993 – Relaunch with Life Altering Events’ Frank Zaccari

Changing Procedures; Changing the Odds

On today's episode of the show we're joined by Frank Zaccari, CEO of Life Altering Events.

Author, Speaker, Media Personality; Frank is an engaging key note speaker and written communicator, with a successful history of guiding companies through transitions and turnaround environments, Frank is also a gifted listener with an ability to facilitate discussions that offer value to everyone in the room and is known for his professional interview style.

Frank has had a long and successful career as a professional problem solver committed to growth and process improvement. He has helped countless organizations and quickly determine what is and isn't working, make the necessary changes, create a foundation and establish processes and procedures to sustain success.

His success includes computer hardware, computer software, professional services, software development, wholesale, manufacturing, college athletics, the insurance industry, and nonprofits.

Frank also hosts a TV show called Life Altering Events. It is Frank’s overarching brand and signifies those “aha” moments or events that change our lives for better or worse. These life altering events occur in every aspect of our professional, personal, and family lives. Life altering events present us with opportunities to seize the moment and make difference in our own life, and those of our loved ones, friends, and business associates.

There also can be a fork in the road where we can fall apart or pick up the pieces and start moving forward toward better times and better people. His many interactions with people from all walks of life are the basis for Frank’s interview shows and writing career. His goal is to show people they are not alone and encourage them to keep moving forward. One of his favorite quotes is “The secret to walking on water is to know where the rocks are. Frank will help you find the rocks.

Frank knows that change is coming faster than our ability to understand it and create a plan of action. Being “smart” is no longer enough. The intellectual that is required to research, create, design, invent, develop, and test, is very different from the innovative mindset needed to start, scale, and sustain a business

He feels that too often we are living the life we were told to live – not the life we want. For many of us, the reason is fear. Fear is a powerful emotion. It motivates some people to take action while paralyzing others. We will never rid ourselves of fear. It is an emotion we all have, but we can learn how to prevent fear from dominating our life.

Frank is a business change expert. He knows how to introduce processes that will make you more effective, identify hidden opportunities to make you more competitive, and transform struggling teams into profitable businesses.

He doesn't hold back; he helps you see what's required to get your intended result and he goes home. What Frank does isn't magic but the result is nothing but magic! If you feel your story would be compelling to a wide audience, join Frank as his guest of either of his shows, Life Altering Events

Learn more about Life Altering Events and what Frank does as CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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