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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with a High Achievement Coach, Founder and CEO of Leap To Your Success, Jaclyn Strominger.

Jaclyn Strominger, founder and CEO of Leap to Your Success, is a renowned high-performance, high-achievement coach. Her approach focuses on achieving the 1% edge necessary for transformative change in life and business.

Jaclyn advises entrepreneurs to list their goals, envision their future, and prioritize activities aligning with them. She emphasizes time management and recommends using timers and time-tracking tools to maintain focus and consistency. Using her Leap Framework (Leveling up, Energy, Action, Propel, and Performance), Jaclyn redefined his mission and values, restored his energy, and created a clear weekly action plan and a 30-60-90 day strategic roadmap.

Jaclyn created the Unstoppable Achievers Journal, an interactive digital resource for crafting mission statements and refining goals for those seeking further development. She also offers a complimentary strategy session to support personal and professional growth.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Jaclyn Strominger’s work as a high performance, high achievement coach
  • Examples of how she helps clients achieve their fullest potential in their lives and businesses
  • Importance of achieving the 1% edge and leveling up
  • The Leap Framework for business improvement
  • Advice for overwhelmed or exhausted business owners
  • Importance of time management and prioritizing activities
  • Resource for listeners: the Unstoppable Achievers Journal
  • Practical advice for improving productivity and focus
  • Guidance for achieving personal and professional goals
  • Complimentary strategy session with Jaclyn

About Jaclyn Strominger:

Jaclyn Strominger is a High Achiever Success Coach specializing in elevating ambitious individuals to achieve peak performance in both business and personal realms. She excels in helping high achievers break through their limitations and make significant advancements, creating an environment rich in confidence and excellence. Jaclyn’s approach is not just about mentoring—it’s about sparking profound transformations in professionals poised to lead and innovate within their sectors.

Starting her career over three decades ago in magazine publishing, Jaclyn observed that many skilled individuals needed clearer direction. This insight led her to embrace entrepreneurship in 2013, focusing on empowering professionals to thrive using a comprehensive approach that bolsters inner resilience and external assurance. Her coaching services are designed to assist high achievers in making strategic advances in their careers and personal lives, offering crucial support and accountability through their challenges and successes. Her clients’ surpassing their objectives is a testament to her coaching methodology’s efficacy and core values.

About Leap To Your Success:

Leap To Your Success offers targeted coaching services for individuals aiming to elevate their careers and improve their business performance. It addresses common challenges like misalignment with core values, lack of confidence, and inadequate planning, providing strategic guidance and accountability. The program is structured to help clients realign their personal and professional goals, promoting substantial growth through practical advice and support.

The services include personalized coaching tailored to various needs, from personal development to navigating significant career or business changes. Leap To Your Success is committed to helping clients reach and surpass their goals, ensuring they become more confident and effective industry leaders. The focus is on delivering results through proven strategies that foster long-term success.

Tweetable Moments:

09:45 – “I took a three by five card and I put my goals on that card. I would paperclip it to my day every morning, and it was the thing that I looked at every single day. It got me energized, it got me moving towards what I wanted to be doing, and got me refocused. That excitement came back because I wasn't doing the busy work, and I was in my business. I wasn't just in it; I was running the business, and the business wasn't running me.”

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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Are you looking for introductions to partners, investors, influencers and clients? Well, I've had private conversations with over 2000 leaders asking them where their best business comes from. I've got a free video you can watch with no opt in required, where I'll share the exact steps necessary to be 100% inbound in your industry over the next 6 to 8 months, with no spam, no ads, and no sales. What I teach has worked for me for over 15 years and has helped me create eight figures in revenue for my own companies. Just head to up my influence comm and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for great guests. Go to up my influence. Com and click on podcast. I'd love to have you. With us right now. Jaclyn Strominger Jaclyn, you are the founder and CEO of leap to your success. Your website is leap to your success. Com Jaclyn, thank you so much for joining us.

Jaclyn (00:01:19) - Thank you, Josh, for having me. It is such a pleasure to be a guest on your show.

Josh (00:01:23) - Absolutely. Well, give us an overview of the work that you do, the impact you have in the world.

Jaclyn (00:01:29) - So the work that I do is, I love to say, as a high performance, high achievement coach, I help people go that 1% edge and level up, and we do it in a lot of different ways. But what I love the most about the work that I do is that when I help somebody go, that 1% difference and what they see in themselves and their business, it is that Mastercard priceless moment where they are like, wow, I didn't know I could get there. And they are. And it's the success and the celebration of success of when they reach that. That is why I do what I do, because it's. It's just really great to see people reach their fullest potential in their life and in their business.

