1909 – Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success with Leslie Galloway

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder and CEO of Interleap, Leslie Galloway.

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Leslie’s journey as the founder and CEO of Interleap Group mirrors the experiences of many in the startup and business development sectors. The formation of Interleap Group represented a significant shift, focusing on addressing real-world issues with innovative solutions. Leslie covered the necessity of maintaining agility in a swiftly evolving market and Interleap’s methods for staying competitive.

Leslie’s approach to business growth combines systematic planning with creativity, a blend entrepreneurs often seek. She delved into the essential function of effective leadership in expanding a business. Leslie provided examples of how to cultivate a culture of innovation and accountability within a team.

Leslie also recounted the company’s origins, highlighting the achievements and the obstacles encountered that have defined its path. The discussion included strategies to navigate these obstacles and the mindset required to adapt to change. Leslie’s resilience and adaptability stand as lessons for all entrepreneurs.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Strategies for successful entrepreneurship
  • Importance of thoughtful and intentional business practices
  • Navigating challenges and obstacles in business
  • Building a successful business from the ground up
  • Leveraging technology and innovation for business growth

About Leslie Galloway:

Leslie Galloway is the visionary Founder and CEO of Interleap, a company she started to revolutionize how leaders approach the development of their teams and staff. With a profound belief in the power of influential people strategy to balance workplace dynamics and enhance profitability, Leslie's inspiration stemmed from observing successful leaders who prioritized interpersonal skills in business. Her professional journey includes a comprehensive background in leadership roles within the branding industry and partnership at Capacity7, where she honed her expertise in organizational design and leadership programs.

Holding a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina, a CCIM Coaching designation and various certifications in personality and behavioral assessments, Leslie has built a reputation for turning around projects and boosting team dynamics. Her unique approach combines leadership experience with emotional intelligence, enabling her to effectively foster trust, navigate challenging conversations, and drive leadership transformation. Leslie is deeply committed to personal growth and community service, leading educational sessions for women and serving as a Starting Point Leader at Buckhead Church. Leslie enjoys tennis, workouts, and walks with friends and family, residing in Brookhaven with her husband, Woody, their daughter, Grace, and their golden retriever, Winnie.

About Interleap:

Interleap is a transformative platform for leaders and teams, focusing on personal development and organizational growth through strategic coaching and collaboration. The company provides a unique framework designed to guide leaders on their journeys, offering tools and support to navigate the complexities of modern leadership roles. As the nature of the workplace evolves, Interleap emphasizes the necessity of clarity, guidance, and collaboration to achieve desired outcomes, ensuring leaders are not isolated but supported throughout their careers.

Their philosophy emphasizes that effective leadership is founded on strong, healthy relationships, which are more crucial than traditional business strategies. This approach challenges and changes traditional leadership paradigms by empowering leaders to step out of their comfort zones, embrace risk, and ultimately gain influence and achieve breakthrough results. Through personalized coaching sessions, group workshops, and targeted interventions, Interleap is dedicated to crafting leaders who are not just managers but true pioneers in their fields.

Tweetable Moments:

02:44 – “There's friction, there's ‘I'm not fulfilled'… what are the things that work really well for me as a leader? And what are those blind spots that keep getting in my way?”

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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, a thoughtful listener. Are you looking for introductions to partners, investors, influencers, and clients? Well, I've had private conversations with over 2000 leaders asking them where their best business comes from. I've got a free video you can watch with no opt in required, where I'll share the exact steps necessary to be 100% inbound in your industry over the next 6 to 8 months, with no spam, no ads, and no sales. What I teach has worked for me for over 15 years, and has helped me create eight figures in revenue for my own companies. Just head to up my influence. Com and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for great guests. Go to up my influence. Com and click on podcast. I'd love to have you. With us right now. Leslie Galloway Leslie, you are the founder and CEO of InterLeap. You are found on the web at Interleap Group. Com Leslie, thank you so much for joining us.

Leslie (00:01:18) - Thank you for having me Josh. Looking forward to it.

Josh (00:01:21) - Yes, absolutely. Well, please share with us the work that you do, who you serve and kind of that impact that you have in the world.

Leslie (00:01:27) - Yeah. So I'm Interlake Group is it's a leadership coaching firm, and we serve leaders in the C-suite down to, I'd say, middle management. But the big distinction for us is just a leader who has a high growth mindset and who is looking for transformation and a shift in either a role, a, you know, a position, something that they're trying to create in their life.

Josh (00:01:56) - Yeah, well, tell me more. Like, what might that look like?

Leslie (00:01:59) - I think that when a leader comes to me, they're stuck somewhere, right? They know that there's a next level for them, and the level looks different. Like I said, it could be that they want a role transition, that they want to think differently, that they know. Okay, I've gotten as far as I can get right here on my own, and I need someone to partner with me into that next level of growth.

Josh (00:02:27) - Yeah. Might their challenges be manifesting in certain ways? Like, how would they know other than maybe they're not happy or they're burnt out or whatever it might be like, how might it might be showing up in within their organization, for example?

