1534 – Adapting to New Opportunities with Async Labs’ Luka Klancir

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the COO of Async Labs, Luka Klancir.


By connecting with Luka Klancir, individuals interested in entrepreneurship, digital innovation, and blockchain technology can access a wealth of knowledge and experience. Luka's background in founding Async Labs and the Croatian Bitcoin website and his role as COO demonstrates his expertise in these fields. Engaging with Luka allows for exchanging insights, advice, and practical leadership and project management lessons.

Also, building a connection with Luka may lead to networking opportunities with other professionals and experts, fostering the growth of one's professional network and providing access to up-to-date information on industry trends and developments.


About Luka Klancir: Luka Klancir is an entrepreneur and developer, co-founder of a Croatian digital agency Async Labs and Croatian Bitcoin website. Although he just entered his thirties, Luka has been in the entrepreneurial scene for almost a decade now. Interestingly, after living and studying abroad for a couple of years, he decided to quit college and start working as soon as possible. He applied for various internships and entry positions until he finally got accepted by one of the most successful marketing agencies in the region. Although his love is programming, his passion was project management which ultimately led to him positioning his current role of COO.

The start of his career is marked by the launch of the first and currently one of the biggest cryptocurrency-related platforms in SE Europe, CroBitcoin. As a crypto and blockchain enthusiast, Luka wanted a relevant and exact source of information regarding the industry, so he made one. Now, besides integrating CroBitcoin, Async Labs, among other things, is one of the few IT companies in the region that deals with blockchain technology.

Luka was also listed as one of the “30 under 30” successful people in the Balkan region and is the author of the book “Lean It if you Mean It“. The book is a kind of diary of how he lived and worked during a period when he extremely optimised his life by certain rules and habits. This included lots of planning, precisely defined dates for sports, work and study, etc. This was all inspired by startup methodologies, especially the “lean” startup method. Although he doesn’t have much free time, his hobby is scuba diving and of course, continuous learning and advancing.


About Async Labs: Async Labs is a global IT solutions provider, specializing in creating and implementing tailor-made solutions for various industries. They focus on addressing businesses' specific challenges and delivering meaningful results that align with each client's brand vision and objectives.

With expertise in developing engaging digital experiences and innovative business solutions, Async Labs ensures that clients receive top-tier service. Their team of experienced and passionate professionals works tirelessly to meet and surpass client expectations. Async Labs' commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has established them as a reliable choice for businesses seeking a competitive edge in today's digital landscape.


Tweetable Moments:

07:08 – “As you know, the business climate, the markets are always shifting. There are always new parameters and factors that are impacting your directions.”

07:26 – “If you see an opportunity in some aspect of the market you haven't noticed, you need to quickly adapt to it.”


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