Josh (00:02:23) - Yeah, well, give me an example of how this might look.

Josh (00:02:26) - I'm sure you've worked with a lot of great clients. And how might this, this, this concept of, you know, again, those kind of incremental improvements or those, those, those subtle breakthroughs, how might they look?

Jaclyn (00:02:37) - So it's interesting. So one of my clients and I love telling the story. So. One of my clients has been in business for over ten years and he loves he's he started his business with gusto. He loves the beginning. He loves experiencing the new. But where he was falling off was the day to day and his business was churning along and going. But all of a sudden he woke up and he's like, what do I do? Like I am, I'm missing that. That inspiration and the gusto to keep going. So I work with a use a framework called it's the Leap framework, and it starts with leveling up. That's the L, it's level up, it's energy, it's action propel performance, and the L the starting with that level leveling up, what we did is we redefined what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go.

Jaclyn (00:03:38) - We redefined his mission. What his what I call his achievement code is, and all of his values and what impact he wanted to make, not only in his business but with his clients. So we really redefined that whole beginning section. A lot of times what I see in businesses is people write their mission statement and they write it and leave it. So we brought it back to life. We put it back into into place, so to speak. And then we started working on his his personal energy in his business. So I'm also an energy leadership index assessment master practitioner Eli. And the energy. The Eli is an assessment that really looks at your overall energy day to day. And so and how you work under stress. So we did the Eli. We found there were some key areas where he was blocked. That was stopping his overall excitement and energy in the business. And we redefined it. And through his mission statement and redefining that and recreating his energy and excitement, he started to see some extra traction.

Jaclyn (00:04:47) - And then we started to create that that weekly action plan and the 3060, 90 day plan. You know, a lot of people talk about the 90 day marketing plan. Well, it's the same thing, you know, in your business and where you're going. It's not just marketing, it's your business and your life. And so we looked at the action plan and put into steps what he needed to do each week, not just to propel the business forward, but also to take care of himself and to keep his energy up. And then we started looking at that propel and the propel and performance. As I like to say, it's the marketing of our business. We're measuring or monitoring and we're adjusting. We're giving it the kick every 30, 16, 90 days. We're looking at the actions that we're doing and seeing where they're going and where we need to make adjustments. And his his business went from tum tum tum tum tum. To going straight up and he's and I should say, yes, there are some hiccups because I always say we have to in business.

Jaclyn (00:05:59) - We have to plan for the hiccups. If you look at any, you know, chart, you know, whether you're looking at the stock market, it could have great growth. But there's always those up. You know it's a little bit of a roller coaster. It's the ebbs and flows. So but the best part is by working with him he was able to work through the dips better and come out ahead.

Josh (00:06:24) - so let's maybe Jaclyn, maybe just give some great advice to our friend that's listening here in terms of, things that they may be experiencing. And one thing I commonly hear is, you know, I'm just I need a break. I'm exhausted. Or, you know, again, maybe they feel like they're swimming upstream too much in business. what might be some good practices that you could prescribe that might get them to get curious and then take action. So.

Jaclyn (00:06:53) - You know, the one of the biggest things that I would say, and I'm just going to share a little bit of a story about this, is that when you are feeling that, that overwhelm the burnout that I need, that, that reinvigoration that you're, you're that you were just describing, you know, or how do I get reinvigorated and, and get excited about my business? You know, one of the things that I've done and with a lot of my clients is we take a look and and spend some time looking at really what they want to achieve.

Jaclyn (00:07:25) - What are their what are they, where are they right now and where do they want to be? So make a list. What are your wants and where have you been and. Spend some time making that list, and I will share with you a little bit of a story. is that back in 2018, I had a great business. I was. Looked like on the outside. Everything was just going great, driving my kids to school, and I was listening to the radio and I think it was Katy Perry listening to the song. I was listening to the song roar, and I felt like all of a sudden like, I'm I'm existing in my business. I'm. I'm exhausted. I'm kind of feeling burnt out. And as I got home, I did what I would tell all my clients to do. I made a list of all the things that I wanted. What did I want to achieve? Where have I been? Where do I want to go? And then I started to say, okay, well, where are the key things in my life that I need to keep doing? And you know, I like the 3DS.

