992 – Not the Marketing Girl with North Star HQ’s Katrina Padron

Digital Marketing Success

With us today is our guest Katrina Padron, the Founder and CEO of North Star HQ.

North Star HQ is a full-service digital agency in which can outsource marketing or you can help your internal team become more successful at marketing. They also train internal marketing teams with our strategies. North Star HQ is a team of thinkers, tinkers, innovators, and thought leaders driven by helping clients solve business problems with solutions that combine data, aesthetics, and effectiveness. They help businesses reach new heights using top-level strategy and digital creativity throughout their full-service marketing solutions.

It is Designed For growth stage companies seeking sustainable marketing, sales, and lead generation programs. Companies in advanced B2B industries such as advanced manufacturing, business services, energy, engineering, and technology, as well as companies navigating essential technologies to support the complete marketing cycle.

With Not the Marketing Girl your own staff will still plan and implement campaigns that build clout in your field and consistently attract your ideal clients. With Rescue Blocks, you do the heavy lifting, they make sure you’re focusing your energy in the right places. They embolden your marketing lead to champion your brand. You’ll generate leads, eliminate knowledge gaps, and reduce turnover.

Katrina envisioned a different kind of agency that sits at the intersection of marketing and technology. Holding a Master’s Degree in Sociology from DePaul University, Katrina is an award-winning marketer with nearly 15 years of industry experience. She also has passionately served as a voice for technological advancement. Additionally, Katrina has served as medical support for underrepresented, as well as, underserved populations.

In just a few quick years, Katrina bootstrapped a digital marketing agency to a top choice firm. Additionally, she landed herself on national stages, shared thought leadership concepts on social media Today and social media Examine. She also wrote a sought-after book, “Ideas Worth Stealing: 42 Social Media Strategies to Build a Brand, Create an Audience and Increase Sales.”

Katrina loves to build brands. She also loves to communicate messages and grow business success stories. North Star HQ has grown to a team of ten with globally recognized clients. She’s a CEO that’s never afraid to get her hands dirty, Katrina can read astrology charts and a P&L. With over 15 years of experience, and changes the way growth-minded teams bring in business. 

She we realized how important it was for to design the employer marketing strategy as well as the marketing message. Katrina wanted everything designed for the clients’ internal message to have the same care she poured into their external message, and create a seamless experience for their employees. There are some agencies that want worldwide domination — but Katrina just wants to work with great people to create things everyone is proud of.

Lots of companies have the same problem you do. Your digital marketing team creates some exposure but their efforts don’t perform in any meaningful way. If your marketing people know your brand, know how to write, and are comfortable with new web-based tools- but just can’t get the parts to work together, you need to meet Katrina.

Learn more about North Star HQ and what Katrina does as Founder and CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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