1901 – Neuropersonalized Experiences and Content with Michael Becker

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-founder of Neocore and Author of Content Capitalist, Michael Becker.

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Michael Becker is involved with NeoCore, a pioneering technology company based in Dubai, as part of the Antler pre-launch accelerator program. The company is developing earbuds that can detect brainwaves to tailor content experiences innovatively. Their team, including a physicist and a neuroscientist, aims to make advanced technology accessible to consumers.

Michael discussed the evolution of technology through various “epochs of computing,” from the invention of the microchip to the advent of the iPhone. He described NeoCore's mission to lead the next technological phase, focusing on integrating AI and brain-computer interfaces. This could transform our interactions with technology by making it more intuitive and attuned to our cognitive states.

He also stressed the importance of creating high-quality content in different formats, such as blogs and videos. Michael advocates treating content creators like brand journalists and using multimedia to enhance visibility. He believes adopting a sophisticated content and outreach approach is essential for effective lead generation.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Michael Becker and his company NeoCore
  • Explanation of the brainwave-detecting earbuds and their connection to personalized content
  • Vision and goals for NeoCore in the future of technology and AI
  • Overview of Michael Becker's book “Content Capitalist” and its relevance to B2B SaaS and content strategy
  • Importance of high-quality content creation and its impact on inbound lead generation
  • Future trends in content marketing, including the use of AI and personalized content
  • Examples and case studies of successful content strategies and their impact on businesses
  • Michael’s book “Content Capitalist” and its potential transformational impact

About Michael Becker

Michael Becker is a versatile professional whose career spans corporate achievements and personal growth. Initially, he contributed significantly to Teradata, playing a vital role in a $90 million sale in 2016. He then moved to Emarsys, where his efforts in expanding the branded media program were instrumental in SAP's acquisition of $500 million in 2019. His early work also includes being the first content hire at Sharpen, although specific achievements at this company need to be detailed.

In parallel to his corporate success, Michael experienced a profound spiritual awakening in 2018, which marked a pivotal shift in his life. Motivated to share his new-found insights, he established a theme page that quickly grew to 60,000 followers. Leveraging this platform, he transitioned into mentoring, coaching over 30 conscious entrepreneurs and launching an eLearning program. His international lifestyle as a digital nomad in Mexico and Costa Rica culminated in the successful sale of his brand in 2023, setting the stage for his next entrepreneurial endeavors.

About Neocore:

Neocore is a pioneering startup that develops consumer-grade brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, specifically through EEG-detecting earbuds paired with a connected mobile app. Their technology aims to transform how users interact with digital devices by utilizing cognitive data to enhance user experiences. Neocore's innovations are designed to elevate human agency through cognitively guided device interfacing and amplify neural potential with a chat interface that adapts to individual cognitive patterns.

The company has already made significant strides in validating its technology and its impact on users. They completed two validation studies demonstrating the efficacy of in-ear EEG detection and reported increased happiness in users utilizing their AI-enhanced app. Previously, Neocore operated a clinical venture, assisting 6,000 patients before exiting in 2023. Their rapid growth and innovative approach have been recognized in prominent startup accelerators, including Seedstars and Antler, positioning them as a fast-rising name in the tech industry.

About Content Capitalist:

“Content Capitalist” by Michael Becker introduces a revolutionary model for the digital era, centring content rather than products at the heart of the online business. An expert in the creator economy, Michael argues that traditional sales and marketing methods are obsolete. He details how successful entrepreneurs now use a “pull” strategy, distributing significant value to large audiences and creating a dynamic where customers are eager to invest.

The book delineates a comprehensive journey from discovery and nurturing to investment and advocacy, advocating for a leveled-access approach to content distribution. Michael discusses leveraging high-leverage lead generation systems before they become mainstream. Furthermore, the book is replete with actionable advice on converting social media followers into engaged subscribers, utilizing neuro-emotional engagement techniques, employing AI for substantial ROI, and implementing robust sales and customer success strategies. Answering interviews with leading experts supports Michael's insights, making “Content Capitalist” a seminal guide for those looking to thrive in the future of content-driven commerce.

