931 – A Platform That Helps Companies Work with Influencers with Intellifluence’s Joe Sinkwitz

Trusted influencer marketing.

Here with us today is Joe Sinkwitz, Founder and CEO of Intellifluence.

Intellifluence is the largest warm-contact influencer network. With over 150,000 influencers signed up, it has never been easier to team up with trusted influencers all over the globe. Intellifluence helps creators team up and work together on brand deals, campaigns, and much more.

Instead of trying to search for people interested in working with you, why not join a giant hub of people already eager to collaborate? If you're looking for new entrepreneurs to join forces with, Intellifluence is perfect for you.

Learn more about Joe's work at Intellifluence and much more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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