venture into funnel building for entrepreneurs. Recognizing the power of funnels to transform businesses, Peet founded a mastermind group aimed at entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their business growth and personal freedom through effective funnel strategies, showcasing his commitment to sharing his expertise and fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

About Focused Funnel Builders:

Focused Funnel Builders is a vibrant community designed for digital entrepreneurs who aspire to create both freedom and success professionally. The group emphasizes the importance of utilizing technological tools and resources, such as Clickfunnels and Canva, to make a significant impact online. They aim to demystify the digital tools necessary for online sales and marketing, ensuring that even those with extensive technical knowledge can thrive. By offering educational content on these platforms, they empower members to sell effectively online.

In addition to technical training, Focused Funnel Builders strongly emphasizes business development and marketing strategies to escape the relentless promotion cycle and achieve sustainable income. The community discusses various tactics for driving traffic and filling funnels to grow businesses that embody freedom. With a foundation built on mutual support and accountability, the mastermind group is committed to maintaining high standards, encouraging members to step out of their comfort zones, and fostering a network of driven, action-oriented, and compassionate entrepreneurs.

Tweetable Moments:

11:27 – “For me, it's all about those connections with humans.”

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Josh (00:00:04) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach, or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence. Com and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my influence. Com and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now it's Matt Peet, my good friend. Matt, you are the founder of Re-peet Productions and Focused Funnel Matt, thank you so much for joining us.

Matt (00:01:10) - Thank you so much, Josh, for having me. I am so excited to start my day off hanging out with you.

Matt (00:01:15) - This is amazing.

Josh (00:01:16) - Well, Matt, you're a good guy. And so you and I have spent some time together at, Well, I know for sure podcast movement. Are there other conferences that we've met up at? I'm just trying to.

Matt (00:01:26) - Think of not sure. I kind of am all over the place doing a podcast.

Josh (00:01:29) - I don't know, social media marketing. But anyway, so I want to share your websites. we said focused funnel and then what's your website? I don't have that handy for repeat productions.

Matt (00:01:40) - So repeat And for that one I honestly I've shifted so much for my video work. If you want me to shoot videos, if you're not out, there's like, I need a videographer, you got to reach out to me directly because I don't do any promotion for my video work. It's all word of mouth at this point. Sure. so yeah, that if you want to, if you need video or want to talk video, even if you don't want to hire me, just reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook.

Josh (00:02:02) - Yeah, well, you've had some good visibility. Do you mind maybe just sharing a little bit about how you got into video and what you just kind of discuss? repeat first?

Matt (00:02:10) - Yeah, absolutely. I'll give you the quick story of how I got into it. So I got into it in high school when I was taking a journalism class, and I refused to get anything less than an A, so I took it upon myself to learn how to shoot and edit video. And now this is like 2009. So like super early days of like YouTube and internet learning. I know all your younger audiences like you didn't use internet. I would go sit at Zaxby's after school and just figure out how to do it by pressing the wrong button a bunch of times. so that's how I got started, then moved into No.

Josh (00:02:39) - Better way to learn, man.

Matt (00:02:40) - Exactly. Trial by fire. Exactly. It's exactly how I learned. So did that. And then in college, got into wedding videography. I had a mentor and an internship where I did wedding videography and learned how to do things called the same day edit, where I'd shoot and edit a video at a wedding and show the video at the reception.

Matt (00:02:57) - Absolutely amazing for marketing. did that learn how to edit really fast, then moved into the entrepreneur space where I reached out to John Lee Dumas and, got to shoot a bunch of videos for him, which introduced me to the conference space. So now I basically just do conferences and work with entrepreneurs, and it's like the perfect mashup for me. I love it.

Speaker 3 (00:03:17) - Yeah.

Josh (00:03:18) - So can I just ask you so what you just described, I want to not forget to underline this here. What you do at events is rather remarkable. And I really I don't think I've ever seen that done prior to us connecting. It was the podcast cruise. I think that's where we were. We were on together. Yeah. That was awesome. Yeah. So, but what Matt, what you're able to do or what you were doing. Right. And I would imagine, you know, with today's modern tools, it's probably maybe even easier, I hope, you know, to be able to use AI to go through all your footage and hopefully stitch it together in a human, professional way.