Tweetable Moments:

03:48 – “Our long-term vision is to be the company, or among the companies, that can help spearhead this shift into a neuro-connected future.”

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Check out Neocore’s website at

Check out Content Capitalist on LinkedIn at

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Check out Michael Becker’s book “Content Capitalist” at

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Josh (00:00:04) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach, or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence. Com and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my influence. Com and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now. It's the co-founder of Neo Core and the author of Content Capitalist How to Create a Content Business So Exclusive Customers beg to buy. It's Michael Becker. Michael, thank you so much for joining us.

Michael (00:01:13) - Hey, Josh, thanks so much.

Josh (00:01:15) - Yeah. Well, share with us a bit about what you do, who NeoCore is and kind of what's brought you to this moment.

Michael (00:01:22) - Yeah. So I've been in Dubai now for just about a month. I'm part of a very selective program called antler. They have a pre-launch accelerator to help get new startups off the ground who are pre-revenue very early stages. So I'm here with my two co-founders, working on our frontier market venture, Neo Core building, brainwave detecting earbuds to connect to the digital device to help personalize the content experience above and beyond anything that you might be used to today. So that's my current focus and got my book coming out actually next week. So really excited about that.

Josh (00:01:58) - Well, I want to talk about the book in just a moment. Okay. So what I heard were brainwaves, earbuds and content. So help me understand how that all works together.

Michael (00:02:10) - You got the keywords. That's it. My two co-founders are scientists. One's a physicist, one's a neuroscientist expert. And so they know how to build technology that can basically automate the interpretation of brainwaves. And so our innovation is basically turning that around for consumers. We had previously been in clinics.

Michael (00:02:33) - And so kind of the next phase as we see it is, is how do we pair the individual's brainwaves essentially with the content that they are prompted with and that they get on their personal devices? because the current algorithms and the current content display is flawed in a number of different ways, we don't know that consumers necessarily are aware of that. As it stands today, but they're aware of some of the symptoms around that problem. And so that's what we're ultimately striving to fix.

Josh (00:03:06) - Yeah. So what's the goal? What's the big vision for for neo core.

Michael (00:03:11) - Yeah it's pretty big. We believe that. So there's this thing called epochs of compute. It was actually laid out by A16z. And they just basically talk about the evolution of technology, kind of starting with the microchip, which led to mainstream computer adoption, and then leading into basically a completely new age of, of technological innovation leading into the iPhone. We believe that that next phase where AI is going to be used by the consumer market for the next century, is actually going to be through some sort of brain computer interface.

Michael (00:03:48) - And so our long term vision is to be the company or among the companies who can help spearhead this shift into a neuro connected future.

Josh (00:04:02) - Yeah. What's the possibility? Like what ends up happening? Help me understand. You know, for the end user, what what's the benefit to them? I just want to make sure I understand that.

Michael (00:04:12) - Yeah, absolutely. So really the benefit is going to be how can you how can we help to leverage your mood, your emotion, your impulses, your desires and all of these different cognitive elements or brainwave signals to reflect that in your social feeds, for example, or in the content that you consume on a daily basis, how can we possibly remove excess content? One thing that people do nowadays is they're always fast forwarding, skipping ahead, exiting out, trying to navigate content, often getting lost in the algorithms and in the feeds. And so using your specific cognitive profile to to give you the experience that you need. Not that you say that you want, or maybe you're unsure, but helping to guide that across platforms.

Josh (00:05:03) - So kind of brings us to your, your work Michael. And that's your book and that's content capitalists share a little bit more about that.

