948 – Real Estate Virtual Assistants with REVA Global’s Bob LaChance

Efficiency with assistants.

On today's episode we're joined by Bob LaChance, Founder and CEO of REVA Global. 

REVA Global is the number one source for real estate virtual assistance. In business, it can be hard as a leader to juggle all the various tasks at once. REVA helps you fill in all those key team member roles you need in marketing, sales, and more. They are specialized in real estate agents that need a few extra hands to get the job done.

One person can only do so much. Hiring outside help allows you to focus on the real stuff that matters and let the side tasks get done smoothly. The virtual assistants are pre-trained and ready to assist you.

Learn more about REVA Global and what Bob does as CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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