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5 Tips for a Joyful Entrepreneurial Life

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of emotions. Sherile Reilly has a few tips to make joy one of them in this week’s episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

Sherile is a retired teacher, author and artist. As a teacher, she read to children and now she’s creating her own stories. She’s written everything from middle-grade books to contemporary romance, women’s fiction, paranormal romance and time travel.

Sherile has also developed a few tips to help entrepreneurs find more joy in their journey.

“One thing, I think, is always be kind to yourself as an entrepreneur,” Sherile said. “The work is neverending, so don’t fill your mind with negative self-talk.”

Secondly, do your research. Become an expert at what you do. Set deadlines, but don’t stress about them she said.

Thirdly, Sherile said entrepreneurs should invest in their education.

“You always need to be on top of whatever it is [that you do],” Sherile said. “If you’re a plumber, you better know what’s new in that. If you’re a writer, you need to educate yourself on how to write better stories.”

By investing in your education, difficult things will become easier, Sherile said, which will make doing them more enjoyable.

The fourth point Sherile brings up is balance.

“You can’t work 20 hours a day and enjoy your life,” Sherile said, instead try to find time for yourself. “Try and get enough sleep, good diet, exercise and be with your friends.”

Finally, Sherile said, celebrate all of your wins.

“It gives you energy, and it gives you the motivation to keep working,” Sherile said.

What more?

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