Josh (00:03:55) - It's got some little work to do, I'm sure, but imagine hiring a videographer and then at the reception, being able to watch a rough cut of. It's not even a rough cut. It's a good looking video. I mean, it's amazing how you do that. Okay. Yeah. I mean, what's the smoke and mirrors behind the scenes?

Matt (00:04:15) - I mean, honestly, when I was doing weddings, that was kind of like conferences is easier when I'm shooting for conferences and entrepreneurs and stuff. Conferences, you know, they're usually two, three, four days long. So to turn on a video by the end of that, it's easier because I just go back to the room every night and put a couple hours of editing in every night with weddings. That was like, I started off with the hardest thing, because you have basically an afternoon to shoot and edit a video. The smoke and mirrors really is just hyper organization with all of your files. So I don't use any AI to do any of the editing or anything like that.

Matt (00:04:49) - it's all just staying really organized and knowing what my shots are and, you know, keeping like I'll create folders inside of folders based on when I dropped those files. So I know it's like, okay, I dropped these at 1 p.m. and then I had another drop down here. I dropped them at 3 p.m.. So if I know something happened that I was really important between 1 and 3, I go to that folder. So it keeps it everything hyper organized. So there's little guesswork and like clicking through files, trying to find the next clip or whatever. It's like, I know pretty much exactly where all of my clips are.

Speaker 3 (00:05:20) - Yeah, yeah. And it's.

Josh (00:05:22) - Well, you know, what's interesting, Matt, is I don't know that you previously saw many videographers that do that. Like, so it's it's almost like, you know, it's like you're kind of going into a blue ocean by differentiating yourself, you know, whereas, like, no one else in the market does this. I can do this.

Josh (00:05:42) - Like it's like all of a sudden it's just like, nobody can compete with you because you offer that surprise and delight. I think what most of us are used to is, you know, videographer shows up to the event and then a week later or two weeks later, you know, that's when we're able to mail out or send an email allows, oh, here's a video. Remember, this happened two weeks ago. But meanwhile, it's like, you know, the emotion is already kind of, you know, dip down. How exciting is it? You know, it's just like, for example, I'm sure you've used this before, right? You lived in Orlando, you know, you get off of a Disney ride, you exit through the gift shop and wouldn't you know, there's your photo right there, right when you exit the ride, that's when people care most about it. If you send me a photo of my ride experience a week later, I'm kind of shrugging off, oh yeah, yeah, okay.

Josh (00:06:32) - That was cool.

Matt (00:06:34) - Exactly. I mean, it is exactly. It's that height of emotion. And I mean, in the wedding industry, it is not uncommon for people to wait 6 to 9 months to get their wedding videos back. No, I got out of weddings a few years ago just because of the amount of stress. And I'm like, hey, I can make more money with less stress on my in my body. But I mean, it's that high emotion. And there were weddings where I booked weddings at weddings because they saw the video that I did for that couple and they're like, hey, you're going to be shooting my wedding next April. Just letting you know. And I like chuckle. And they're like, no, like seriously, like send me a contract when you get home tonight. So like people love that kind of that. Like you said, the height of emotion with conferences, it's the same way, you know, people spend a ton of time and a ton of money going to these conferences.

Matt (00:07:15) - And, you know, they're they're excited. You know, they got to meet a lot of people. They got to learn a lot of stuff. Had a great time for them. You for the conference to put out a video like immediately after like that night or the next morning being like, hey, this was an awesome time. People share that more often because they're like, look what I just finished up last night, or look what we just finished up two hours ago. This was absolutely amazing. So it gets them at the height of motion, because if a conference shares that, you know, a month later, they're like, oh yeah, that was cool. I remember that conference. That was a good one. It doesn't hit the same.

Speaker 3 (00:07:45) - Yeah. Matt, so.

Josh (00:07:47) - Obviously you do a lot of work in designing sales systems and, you know, funnels. So our audience tends to be pretty sophisticated, you know, folks that have been around for quite a while. We all know what funnels are.

Josh (00:08:00) - We know all the tricks. We know all the stuff. Right. We know all the lingo. You know, for someone that hasn't really been paying attention to the the Clickfunnels world in particular. myself included, you know, I just kind of hang out in my own little world here. What are some of the high level headlines that you would say that that you've been seeing or experiencing, over the past year, year and a half, that that someone ought to be paying attention to in terms of trends or what's going on in that world.