Leslie (00:02:44) - Okay, that's such a great question. So I think part of it is to your point, they have these internal, you know, there's a tension, right? There's friction. There's I'm not fulfilled. You know, there are these indicators that you're naming and also that I think that there's either this maybe lack of influence, like I'm feeling like I am maybe even unable to influence myself and the teachers around me. And it really comes down to I really want someone to be able to mirror back to me. I'm able to see certain things in my sphere, but what am I missing? Right? Like, what are the things that work really well for me as a leader? And what are those blind spots that keep getting in my way? But I cannot see them myself, right? And I don't feel safe enough to ask the people in my world, right? Because it's a charged relationship.

Leslie (00:03:43) - Like it might be difficult to ask a boss potentially, or, you know, we hear things differently from a boss or certainly a peer. I think leadership is incredibly lonely. So it may not be that I want to go to a peer, perhaps. Or, you know, I certainly don't want to talk to people I'm managing about this. I really want to have a safe, neutral relationship that can really help me see clearly. Number one, I think self-awareness, vision, and where am I trying to go next and what's standing in my way?

Josh (00:04:21) - You know, I'm just. I was just thinking about leadership, and I think there are quite a few things. You're familiar with Dunning-Kruger, right? It's the the concept that, you know, it's like the more someone believes that, oh, I'm a master at this. I know all the answers, the more you could probably start to distrust, you know? And I was thinking about leadership, the greatest leaders I know or have had the opportunity to have conversations with Stan.

Josh (00:04:44) - So much curiosity. Right. And and I think it's just so rare that you would see any of them say, am I a leader? Oh, you're darn right I'm a good leader. You know, it's like, you just don't say that. Right. And so but that said, you know, where do most of us learn how to be great leaders?

Leslie (00:05:03) - Yeah. I mean, I think your word curiosity, number one, it's one of my favorites. It's it's been such an interesting the last couple of years, my team has spent so much time researching the concept of curiosity and how we are actually born with curiosity in spades. But over time and truly, the the 25 year old mark is when we just don't think out of the box anymore unless we are actively practicing this right and understanding and and our culture really kind of teaches us, hey, I'm going to give you information. I want you to take it in and then spit it back out to me like, that's success, right? Versus really being in kind of this wonder mode.

Leslie (00:05:44) - And to your point, I would even say, you know, the curiosity feeds the the coach ability. And this goes back to an ideal client. It's like, is someone coachable? Like do they want more information? Are they curious about what's happening? Or to your point, do they think they already know and they're full? Right. And I think across the board, those aren't people that any of us enjoy spending time with, whether it's a leader or a peer or a family member, we want people in our world who are willing to ask a lot of questions, genuinely, and that just they they want to know, how do I get better, you know, what do you know that I don't how how can we all sort of collectively add to one another?

Josh (00:06:32) - Yeah, completely. So would you mind maybe just sharing some observations? I mean, this is what you do. You've got a team like you, you kind of obsess on this topic. What are some of the major trends that you have seen, say, over the past year or two, that impact the lives of leaders that we might be we might want to be aware of, or we might want to check in regarding these topics because, you know, it's such an important consideration.

Leslie (00:07:03) - It's such a great question. I think that capacity is such an issue right now. We've spent a lot of time recently talking about the concept of busy equaling productive, and that busy has taken over. As you know this, we just we feel important when we're busy. And I think that we we as leaders, people are struggling. And Josh, a lot of my clients are working moms. Right? So it's I think it's a different flavor than, you know, men tend to struggle with different things, but regardless, it's the fullness that we have, this belief that we've got to be in every single meeting, every single initiative, that if we're not in socially, professionally, if we're not involved in it, then we're missing something. And I think it's the very thing that's causing us to miss something. Right? It's like we're not we're having such a leaders are having a difficult time going deep. They're so wide and touching all these different places. But it's like they've got 20 holes that they've dog and they're only like five inches, you know, deep.

Leslie (00:08:19) - And we miss impact that way. Right? I mean, you know that if you're just in a bunch of different conversations and you feel like you have to be at every table, you're only getting a little bit of information or a little bit of depth in those conversations. And then leaders are walking there. They're they're getting home at night and they're they're working another three hours and they're burned out. And it's it's pulling time and impact from not only their professional worlds, but their personal lives. Right. And then that's affecting the way that, you know, that that's got this ripple effect into everybody that we touch.

Josh (00:08:58) - Yeah. You know, I was just talking with another guest. We were talking about, you know, this unending list of things to do as certainly if you're going to start your own company or founder CEO of a company, I mean, there's just the list is a mile long, and that can get very overwhelming. Would you mind maybe sharing a little bit more about, say, task management but just prioritization, like how do we know what to do and how can more importantly, I think how can we get comfortable with not getting it all done?

Leslie (00:09:27) - Yeah, I think that's that's a great point.

