989 – Making It Painless to Go Green with Biofriendly’s Noel Carroll

Going green.

On the show today is Noel Carroll, the CEO of Biofriendly. 

Biofriendly Corporation was formed to help humanity tackle the ever-present problem of environmental damage. The company’s first target was to help solve the global problem of air pollution. We live in a world that continues to bloom technologically and the need for electricity, shipping services and high-speed transportation has never been greater. Unfortunately, this still creates more and more pollution despite the worldwide effort to move toward renewable fuels and energy.

This Corporation was founded in 1999 to combat the worldwide problem of air pollution. Since that day Biofriendly has expanded its purpose to include all aspects of environmentalism, with the specific goal of making the topic more accessible and easier for anyone to adopt.

Saving the Earth from the comfort of your desk has never been easier! Biofriendly is here to help your business convert to green and start saving the planet. They are dedicated to providing the most convenient solutions for biofriendly business. Biofriendly makes it a point to support other green organizations that are making a difference to the planet.

Biofriendly wholeheartedly supports the energy transition that we are seeing in developed countries from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. They focus their efforts on cleaning the fossil fuels that have the longest path to transition. The company’s purpose is much grander than the fight against air pollution. There are many more problems that affect the health of the planet and they wish to do their part to solve those too. Furthermore, as humans continue to grow and innovate, new environmental problems will certainly arise. To confront this, they have created Biofriendly Planet, an online network that provides, news, education and entertainment to inform and engage the environmental advocates of tomorrow.

A life of marketing and business development has led Noel to an odd career path. Viral video and website promotion, soccer goal manufacturing, feature filmmaking, and now… environmentalism? It has been a winding and diverse career, but he would have it no other way.

While filmmaking was his dream job, the opportunity to run one of the fastest growing environmental companies in America was too important to pass up. Environmentalism has become an embattled, political topic and it needn't be. At Biofriendly, it is his mission to not only bring easy, green solutions for the world's most pressing planetary problems, but also, to make environmentalism fun and approachable for anyone.

Noel was recruited to take the head job at Biofriendly in March of 2018. Since then, the company has nearly doubled in size and has expanded from an additive sales business to an environmental solutions, education and entertainment company. He focuses on modernizing the company and pushing it toward a leadership role in the environmental space.

It is hard to be positive if you are not doing something that in itself is positive. If your product or service is something that you feel negative about, then thriving is hard and burnout is easy. This does not mean that you need to quit your job or try to sell something else, but it does mean that you may need to rethink your strategy. Noel seeks out and invests in new, green technology, and supports green and humanitarian organizations who share in our quest for a better planet.

Learn more about saving our planet and going green in business on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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