Matt (00:08:28) - Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I know, like you said, not I we talked about this before and not everybody is a fan of Clickfunnels. And I get it. I just I love the company. I love the community. Big part of that. I've been made a Clickfunnels ambassador. So I kind of get to see behind the curtain there a little bit. And I'm also in the past few months I've been working with Clickfunnels. I facilitate their one funnel away challenge, so I get to see a lot of all the new stuff that's coming out, a lot of stuff I can't talk about, obviously, but things that are changing in the industry.

Matt (00:08:54) - AI is becoming a big thing. You know, this, Clickfunnels has a tool called Napoleon. It's AI built in. It helps you like rewrite headlines and copy and all this kind of stuff and it like directly inserts it into it's like built in. So you don't have to leave your funnel builder to get access to. I, they just released a webinar funnel AI building tool, that is. I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but I saw somebody post yesterday saying it built out their webinar funnel in five minutes, so I'm really excited to give that a try. A lot of like I said, a lot of AI stuff is moving into the online world, changing how people build. But other than that, you know, I feel like people just don't know the correct sales tactics, the psychology, what goes into a sales message, all of that stuff on the back end that I feel like doesn't it isn't going to change because it is just human nature. And tapping into that.

Matt (00:09:45) - Why it works and all that kind of stuff and learning about it. Yeah, that kind of stuff I don't think is going to change. So I might help make it faster. But there are still things that we as humans can learn to improve our sales message and our sales funnels.

Speaker 3 (00:10:01) - Yeah.

Josh (00:10:01) - You know, what are some cautions that that you might offer as it pertains to again, I would say more of the lazy side of marketing or the, you know, where expectations are, maybe that it's going to be much more ridiculously easy than it is that, you know, all you have to do is just set up a funnel and you're one funnel away and you can kick back and, you know, sip martinis on on the beach or whatever, you know, inside of a couple of months or something.

Matt (00:10:29) - Yeah, and I love that you said the one funnel away because I host the one funnel away challenge. And, you know, Clickfunnels whole thing is you're one funnel away, which makes it sound really easy.

Matt (00:10:36) - And I think it's more of a hope message like, yeah, if you build that funnel and it doesn't work, and it's a lot of work to build that. And, you know, especially if you've never done it before, you're going in and you're learning. It can be kind of, what's the word disheartening to build that and thinking you're one funnel late. But it's, it's that mentality of like, don't give up. Don't stop because your next funnel could be that breakthrough funnel for you. So that's kind of how I look at that saying, it's not that your next funnel is going to be the funnel, but yeah, for some some tips, things to avoid the lazy marketing. I hate the lazy marketing. I mean, I don't do that. I'm on your show right now. I'm going on a podcast or I'm putting in the hard work. I'm having conversations with people and helping my own people on the back end. For me, it's all about those connections with humans, you know, having that nurturing and implemented in my business.

Matt (00:11:27) - So I'm connecting with the people that actually sign up for my stuff, and I'm having those human connections fake urgency. Avoid that. A hate, fake urgency where it's like, I get urgency is one of those psychological things that you learn about in sales, create urgency to sell more. But if there's genuinely no urgency in what you're selling. Saying something to create or I don't like it because for me, if I see somebody do that, it's like, I don't want to buy your thing now because I feel like you're lying to me on step one. Yeah. You know, so avoid fake urgency. Avoid. Now this comes with legal ramifications. Avoid promises of income. You know, income claims, that kind of stuff. You don't want to get into that world. Now to everybody knows about the two Comma Club award, whether you're a fan of Clickfunnels or not, everybody knows, you know, you make $1 million in a funnel in one year. You sell $1 million worth of product in your funnel in one year.

Matt (00:12:19) - The two comma Club award, not those. Again, it's kind of like a hope creation thing. It's like other people have done this. I know it's possible to use this tool and get these results. I just need to figure out the pieces I'm missing in between. Like you said, it's not easy. It's not like a hey, I signed up for Clickfunnels and I have my funnel. Like there's a reason they're called sales funnels and not marketing funnels. Like you don't build it and then all of a sudden money comes in. There's a lot more work to it than that. And I want and, you know, doing this online entrepreneur stuff, it's not for the faint of heart. It's not easy. It's not just click it and done like there is work that comes into it. I'm constantly working on stuff. I'm going, working with support right now, working on an issue that I'm having. It's it is a business. I mean, you're trying to build it the right way. You want to have the best tool.

