932 – Utilizing Business Blueprints with Business Mentor’s Aleksander Vitkin

Building a business.

Today we're joined with Aleksander Vitkin, the Founder and CEO of Business Mentor.

Since 2014, Aleksander has helped over 700 people with sincere interests in entrepreneurship and contribution to start profitable businesses, quit their jobs and travel the world. In a few short months, Business Mentor can train anyone ambitious enough to run a 6-figure business, and live forever free from the shackles of their day job.

Starting your own business can be an achievable goal if you put your mind to it and stay determined. If you're looking to create a business and don't know where to start, find out more about Business Mentor on today's episode.

Listen in on our chat about the process of business building and much more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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