1537 – How to be a Pleasure to do Business With Always with Gap Wireless’ Glenn Poulos

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Author, Co-Founder of Gap Wireless, Glenn Poulos.


Connecting with Glenn Poulos is an invaluable opportunity for anyone seeking to learn from an accomplished sales professional with over 30 years of experience. As co-founder of Gap Wireless, Glenn has a proven track record of building successful companies and navigating the ever-evolving mobile broadband and wireless markets. His expertise in sales strategy, consumerism, and motivational factors can provide insights that could significantly impact your career or business growth. 

Glenn's experience as a sought-after speaker and educator demonstrates his ability to effectively communicate complex ideas and inspire others. By connecting with Glenn, you can access his wealth of knowledge and learn from a true industry leader, potentially driving your personal and professional development to new heights.


About Glenn Poulos: Glenn is a seasoned sales expert and co-founder of Gap Wireless, a prominent distributor in mobile broadband and test & measurement equipment markets. With over 30 years of experience, Glenn has played a vital role in growing several successful companies. 

He began his career as a Technical Sales Rep in 1985 and later founded mmwave Technologies Inc. in 1991 while serving as Anritsu Electronics Ltd.'s President for nine years. 

Glenn is a sought-after speaker who shares insights on sales strategy, consumerism, and motivational factors. He resides near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, participating in outdoor activities and playing pickleball.


About Gap Wireless: Gap Wireless is a top distributor of mobile broadband and wireless market products and services, celebrating its 15th year in business. Serving North American carriers and contractors, the company collaborates with reputable vendors to supply wireless infrastructure, Test & Measurement products, and UAV (Drone) Defence hardware and services. Gap Wireless also offers technical and engineering support.

In early 2022, Gap Wireless was acquired by Network Wireless Solutions, LLC (NWS), a fast-growing solutions and logistics provider backed by investment firm Grain Management, LLC. NWS has also acquired JF Tech Inc.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Gap Wireless occupies 15,000 square feet for office and warehouse operations. Additional locations include Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo, San Jose, Los Angeles, Rochester, Miami, Boston, and Dallas. The most recent expansion is the 8,000-square-foot warehouse in Calgary, catering to Western Canada.


Tweetable Moments: 

03:18 – “One of the tenets of the business Gap Wireless that I built starting in 2007 was how to be a pleasure to do business with always.”

04:50 – “We've had to make the tradition transition back to getting in front of our customers and getting them engaged with the products and services that we sell.”


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