Ep 022 – Balancing Business and Family with Elena Krasnoperova of FamTerra

Elena Krasnoperova is the CEO of FamTerra, a family tech company on a mission to make life easier for parents.

FamTerra's first app, Calroo, helps busy parents coordinate family schedules and logistics with each other. It's live on App Store and Google Play and has been repeatedly featured by Apple.

The team is now working on their second app, WeParent, which targets divorced and separated parents, and is launching in November. FamTerra's long-term vision is to become a platform through which millions of families discover apps and services that materially improve their lives.

Prior to FamTerra, Elena was an executive at BCG, eBay, PayPal, Zong (acquired by PayPal for $240M), and Upwork (filed for IPO), and founder of another company in the family tech space, SimplyCircle.

Elena holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford and is a Mom of two amazing kids. She loves travel, foreign languages, and teaching Zumba.

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