965 – Changing The Meat Space with The Better Meat Co.’s Paul Shapiro

Shapiro WideSelling sustainably.

On today's show we're with Paul Shapiro, the CEO of The Better Meat Co.

The Better Meat Co. is an eco-friendly company selling sustainable ingredients for better meat. The meat is 100% vegan and derived from fungi instead of plants. Fungi are actually more similar to animals than plants, as they breathe oxygen and do not go through photosynthesis.

The food is made using Rhiza, which is a complete protein ingredient that’s versatile, allergen-free, and naturally has the texture of animal meat. In addition to all of these wondrous attributes, Rhiza mycoprotein contains more protein than eggs, more iron than beef, more fiber than oats, more potassium than bananas, and naturally contains vitamin B12. This is really the newest superfood out there.

Tune in to this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur to hear more from Paul Shapiro.

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