995 – Business Network Growth with Markaaz’s Hany Fam

Building trust

Joined with us today is Hany Fam, Founder & CEO of Markaaz.

Marquez is the world's first and only platform to connect every business on the planet. Marquez is your trusted go-to network to find pre-verified partners and customers and monitor business updates – all in one place. It was started specifically for small businesses to help small businesses connect with each other, and connect with big corporations. The reason being that small businesses were really struggling.

Hany believes small businesses are the backbone of not only the global economy, but communities worldwide. ​That’s why He’s combined the best of talent and technology to create the world’s first platform dedicated to protecting and growing small businesses. ​​He’s there to help you build a more trusted network of suppliers so you can have reliable cash flow and ultimately get back to what’s important: your customers and your business.​ By putting your trust in Hany, he’ll help save you time and money, and make your money go further. After all, you started your business for a reason: to help your customers and to earn a living. ​​By getting verified and engaging with verified suppliers, you can get back to business. 

Markaaz is an easy-to-use network that can be accessed from your desktop and mobile to find, monitor, and soon pay partners. You can search through 100 million+ business listings, all in one place. Through those listings, you can see your partner’s and customer’s business profile and monitor their business information, including number of employees, years in business, key contacts and business credit risk score and business credit risk class. Soon you will receive real-time alerts, so you know exactly when their status changes.

Hany held global leadership roles in business transformation, value creation and technology, gaining depth of experience in payments, B2B platforms, enterprise partnerships and SaaS. Under Hany’s leadership, Mastercard Track was launched, the first and only global trading platform connecting every supplier and buyer on the planet to simplify and automate the exchange of payments and related data.

The values will make you feel comfortable to do business with them. Authenticity by helping each other to be their best selves. They have Loyalty being a team in the good and the bad. They have so much Determination and an amazing Impact of doing well by doing good.

Hany understands how many hours a business owner spends searching the internet to find new partners, suppliers, and customers. With the pandemic and global supply chain disruptions, he knew there had to be a way to do business more safely and efficiently. He started Markaaz to reduce structural inefficiencies in the market. The platform not only protects you from fraud, but helps you stand out, and improve your cash flow.

He is creating a game changing platform and is passionate about turning visionary concepts into commercial successes. Hany believes in a world where all businesses have equal and inclusive access to opportunities, resources and financing, and making that happen right here. With Hany, you can confidently make the best decisions for your business.

Learn more about Marquez and what Hany Fam does as Founder & CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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