554 – Protecting Yourself as a Taxpayer with Incite Tax & Accounting’s John Briggs

Saving business owners from overpaying tax and overspending cash.

Today on the show is John Briggs, the Founder of Incite Tax.

When John was growing up, he was bullied and as he grew into an adult he felt his mission was to stop bullying. To him, the IRS is one of the biggest bullies that should be challenged. Incite Tax believes that the IRS sucks at spending your money and wants to make sure you pay them less. They use tax strategies and bookkeeping as well as a profit first system, asking “does this help my client grow their wealth?” They cater to small businesses and 15% of their clientele are micro-gyms.

Learn more about you can pay the IRS less in this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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