951 – Boutique Niche with Lyntrell’s Closet’s Lyntrell Jacobs

Boutique Niche.

On the show today is Lyntrell Jacobs, Founder of Lyntrell's Closet. 

Lyntrell was a makeup artist and started her clothing business as a side job while pregnant with her first daughter. It was never meant to be a big business for her but once her Instagram page started doing really well, she turned it into a clothing company and website.

Now she has built a big name for her business and Lyntrell's Closet sells all sorts of apparel from dresses to hats and matching sets of clothing. In this episode we talk about how Lyntrell built her business from the beginning and how she transformed from an Instagram page to full-fledged business.

Learn more about Lyntrell's journey and much more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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