Jaclyn (00:08:35) - What do I need to be doing? What do I need to delegate and what do I need to ditch? And I created that list. And then I said, okay, one of the biggest things that I know that's really important is where am I going to fit in? Time for me. Now I'm an early riser and exercise is something that I really believe is a is a direct link into success and achievement. So I made sure that it was part of my plan I was working in, made my calendar, made sure that I scheduled at least 30 minutes of time to move and to exercise and get my heart rate up. And I looked at my do delegate ditch list every single day, and I focus on the key things that I wanted to be doing that also aligned with my goals, and I. So make that list. Do your due delegate ditch and I've got a great matrix actually for it. And I did something that was really special. And a lot of people have said this is that if you've got your goals front and center, you can look at them every day.

Jaclyn (00:09:45) - So I took a three by five card and I put my goals on that three by five card. And I would, paperclip it to my day every morning. And it was the thing that I looked at every single day. So I would stay focused and I knew what my goals were and it would just got me energized. It got me moving towards what I wanted to be doing. And got me refocused. And that excitement came back because I wasn't doing the busy work. And I was in my business and and I wasn't just in it, I was running the business. And the business wasn't running me.

Josh (00:10:29) - Yeah yeah, yeah. Certainly I think there's also, you know, again, when we're just kind of focused on Arizona genius. Like for me, you know, it's generally teaching. I love that, you know, creating content to to share with others. I absolutely love that, you know, growth and, you know, kind of big picture stuff when I get bogged down in the minutia.

Josh (00:10:53) - Jaclyn, it just it's like I feel my life draining before my eyes. Kind of like Wesley. at the end, toward the end of Princess Bride when he's on the machine.

Jaclyn (00:11:06) - As you wish. Right. But but it's true. It's like. And that's why I love having that that matrix and the one part that I, I do a matrix and the one part that I also add to it, which is where you're talking about the creativity is it's due delegate ditch. But there's also the, delay and the delay part is what do I need to be working on that? Maybe I need to be creating that. It's not the it's not the immediate for today, but I need to put it out there. It's got to go. It'll eventually get on that do list. But I have it out there that I know that I want to be working on. But it's not an immediate. But it keeps you focused because when you when you're doing those things, when you're doing the minutia and the things that you don't really love.

Jaclyn (00:11:57) - You're not excited about your business.

Speaker 4 (00:12:00) - That's true.

Josh (00:12:02) - All right. So. So Jack again. So I think, you know, a good practice for someone this week, might look like, you know, look at all the things that you do. let's start maybe slashing and burning up right on things that are not truly serving us. And sometimes it's easier said than done, particularly if we say, well, I don't really have anyone else to do this or I don't know how. you know, not everything gets fixed overnight.

Jaclyn (00:12:31) - No, no. Things don't get fixed overnight. And one of the, one of the practices is that, you know, you a lot of times when people talk about, like, I'm, they're not getting their things done, or maybe they're procrastinating on something or they feeling that they're not getting it done. It's a lot of times it's that mental capacity. They're not excited about it. And sometimes, you know, when they want to sit down to do the do thing that they need to do, and they look at their day and they're like, I didn't get it done.

Jaclyn (00:12:58) - Well, one of the other best practices that I love, having my clients go through is to look at where they're actually spending time. And I have an activity chart and that tracker, it sounds kind of crazy, but it's like it's a time tracker. It's like, you know, track your time. What are you spending your time on? If you're if you're spending time in the minutia and you're not actually doing the work or the income producing activities that you need to do or the things that you do best. Then we need to take a look at that. And sometimes when I have a lot of my clients, take a look at where they're spending their time. Sometimes it's like, oh, I'm shuffling papers or I'm if they're working, if if they happen to, you know, then maybe they're spending time watching or reading the newspaper or the news. Where are you spending your time? I have one of my clients who was a news junkie, and he would watch the news. You know, it was like in the morning for an hour, in the evening for an hour in the middle of the day.

Jaclyn (00:13:56) - And I'm like, do we need to do that? No. How about we just pick a small amount of time? The news hasn't changed that much. And is it really making an impact on your business? So we shifted it. But it was it was becoming aware. That was the key part. It was becoming helping my clients become aware of where they're spending their time is really eye opening.

Josh (00:14:20) - Yeah, I can definitely see that. And, you know, a lot of times, you know, just it's easy to catch ourselves sleepwalking. just simply because it's been a habit. news is one of those ones that I've had to be pretty mindful. I think, you know, it's like if I put my car in neutral, then I'm probably going to end up spending on my time or attention and stuff that I don't really have a whole lot of influence over. Like, it might be entertainment to some degree, but, you know, I just saw something about, you know, demanding more from our time on social media and everything that we do should be to an end.