Leslie (00:09:30) - I definitely think that we still believe we have this false belief that it's actually possible to get it all done. I mean, and I think that sounds silly when we say it, you know. Well, of course that's not possible, especially when your list grows faster than, you know, the time you have to complete it. But I think we still believe it. And I think that, you know, so much of my coaching is around mindset and what I love. Jim quick calls, he calls lies limitations I entertain. Right. That's the acronym. And I think leaders think we operate based on a set of beliefs all the time. All of us do. And yet we don't really know that what belief is actually driving a behavior. So if you know you're talking about time management, and I'm thinking back to what you just asked me, you're saying if leaders, how do you keep up with the list? Repeat your question.

Josh (00:10:32) - yeah. And being comfortable with the things that are just not going to make the cut.

Josh (00:10:35) - Right. And I think that sometimes, you know, we put so much pressure on ourselves. I mean, I hold an incredibly high standard for things that we do with our company because I, I just don't want to I don't want to disappoint anybody. You know, certainly if anyone's in entrusting me, you know, it's so, you know, that that does become quite a challenge for me if, like, let's say, just something beyond our control, gets in the way. Lastly. So, yeah, just anything around, being cool with things that either don't work out or we just don't have the bandwidth to accomplish.

Leslie (00:11:10) - This is what I think is really difficult for leaders. Number one, I think slowing down is it feels so risky and scary. Right. And and the problem is you and I both know that if you don't set the vision, if you don't slow down the set, the vision for your company, I don't slow down the set. The vision of my company. No, but that's nobody else's responsibility.

Leslie (00:11:33) - And this goes back to your question about lists. Because if I don't know what's important, which is always evolving, right. Like I've, I've got to continually ask myself, are we still on the thing? Right. Like we said, this was a goal as a team. Is this still the goal? But if I'm not continually asking that question, then you know, that should always inform the list, right? Like what is important about what we're trying to do, what's important about what I'm trying to do as a leader for myself, for my team, for my organization. But most of us, I feel like our lists are out of control, and we feel frustrated because a lot of the things on the list aren't funneling up into like, the big impact, right? I mean, I think it's it's this constant audit is what is what is making my list is not really going to move the needle for me. And I don't think we ask that a lot because it requires slowing down and considering the question.

Leslie (00:12:38) - And nobody likes to really do that in our culture. You know, it's countercultural really.

Josh (00:12:45) - Yeah. what does it look like when you work with your clients? Like, how does interleague work?

Leslie (00:12:51) - Yeah. So there's a couple different ways that the coaching manifests. Of course it's 1 to 1. So working with executives on and a 1 to 1 capacity and how they want to transform in their next season. There's group coaching. So working with you know, 6 to 8 leaders from different companies. And that has been transformative because you're creating a community and a tribe for a group of leaders who are coming into a safe environment, and they are able to talk about the things that are coming up for them in a safe, transparent. They get to listen to other people and not feel like they're alone, because leadership can be incredibly lonely. And then we also work with teams. So. You know, somebody who is really trying to create a cultural shift in their company would bring in or leap in to, you know, work with them on specific group team dynamics that might be holding them back.

Josh (00:13:50) - Yeah. How might they know that they would benefit from a leadership coach?

Leslie (00:13:57) - You know, what's interesting is I think that sometimes we don't know exactly. Clients don't know. And and you mentioned this a minute ago, maybe exactly what it is, but they know I don't think the immediate thought is I need a coach. I think that, you know, this it's like if you're you want to get in better physical shape, will you probably try to do it by yourself? Right. Well, maybe I need to do more sit ups. I need to run more. I need a plan. And then I think that there's a there's a little bit of a lag period where then you realize, oh my gosh, I need a partner in this. and so I think that, you know, typically leaders see a lack of results. They see I think an indicator on teams is, is when team members, there's, there's some sort of toxic nature and a leader doesn't know how to solve for it.

Leslie (00:14:50) - And they finally get so frustrated that they say, you know what? They're we need a neutral party. We need someone who's equipped and trained, actually, to facilitate conversations and to go deeper in a way that isn't possible with the dynamic that exists.

Josh (00:15:09) - Now your website interleague group. Com to our friend that's been listening to our conversation and they say, okay, I'd love to at least have a chat and see, you know, if there might be some opportunity for us. Leslie, what would you recommend they do after this conversation?

Leslie (00:15:25) - I think that, I mean, booking a call is the best way to explore, you know, where the tension points might be. What? What a client is hoping to gain from coaching. And then through that conversation, we identify what the best pathway is. You know, it's it's interesting when you look at our name Josh, because the Inter is all about the partnership. It's the relationship between a client and coach. And that's what informs the leap. And that's what we do here.

Josh (00:15:57) - Yeah. So we go to Inter Leap And then what do they click on.

Leslie (00:16:01) - there's a contact button. And this website is also being updated. So we are a month out and I'm so excited for what's going to be there. But there will be multiple options for them to book a call, click to learn more. They'll know exactly what to do.

Josh (00:16:17) - Okay good good good. And again the website Inter Leap Leslie Galloway you are the founder and CEO and leadership coach and consultant. Thank you so much Leslie for joining us.

Leslie (00:16:28) - I appreciate it.

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