Ep 041 – Trust Rules in Business with Bob Lee

Bob Lee is an internationally recognized author, conference speaker and media commentator. 

His career includes 15 years as a senior leader with Great Place to Work® Institute during which he spoke at conferences and events throughout US, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia, sharing his unique insights on how and why the world’s best employers use great workplace cultures to drive competitive advantage. 
From conversations with hundreds of managers and employees around the world, Bob became intrigued by a simple question. Why, even in the very best workplaces, are there pockets of deep unhappiness—teams for whom the day-to-day workplace experience is very different from that of their colleagues elsewhere in the organization?

Bob set out to understand exactly what the best managers were doing right that other managers were doing wrong. He studied feedback from almost two million employees in eighty countries around the world to better understand the manager attitudes and behaviors that have the greatest impact on how employees experience the workplace. 

The resulting work – Trust Rules: How the World’s Best Managers Create Great Places to Work – achieved #1 Best-Seller status in Amazon’s International Business category within two weeks of launch, and has been published in 12 separate international editions.

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