Ep 003 – Food Addiction Recovery – Sandra Elia

Sandra Elia is one of the world’s first Certified Food Addiction Counselors, a CTI-certified Professional Coach, a radio show host, and the Vice Chair of the Canadian Obesity Network (Toronto Chapter).

Sandra has worked alongside medical doctors and addiction doctors, to develop a Food Addiction Recovery program that has yielded tremendous success, influencing the way obesity is treated.

Clients report weight loss and importantly the mind chatter with food is gone, clients are finding peace with food.

Sandra is authentic, open-hearted, real and raw; not to mention she’s lost over a 100 pounds and has kept it off for over 13 years!

She shows up creates a sacred space for great healing and coaching for all her clients. It’s amazing to not only witness but also to participate! Sandra uses her own life experiences to bring the theory and facts to life.

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