997 – Fintech That Helps With Student Loans with Savi’s Aaron Smith

Focusing on Loan Forgiveness

With us today is Aaron Smith, the Co-Founder of Savy

Savy is a fintech that helps people better manage and understand their student loan debt. The TurboTax for your student loans. Savy will be there for you to help throughout the 5 to 15 years it might take you to pay down your student loans. Savvy is offered as a benefit for employers, for membership groups and financial institutions that are trying to help their constituents and customers and employees address student debt. Using innovative technology and a team of thoughtful industry leaders, they help loan borrowers discover new repayment and loan forgiveness options. The student loan debt crisis is postponing the American Dream and the rules to reduce payments and forgive debt are so confusing that the public agrees the system is broken. Savi is a social impact technology founded by long-time student loan experts and advocates. Working to solve the pressing student debt crisis affecting 47 million borrowers by helping them discover new repayment and loan forgiveness options.

Aaron Smith is a long-time student loan expert and advocate with experience in the intersection between higher education and financial technology. He co-founded and served as the original Executive Director of Young Invincibles, one of the largest and most impactful youth advocacy and policy non-profits in the country.

He feels that borrowers everywhere should be able to manage their debt, lower their payments, and find a path to student loan freedom. Aaron is passionate about creating honest and effective financial technology that helps every day, working class people. He believes that people shouldn't spend their lives buried in student loan debt.

Student loan payment is your second largest monthly payment after your rent or your mortgage, It's a big deal. Aaron understands that student loan debt is not like other types of debt. He has found a way for you to set your monthly payment based on your income, and will help you figure out the strategy around your repayment. Savy is going to help if there's any issues or challenges you have, to help you stay on track and monitor your loans over time.

Do you need to find a Path to Student Loan Freedom? Savi identifies the best loan repayment & forgiveness programs based on each user's unique financial picture and goals. Savi is on a mission to help with their cutting-edge financial technology that makes it easier. Aaron is very outcome-driven, always going above and beyond in the pursuit of positive impact.

Don’t get discouraged and throw yours hands up. If you ignore your loans, it’s only going to hurt your credit debt, and is going to continue to accumulate through interest. You're only going to fall further and further behind. Aaron is here to help stay on top of all the changes, and help you see where the opportunities are. The program helps achieve meaningful savings both in monthly budgets and in the overall cost of debt. Get back your life today by being debt free.

Learn more about Savi and what Aaron does on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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