Ep 029 Kristi Saare Duarte is author of ‘The Transmigrant’

Kristi Saare Duarte is an award-winning author, healer, spiritual channel, and a modern-day nomad. Her first novel, The Transmigrant, has A New Yorker for the last 20 years, she grew up in Sweden, raised by Estonian refugee parents, and has lived in six countries across three continents. Guided by her curiosity and inability to remain still, she has studied art, acting, advertising, and finance, and has traveled to more than 75 countries in search for the next adventure.

Her first novel, The Transmigrant, is a what-if story about the Lost Years of Jesus, exploring the possibility of his travelling through Asia and studying Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s an effort to show how all religions are linked, and how they all stem from the same root: love your neighbor as yourself, treat others like you want to be treated, and be kind. The novel has won multiple awards, including the Nautilus Book Award and the International Book Award.

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