961 – Social Prospecting and Engaging with Small Biz Sales Coach’s Patti Pokorchak

Make your passion profitable.

On today's episode we're joined by Patti Pokorchak, The Small Biz Sales Coach.

Patti is living proof that you can take a shy, introverted insecure geek and turn her into a multimillion dollar sales professional. Patti works with entrepreneurs and small businesses and take them from where they've plateaued and figure out the directions to move forward. She has combined marketing techniques with years of experience to help her clients let loose and have more fun while making more money.

Patti is also the author of the book The Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur! Her experiences have lead her to become a business coach and author to help others with the same journey she took.

Learn more about how Patti can take your sales FEAR to sales FUN on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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