Michael (00:05:12) - Yeah. You know, it's been a really interesting kind of coming together, Josh, of a number of different experiences and passions for me. And the book is really the culmination of the last ten years of my career in B2B, SaaS. coming together now with what I was just talking about and this new vision going forward. But yeah, you know, the old way of marketing, as I see it, is pretty much dead. And so, you know, I think marketers and enterprises specifically need a new pathway forward. And so that's exactly what I propose and reveal in the book through a new system that I call the content continuum, which is basically a six phase, model to think about and execute on your acquisition and retention strategy, kind of laying that out with content as the foundational piece through which basically any and all online businesses should run today.

Josh (00:06:09) - So you just talking that, you know, one of the keys to say B2B success would be, which is creating a lot of blog content or audio video.

Michael (00:06:19) - You know, it's so hard to be prescriptive and say, you should be doing blog, you should be doing video one or the other, or using a mix because every every company is so different. And I talk about both of those within the book, but we're seeing a demand for an increase in quality across both of those mediums that you just mentioned. And so if you're going to be present on, say, blog, for example, like the standard, the bar has been set so high, you need to be thinking of your blog much differently than you might have done 5 or 10 years ago when I was starting my career and treating it as almost like an instruction manual and treating your writers as brand journalists, where they're going and they're they're collecting news in a way that I cannot yet do because everything else is commoditized from a content standpoint.

Josh (00:07:11) - Yeah. What do you mean that I can't yet do this?

Michael (00:07:14) - So I cannot go out and interview sources or compile stories. It can't bring contextual awareness. It can't create graphics or imagery with with arrows, or create multimedia and insert that into a long form story.

Michael (00:07:28) - These types of things, for example, that if you're going to have a blog and you want it to stand ahead of the pack, these are the things you ought to be thinking of.

Josh (00:07:36) - Yeah, yeah, for sure. And is the goal then just to become an inbound machine? And why do you like inbound more than, say, someone that's putting a lot of pressure on them selves to run around and track down people and do lead gen, as it were, in that way?

Michael (00:07:55) - Yeah, exactly. So you you hit the nail on the head. Josh, if you if you can tap into this evolving and new model, you will turn your company into a inbound lead gen machine, give it 12 to 18 to 24 months in order for that machine to get up and going with consistent output. But that's not to say that you should not also be doing outreach. It's just that, again, the strategies and the tactics that may have worked 5 or 10 years ago, even three years ago, are in some cases no longer as effective.

Michael (00:08:29) - And so it's about thinking differently about the angle and the appeal with which you disseminate those messages from the format and the channel that you're doing those activities on, to the way that you're actually talking and how you're presenting yourself to those cold prospects because it requires a nuanced approach.

Josh (00:08:52) - Where do you think the future is headed when it comes to content thinking about, are people just going to be using Google in the same way that they're using now or again, you know, Google obviously is making big leaps forward into just giving you the answer you want based on its own AI. So how can experts position themselves for the evolution of search and research on behalf of their potential partners, customers, that sort of thing?

Michael (00:09:22) - Yeah, I this is an interesting point. I think the the big opportunity is thinking about how can I create a juxtaposition, basically meaning how can I use AI and different automation tools to inject more humanity into my marketing? And so, for example, if you're using, you know, ChatGPT, for example, to create a long form script for a video or an article or a podcast episode, when it comes to promotion of that asset, how can you be extra human? And so maybe that means creating in-depth, you know, highly invested in reels, for example, where you're sitting down for a day and you're creating five really high quality pieces to promote that asset, and you're sharing those via SMS and DM with your network with very personalized messages that could never have been been done by AI.

Michael (00:10:15) - So you're working with the tech in that instance to amplify your message beyond what you could do with only one or neither of those. Does that make sense?

Josh (00:10:25) - Yeah, yeah for sure. So the outcomes that we then create by again this more personalized content approach means connection. Right. And and ultimately I think, you know, great for business. I don't know if you have any examples of people maybe that you've worked with or like, what does this end up like? I don't know if you have a case studies of someone who said, okay, I am going to do it the Michael Becker way, and I'm going to see what happens. And and what happened.