Josh (00:15:03) - That just makes us better people or, you know, fills us with joy or truly, you know, fuels us. And, you know, if it's not like if you're just looking at people bickering about politics or something that has no, I mean, like it's there are other people that that's their job. Right. And and God bless him, please keep doing that. That's my job. I got other jobs, so I should probably, I don't know, just be be more I would say mindful of thoughtful, but again being very deliberate about where I get what's entertaining for me, what fuels me. because it, it, it sticks with us. And so if I truly want to show up in the way that I want to show up, I need to look at the other, you know, like I said, 12 hours of my day or ten, 14 hours of my day, that's, you know, not business related.

Jaclyn (00:15:56) - You know, and it's very true. We have to be very deliberate.

Jaclyn (00:15:58) - And there are so many things that are thrown at us, you know, and and, you know, social media is one thing, but it's also, you know, how can you bucket your day and, and, and bucket that you know, what you're doing into activities. You know, one of the other things that that I find that has been super helpful is if we actually, you know, think about it with the with time slots, right. You know, ideally, if we, you know, historically speaking, you know, I think somebody had said this to me in college and I was some psychologist had said it that our brain works in 90, you know, works best in 90 minute blocks. Right. So if you want to get a lot of stuff done, set a timer, block your time out, be consistent with what your actions are in that 90 minutes. And have a timer. You know, one of the best things about our phones. Today is that they all come with timers.

Jaclyn (00:16:58) - Our computer has a timer, so if you are looking to have key activities, set blocks of time and set a timer in those actions. You know if you need to. You know if you're the CEO and you need to spend time working with every one of your leaders, make sure that it's really great to do all of those, if you can, in sequential, because you're in the flow of it. Your mind is in that flow. It's almost like starting and stopping and starting and stopping those conversations. But if you stay consistent or if you can book them all in the same time frame, then that is going to be really key. It's the same thing with somebody who's needs to make, you know, sales calls. If you're needing to make sales calls, that first one might be the hardest one to pick up the phone to do. But by the time you get to the 10th one or the 12th one. But if you do them consistently in a row with the same AI, you know, with the same, focus on what what type of person that you're calling and the type of calls you're making.

Jaclyn (00:18:04) - By the time you get to the end of that 90 minutes, you're going to be doing a lot better than he did at that first one. But but your brain is it's it's your staying consistent in that time frame.

Josh (00:18:15) - Jaclyn, your website is leap to your success. Com to a friend that's been listening. What would you recommend they do? Do you have any resources that maybe you would share with them or next steps?

Jaclyn (00:18:25) - Yes. So if you go to my website, if you wait about five seconds, there is going to be a pop up and it is going to bring you to the Unstoppable Achievers Journal, which is a digital journal. It's interactive and it actually takes you through. A lot of the key parts of the levelling up of really honing in on your mission statement. So I would say everybody grab that. And the best part about it is when you get that journal, it also there's a QR code and you actually get a complimentary strategy session with me. So grab that as well.

Jaclyn (00:19:07) - So go to my website, get the journal, grab a strategy session. I want to see everybody leaping to success.

Josh (00:19:15) - Jaclyn Strominger, you are a high achievement coach. You are the founder and CEO of leap to your success, your website. Leap to your success. Com wait for the little pop up and you'll see there will be a kind of a rose colored pink. I can't describe the guy, I don't. I got to work on my colors here, but it says grab your journal today. It looks gorgeous. It's beautiful. Interactive newsletter Jaclyn Strominger. Thank you again so much for joining us.

Jaclyn (00:19:44) - Thank you for having me, Josh.

Josh (00:19:51) - Thanks for listening to the Thoughtful Entrepreneur show. If you are a thoughtful business owner or professional who would like to be on this daily program, please visit up my influence. Com and click on podcast. We believe that every person has a message that can positively impact the world. We love our community who listens and shares our program every day. Together, we are empowering one another as thoughtful leaders.

Josh (00:20:17) - And as I mentioned at the beginning of this program, if you're looking for introductions to partners, investors, influencers, and clients, I have had private conversations with over 2000 leaders asking them where their best business comes from. I've got a free video that you can watch right now with no opt in or email required, where I'm going to share the exact steps necessary to be 100% inbound in your industry over the next 6 to 8 months, with no spam, no ads, and no sales. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create eight figures in revenue for my own companies. Just head to up my influence. Com and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. Make sure to hit subscribe so that tomorrow morning. That's right, seven days a week you are going to be inspired and motivated to succeed. I promise to bring positivity and inspiration to you for around 15 minutes every single day. Thanks for listening and thank you for being a part of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur movement.

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