1536 – Being More Self-Aware with pLink’s Alexis Robin

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer at pLink Leadership, Alexis Robin.


Connecting with Alexis Robin can benefit individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their leadership skills and foster a positive work culture. With her 20 years of experience in various sectors, Alexis offers valuable insights and best-in-business approaches to improve team dynamics and performance. Her custom leadership trainings focus on competence, character, and consciousness, promoting psychological safety and courage within teams. 

Alexis is a trusted executive coach who helps revitalize stagnant organizations, boosting morale, talent retention, and innovation. By engaging with Alexis, you gain access to her expertise in cultivating bravery and accelerating ideas into action, leading to personal and professional growth and a more positive, effective work environment.


About Alexis Robin: Alexis is the CXO and co-founder of pLink Leadership®. He inspires people to be brave, make generous assumptions, and “take themselves on.” Her zest and expertise help her clients go bigger, be braver, and accelerate ideas into action. Alexis is a trusted executive coach who brings energy to stagnant organizations and teams, improving morale, talent retention, and innovation.

Throughout her 20 years of corporate consulting and successful entrepreneurship, Alexis has worked across various sectors, including tech, hospitality, finance, consumer goods, and government organizations. Alexis’s expertise has informed many of the signatures, best in-business approaches developed at pLink Leadership. 

Her custom leadership trainings positively shift organizational dynamics by focusing on competence, character, and consciousness. Alexis masterfully facilitates leaders in growing their teams’ capacity to create psychological safety and courage through insightful, honest conversations and imaginative ideation.

Alexis is the author of Leap of Faith: Cultivating Your Brave Heart and hosts The Bright Side: Life and Leadership coaching podcast. She partakes in the great outdoors near her home in Truckee, California, and enjoys snowboarding, stand-up paddling, and forest bathing with her husband and teen twins.


About pLink Leadership: pLink Leadership is an organization focused on cultivating positive leaders who drive change and contribute to a better world. They provide support to organizations and individuals that prioritize both employee well-being and environmental responsibility. 

The goal of pLink Leadership is to transform the way people work and lead by incorporating principles of positive psychology into business practices. By connecting scientific research with real-world applications, they equip leaders with tools to foster well-being, robust connections, and success within their teams. As a result, pLink Leadership's approach aims to create a ripple effect of change, improving work environments and contributing to a more compassionate and sustainable future.


Tweetable Moments: 

00:58 – “As leaders, we often get in our own way. Often it’s about our levels of consciousness, development and understanding. Sometimes it's impostor syndrome. Sometimes it is holding on to work that we should be delegating because we're afraid it won't go quite so well.”

03:14 – “Positive leaders who are self aware are constantly asking for feedback and not like, in the formal 360 type, although that is a valuable way of doing it. But in terms of asking for feedback on a day to day, “How am I doing?”.


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