Matt (00:13:07) - I, I think I love Clickfunnels, I know, again, it's not for everybody. Personally, I'm a huge fan of and used it for a few years now. Made a good bit of money with it, but it is at the end of the day. It's a tool. It's a software tool. You can you can use Wix and make money, you know, but it's not easy. So don't go into it thinking, oh, this is, you know, all I need in order to make money. And once I get my funnel up, I should make money. Because what's going to happen is you're going to do that, you're going to pay the money, you're going to spend a ton of time getting all this thing up, and then you're going to flip the switch that turns it on. And a week later you're gonna be like, I haven't made one sale. What's going on? That's just a small piece of the puzzle. Yeah. So, yeah.

Josh (00:13:43) - Totally, by the way, totally normal.

Josh (00:13:45) - And that's the way that it actually is. But that's. Yes. Absolutely. That's okay. Because again, you know, if it takes you five years, you know, to replace a full time income, that's normal small business. Right. And so, you know, now if it happens faster, God bless you, man. You rocked it. But.

Matt (00:14:05) - Yeah. Absolutely.

Josh (00:14:05) - Yeah. Matt, listen, I apologize because I know, you know, you and I were chatting and started a little late here, but, you know, your website. I just want to share this is focused funnel It's good to have a friend on the inside. and so would you mind sharing like, you know, again, just high level like who you work with and what you do.

Matt (00:14:25) - Yeah. I mean, high level, who I do, what I do. That focus is a mastermind that I have just started promoting it with all the podcasting and that kind of stuff, working with some really awesome entrepreneurs on that.

Matt (00:14:37) - But yeah, people who want to build funnels, so that way they can grow their business the right way, grow a strong business, and do it so they can live a more free and less stressed life. So that's kind of the goal here. Are you talking about?

Josh (00:14:50) - Yeah. Do you work with the individual business owners or those that are wanting to provide funnel building services for others?

Matt (00:14:57) - It typically more than likely so far it's been individual business owners. Now if you want to build funnels for other people and that's what you want your business to be cool. But it's not for funnel builders necessarily, like it's called focus funnel. Just because the medium that we're using to get to grow our businesses with funnels. So, you know, whether you're selling a course for people who want to be dog watchers or whatever, you know, it's for you. We go in, we talk about how to build sales funnels, but then we also talk about your marketing funnels, because like I said, you build a funnel on Clickfunnels.

Matt (00:15:26) - That's not a marketing funnel, that's a sales funnel. It's there to collect your money and be your sales person, but you also have to drive traffic. So it's it's for any kind of small business owner who wants to grow their business the right way.

Josh (00:15:38) - Yeah. So I think if I understand this correctly, like if you are going to buy Clickfunnels, you may as well buy it from you because you get a bunch of other stuff included. Is that right?

Matt (00:15:49) - Yeah. Okay. So I'll, I'll go over this real quick because.

Josh (00:15:53) - I don't want to and I apologize. I know we only have like one minute left Matt. So I'm okay. Sorry.

Matt (00:15:57) - Okay. No you're fine. Focus funnel forward slash. Oh for it stands for one funnel. Away you go there you sign up using my link I give you a couple really awesome courses PDF a lot of awesome stuff. Then you sign up for the one funnel challenge. You get even more bonuses, amazing stuff. And then the upsell on the one funnel challenge is the best upsell you'll ever see from Clickfunnels.

Matt (00:16:16) - So if you have the money, invest in it there because it comes with just the best courses. What I use to learn how to build on Clickfunnels, it's absolutely amazing. Focus funnel for.

Josh (00:16:27) - Awesome. Matt Peet sorry to kind of rush the ending. Listen, you know again your website focus funnel And then again we were kind of talking about your video production repeat Matt it's been great having you your good friend fellow Orlando now kind of traveling around the world. So Matt, it's been great to have you.

Matt (00:16:50) - Thank you so much, Josh. It's been amazing.

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