924 – Rewarding Your Employees with Real Savings with Abenity’s Brian Roland

Perks are about people.

On today's episode we're here with Brian Roland, Co-Founder of Abenity.

Brian and his brother created their company Abenity to keep their passion for sales alive. They have always been salesy even as kids, selling CDs to make money for college and later in life working together as a team to create a company that helps businesses and associations save money.

Abenity is a company that helps employers, associations, and affinity groups offer member only discounts on almost everything imaginable. They partner with top brands to provide the best discounts on things like pizza and zoo tickets or slushies and amusement park passes to fun-loving businesses and employees.

Learn more about what Abenity is and how it works on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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