Michael (00:10:51) - I share a couple of really interesting examples in the book. One of them, related to what we were just discussing with outreach and client intake, is a company called Master Masterworks, I believe, and they are an art investing platform, but they have a really interesting intake process where they have actually they've separated the call schedule in some cases from the intake form.

Michael (00:11:15) - And so this is almost like a fragmented or a delayed call schedule, where a company will review an applicant's information before then reaching out to set up a call very similar to a lot of podcasters. And indeed the way that that you guys do it, Josh, where you have people apply, but then it's not an automatic call schedule. And so you're sort of flipping the typical polarity dynamic on its head. And in a sense, you're kind of asking your prospects or your guests potentially to sell you or to pitch you on why they should be invited into your sacred, you know, space and, and creators, businesses, contractors, coaches, anybody can leverage these principles.

Josh (00:12:01) - So, Michael, the book itself, who should be getting the book and what would you expect that transformation to take place. Might be. And again the name of the book is Content Capitalists How to create a content business. So exclusive customers beg to buy which again sounds very promising.

Michael (00:12:20) - Yeah I don't believe the book will let you down, so I'll let you make that call for yourself.

Michael (00:12:26) - You know, I wrote the book for branded experts, coaches, consultants, SMEs. And it will also be be relevant for any tech company or small scale up software company as well. And yeah, it does just that as you share, Josh, you know, it seeks to help you turn your company into this asset that, you can promote and that you can share through content from start to finish. And if you do that, you will sort of set yourself in a place where you can be immune to a lot of the fluctuations in the market, new technologies. I, you know, the one constant and what will continue to be is digital content. So using that and putting that at the core products, important content is almost even more important today.

Josh (00:13:17) - Yeah. Then Michael, do you work with clients or right now are you just kind of in the thought leadership space or what? like if someone says, well, I would love to engage in a bit of brand journalism, or certainly, again, what I think you refer to, you know, kind of a distributed, branded newsroom.

Michael (00:13:34) - Yeah, exactly, exactly. So I've got a companion e-learning program that I'm rolling out right now in tandem with the book. so that will expand on a lot of what's included there. I had been doing some consulting and fractional CMO work prior to this. Josh and they had gotten accepted into antler to focus full time on my startup. So that's my focus these days. But I, I don't know what the future will hold. Definitely don't want this to be my first or only book or my only book. But yeah, we'll see what the future holds.

Josh (00:14:05) - Yeah, yeah for sure. so, Michael, you know, again, we talked about the book and, you know, by all means, please do to a friend that's listening, you know, order that, pre-order that, and, it's on is it on Amazon and everywhere else.

Michael (00:14:19) - It will be. It's currently, just on my website for the time.

Josh (00:14:22) - Yeah. Okay. Good good good good. Again, that's content capitalist how to create a content business.

Josh (00:14:27) - So exclusive customers beg to buy. and then again your website Michael Becker org you have a content capitalist academy. You have some other resources as well. And then, you know, for folks that are looking for some help in this area, what would be appropriate for them?

Michael (00:14:46) - Yeah. You can visit my website. I've got the course, I've got articles. I've also got a podcast called Models of Masters. So you can just look that up wherever you listen to podcasts. Also connect with me on LinkedIn. I publish daily there as well as on Instagram, which you can all you can find all those links on my website.

Josh (00:15:04) - Yeah, in fact, over 100 episodes. Congratulations again. The podcast to our friend. This listing. Just search for models of masters. Michael, what do you talk about on that podcast?

Michael (00:15:16) - Strategies for both enterprises and entrepreneurs to really own the digital content economy.

Josh (00:15:25) - Excellent. Okay. Again, Models of Masters is the podcast the website Michael Michael I appreciate the conversation.

Josh (00:15:33) - Thank you so much for joining us.

Michael (00:15:35) - Awesome. Thank you.

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