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Creating Your Own Custom App with 22 Apps’ Matthew McGregor

Matthew McGregor: The Man on a Mission to Help You Create the App of Your Dreams

Have you ever considered how all those software on app stores come to live? Do software developers seem to you like some alien species with esoteric knowledge of moving bits, bytes, and pixels around? Have you wondered how to build mobile apps for your business, by your business? Pardon the pun, but this mystery is precisely what Matthew McGregor, the Founder and Business Growth Strategist for 22 Apps, who is here with us today, established his company to resolve.

22 Apps is a fast-growing app development company whose CEO happens to be twenty-two years old. In this article, we’ll uncover Matthew’s dream for his company and your business. There’s no better place to begin than the beginning (pun intended).

Starting a Company by Grabbing the Bull by the Horn

Vancouver-based 22 Apps is Matthew McGregor's first company. But, he (Matthew) was formerly in the business of building funnels for brands. Matthew probably put together some of the webinars and launches you've experienced. He also ran ads and other behind-the-scenes services that aimed to win traffic for businesses.

Email marketing and social media marketing used to be the go-to strategies for connecting with prospective clients. But, first-time business owners know how challenging it is to scale. Social media platforms such as Facebook now have payment models businesses must subscribe to for meaningful traction using these strategies. These payment models are not always business-friendly.

Email marketing has also evolved in its effectiveness. Spam filters now flag everything in sight and users make it an interesting loop because they don't want spam. Sometimes, they even provide fake email addresses to avoid unwanted emails from businesses. Matthew McGregor's lightbulb moment came, and he realized he could champion a platform where people could share relevant custom content and grow their business. 22 Apps was born under these circumstances.

However, it was important to resolve the issue of having content for future clients or prospects. What was the best way to engage with them through push notifications, reminders, to-dos, tips, and so forth? An app seemed to be the comprehensive solution that people could interact with regularly, and 22 Apps just ran with it.s

The essential thing about 22 App's software is that anyone anywhere can create a custom mobile app. Instead of hiring development agencies or freelance developers that might charge somewhere around thirty, fifty, or a hundred thousand dollars to build an app. 22 Apps' drag-and-drop app builder strips away all that cost because primarily, you don't need to know how to code. The system is so simple that a ten-year-old can figure it out.

What’s Possible on the Apps 22 Platform?

Matthew’s platform allows users to express their creative side in the most unimaginable ways. It doesn't matter whether you're a coach or your specialty is info products. Service-based businesses can use Apps 22 in various ways. The system's engineering allows for new client acquisition or disseminating content.

If you’ve ever considered delivering videos from your app, this is the service to do so effortlessly. Yes, we’re thinking what you’re thinking – you can serve your podcasts right from your app. The two-way communication, your brand’s podcast, blog posts, courses, and all types of content coexist neatly within your application.

Value-adding content is what businesses need to make users continue to use their app and help them scale. You can track the efficiency of your entire buyer journey by measuring how many users need extra help, sign up for a call, purchase a product, or register for a webinar. These are all opportunities for engagement. Matthew is always available to help 22 Apps users to guide customers in the buying journey more effectively.

22 Apps for iOS and Android

22 Apps takes into account the quality guidelines on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Apple wants quality apps that provide value for users, for instance. Since the apps are essentially hubs for regular content from an entrepreneur, there have been a couple of use cases that showcase the potential of Apps 22.

One is a resource app, and the other, a tool app. One type- the resource app –  serves entrepreneurs well if they have followers segmented by geography, say in different cities around the world. This type of arrangement makes it possible to create custom geo-relevant content for members. Once there's a coordinator in place for each region, it is even easier to track stuff using the app. So, users are less likely to experience misplaced emails or not seeing messages on Facebook.

On the other hand, the tool app is useful for productivity-focused businesses. Do you have a product but also want to contribute to the well-being of users? You can leverage the app to supply and support health and mindfulness, for instance. Businesses can even introduce a game element into it to drive engagement even further. Matthew recommends that entrepreneurs include mindfulness mantras their app's users can look forward to daily. The game element? A 20 percent coupon code to shop on their website, or something similar.


All businesses exist primarily for profit, but 22 Apps appears to be taking a deliberately slow approach to massive profitability. It’s currently offering lifetime licenses, and Matthew expects he can soon charge 90 – 97 dollars a month, depending on the version.

The present options include a 500 dollar lifetime license and a 2,500 dollar offering where 22 Apps handles the full process for you. Once the team determines the scope of work (depending on the business), things become much easier. It takes a few hours of engaging with the client to prepare mock-ups and visualize everything.

Even at $2,500, 22 Apps is still way cheaper than hiring a traditional app development company.

Apps typically cost more than websites because they require custom coding. You need to hire knowledgeable people to write the code, build the app, and understand your business needs. So, 22 Apps is a no-brainer.

Would 22 Apps Serve Your Specific Business Well?

You might be wondering if the 22 Apps service is relevant for your business. If you are a coach, consultant, health and wellness expert, information product creator, 22 Apps is just the platform you need to boost traffic and engagement.

Musicians can also use it to share new music, just as property management companies are successfully using it to interact with tenants on-the-go.

22 Apps also caters to businesses where the app comprises the entire business. That is, the app is the business. Educators can use this to achieve cogent aims, such as drilling down concepts in students or helping them to develop soft skills such as emotional intelligence. With some gamification, the whole thing comes alive.

Kids display a mostly positive response to games, so they enjoy learning apps if they have a little game feature to look forward to. The possibilities are limitless with an app builder like 22 Apps.

We should talk a bit about push notifications. In the last few years, businesses have more appreciation for the benefits of push notifications. Most users access the internet from mobile devices. It’s one of those incentives you can offer people who install your app on their phone.

Push notifications provide users with updates geared towards winning you more business.

Funding 22 Apps

An entrepreneur wants a stream of cash to run a seamless operation. Funds can be hard to come by, so you’ll wonder how 22-year-old McGregor has fared with 22 Apps. In a nutshell, fortune smiled on the company when legendary internet marketer, Mike Filsaime, heard about 22 Apps and invested in the venture.

Despite the external funding, 22 Apps has maintained its original trajectory under Matthew’s leadership.

The 22 Apps Podcast

To get the word out about 22 Apps, Matthew and his team are active on social media and use every means possible to tell the world they exist. They also run ads, webinars and do a podcast to share tips, tricks, business systems, and ideas that would make any app rock.

Matthew believes education is a force for change and should be free.


If you're looking for a custom mobile app development platform that offers infinite value for your money, Matthew McGregor's 22 Apps is the platform to beat. As a service and a company, the company continues to defy traditional models to give entrepreneurs a big chance to succeed. The lifetime license for a limited time is only available until the company settles on a sustainable business model.

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