990 – Digital Marketing for Serviced-Based Businesses with Buzzworthy Website Marketing’s Michael Buzinski

Simplifying Your Website Marketing

On today's episode of the show we're joined by Michael Buzinski, Founder and CEO of Buzzworthy Website Marketing.

Buzzworthy is a company that will build, optimize, and market websites for service-based businesses. Michael created a system called the Rule of 26 that allows the company to really pinpoint what they need to do to create traffic and conversions of sales from clients’ websites so that they can now rely on a predictable stream of new business coming into their business. It narrows the focus of website revenue growth down to three key performance indicators. The rule helps entrepreneurs take control of their website marketing without having to learn high-level marketing analytics or complex strategies.

Michael has been building websites and increasing client's revenues through digital marketing since 1999. By leveraging the power of all things digital, he has drastically increased the profitability of hundreds of websites. Over the years, Michael and his team have developed profitable digital marketing methodologies, web apps, and DIY platforms that allow them to scale their involvement in your marketing as desired. No fluff, no long contracts or lengthy wait times to get the marketing you need to succeed. He is on a mission to double the revenue of businesses across America through digital marketing. This is a journey you should be a part of.

The company has three ways to work with them. They understand every business experiences unique challenges at different phases of the business lifecycle. That is why they offer flexible options that meet any challenge you have in digital marketing. Such as doing it yourself; You have more time than money, but don't want to figure out marketing on your own. You can get access to their DIY tools that increase website revenue today. If You have segments of your marketing working, but need help in executing others. They will work together with you and make the most of your digital campaign. If you don’t have the time or interest in managing your digital marketing, they will do it for you. They have proven processes that always deliver results and maximize return on investment.

Michael is a dedicated learner and focused professional. Because of his commitment to consistent learning and professional improvement you are dealing with an authentic professional. He has wonderful ideas for improving your business and provides you with the necessary tools to market your business while freeing up your time. Buzz is a valuable member of the digital marketing world with the vision and tools to bring any creative project to life. His work is on point and demonstrates exceptional attention to detail. Michael’s understanding of marketing platforms and architecture has proven useful with work for Web Development, SEO, and video content. His imagination and technical savvy make him well suited to the digital age. He is forward-thinking and brings passion and enthusiasm to his work.

Not happy with the amount of sales/leads coming from your website and want to simplify your website marketing process? Stop feeling tired of overpaying for digital marketing and fancy agency fluff and let Michael help you implement the Rule of 26 into your business.

Learn more about Buzzworthy and what Michael does as Founder and CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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