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7 Go-Giver Mindset Tips: Ignite Your Prosperity

August 8, 2023

How to Build Your Network With a Go-Giver Mindset in Business

Having a go-giver mindset in business outperforms those that don't. Business relationships are formed by being a valuable resource to your prospects and sources, not by the salesperson's personality. So developing this mindset improves your overall business performance, increasing the likelihood of financial development and, more importantly, allowing you to expand your network.

Building your network is a rewarding outcome of finding ways to help other people. It may come easier for some than others, but with a bit of thought, focus, and action you'll see results. There are a lot of good books about leading with generosity, but I recommend the book I mentioned, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg.

And many of us struggle with making sales because we're too often focused on the outcome – the sale/the close. In other words, we're preoccupied with getting something for ourselves. The book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg taught me that giving is better than receiving. Giving is more rewarding and satisfying and will help you succeed in business.

Your customers don't buy from you because you need the money, because you have a quota to meet, or because you're a lovely person who believes in what you're offering. They buy from you because they believe it'll be better for them than not buying at all.

Here's how you can embody this go-giver mindset in your business:

Go-Giver Mindset Tip 1: Re-frame your approach

Human nature is self-serving, and people who are successful deal with reality. They don't deny harsh truths but acknowledge them and work within them to improve things. Start by recognizing and understanding what your self-interests are. Then set them aside, knowing that we're better at serving others when we put our self-interests aside. In this free-market economy, no one is required to buy from you. The only way to make money is to add great value to other people's lives.

People who can shift from a “me” focus to an “others” focus – that is, focusing on what others want – are more likely to succeed. It has to be more valuable to them than the amount they pay. Focus on your audience by looking for means to add value to their lives and make them better, easier, or more rewarding.

So ask yourself these questions when creating your business, product, or service:

  • Does it serve?
  • Does it add value to others?

And only after that can you ask:

  • Does it make money?

Pro Tip: One of the effective ways to have a go-giver mindset in your business is to ensure it's at the core of your company culture. The best way to reach this goal is to tie it into the vision and mission of your brand.

Go-Giver Mindset Tip 2: Give value without attachment

Although many believe you should contribute without expecting anything in return, Bob disagrees. Instead, provide value without regard for the outcome. We want people to have high expectations. However, if you own a brand centralized on helping others, you should expect to make a lot of money because you're adding value to the market. Just don't get too tied to the outcome.

In this go-giver mindset in business, you don't show up to a sales appointment saying, “Take a look at me. I'm a hot commodity. You should collaborate with me.” You appear and say, “How may I assist you? What can I do to help you?” – and you truly mean it. This mindset will generate a lot of business. It will also allow you to sleep soundly at night!

For years, I've strongly advocated the go-giver mindset and built my podcast and coaching business around it. I was here to serve, to be of service, and to give back. It's about how much I can offer rather than how much I can take.

When you take the time to help others, they see your expertise in action, but with the expectation of building relationships and helping, instead of just getting a sale.

Go-Giver Mindset Tip 3: Make rapid connections to serve

It doesn't take a long time to make a connection with your target audience. I make it a point to invite someone to coffee or a quick lunch at least once a week and ask about their business. It doesn’t matter whether they say yes or no to my invitation. The fact that I made an effort to connect with them will already leave a positive impression on them, and that's enough. Always be willing to share your knowledge and expertise with others without ulterior motives. Doing this will have a long-lasting impact and make them feel valued.

In the coming months, your new connections will remember your chat and your willingness to help them, and they'll be far more likely to spread the word about your services when the opportunity arises. In this way, I've met hundreds of incredible people and even landed offers for silent business partnerships and consultancy.

Go-Giver Mindset Tip 4: Empathy can make a real difference in your customer's journey

People want their needs to be considered and understood, especially during dark times. In business, having a go-giver mindset means having the power to positively impact your customer's day, resulting in a devoted customer for life. Remember that even a modest act of kindness can spark a movement. It only takes a little empathy.

It's critical to remember that an emotional connection is what binds you to your customer. They're more likely to connect with your brand when you connect with them. They're not concerned with “excellent” and “poor” service. They want to be treated like humans, with kindness, respect, and interest.

Go-Giver Mindset Tip 5: Be a thought leader in your niche

People only do business with those with whom they have a relationship. This means collaborating with people we know, like, and trust. You'll get what you need if you distinguish yourself from your competition and put the interests of others first. Attracting people is the key to becoming an influencer, and the secret to attraction is a real desire and love to serve others.

This doesn't mean you should be a pushover or let others take advantage of you. You don't need to forego your desires and interests completely. Simply said, it means that you actively and persistently find other means to add value to others, focusing on what others desire and making it your number one priority. This is the golden rule of business and the quickest way to make others know, like, and trust you.

Go-Giver Mindset Tip 6: Be authentic in what you are doing

We realize how crucial it is to be authentic in this ever-changing business landscape. Those who have established their brands successfully have learned to strategically leverage what they know about themselves as individuals to make more meaningful connections with others – relationships that ultimately generate business success every day.

While every skill you learn and improve is key, you must know that internalizing what you learn and representing it authentically and consistently is more important. As Bob said in his book, the most valuable gift you can give to others is yourself — this means that people can see through you quickly. By truly caring about the other person, and you'll demonstrate authenticity.

Go-Giver Mindset Tip 7: Automate your business

You might think that a go-giver mindset in business means shying away from using tools. However, successful leaders recognize that their customers want to use high-tech/high-touch technologies. Automation doesn't replace the need to build relationships with your customers. Instead, it makes it easier for you to forge trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with them.

It helps you maintain client engagement because it's done at regular intervals and with a predetermined frequency As a result, your customers will trust you that you'll always deliver on time. By implementing automation, you will be able to bridge the communication gap between your company and its customers, allowing you to strengthen your relationships, develop trust, attract new customers, and guarantee client retention.

However, you shouldn't buy the first tool you find online. When considering investing in automation, make sure you have a good automation strategy outlining how this investment will help you reach your ultimate goal and serve your community better.

Leading with Go-Giver Mindset for a successful business

The best thing you can do is show up with a sincere desire to help. In business, this has always been the case: we serve our customers. However, in today's market, take it one step further.

You must serve individuals before they become consumers — a go-giver mindset in business is effective. It not only makes you happy, but it's also the key to unlocking your business growth. You earn the right to serve again when you serve. You gradually gain enough trust to ask for the sale. You can't ask too frequently or too much.

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