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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, we're all reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

And with us right now, we've got Alexis Jane. Alexis, you are joining us from very early in the morning in Australia. And, Alexis, you are a mindset business coach, particularly work with a lot of women help them develop the confidence as they're building their business. You went full time you've got a very thriving practice and you went full time but you years ago. And so we're gonna talk about kind of how you're growing your how you grew your business. And then, you know, we'll definitely talk about under the current environment, you know how things are changing a little bit, and, you know, some recommendations that you had. So first off, Alexis, thank you so much for joining us.

Yes, a very welcome, Josh, thanks for having me. If you could give us a little bit of a background and how you got into this world.

So my background is personal training, hospitality and real estate all vary a little bit different and I got married, had a little Munchkin and that marriage ended up breaking down and so through the breakdown of the marriage, actually, is how I got into doing business because I ended up I went through anxiety, depression, or all of that fun emotions stress that happens when a Relationship breaks down and I went and saw psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and I felt that they were keeping me stuck in my current mindset and I wasn't really moving forward. And then I was doing some research one day and I found these beautiful thing called life coaching that I'd never heard about. I've never heard about this industry I didn't know anything about it. turned up to a two day personal development program and fell in love with how they did what they did, and kind of decided to go and study study life coaching and through that I found NLP kinesiology hypnosis timeline. Tony Robbins, Joe dispenza and all these other amazing people and so I just became obsessed with learning how to help people and I've always loved helping people and I didn't realize what I was doing personal training. I was doing a lot of mindset stuff with my coat. I'm sorry with my glasses. That I didn't realize that I was doing and I just shot up and up my skill levels by going to learn how to do all of those things.

So if you're on this show, that means that you've had some financial success as well as success of business and you've made an impact. How were you able to grow and scale, a coaching package because their coaching practice because there are a lot of coaches out there that I think one of their biggest struggles is is just getting clients, what did you do differently?

So when I first started coaching, I always find this a little bit amusing. I didn't have the confidence at all to create clients, I didn't have the confidence to even understand how to put a package together. And what was I going to charge and I found this amazing coach and she helped me sharpen my skills with my coaching. And we put together a six week program and I charged wait for it 200 $60 for six weeks, and yeah, and it

We all started there.

But I struggled to sell that. And it was my confidence of random was like I was it felt natural and easy for me to have the conversations but I was like, heck, why is it that I'm struggling so badly with asking for more money for the skills that I had and I was watching them getting the results that I wanted to be getting more fully in the financial side. So fast forward, I guess what was that? probably three or four years from then and I was working full time I'd kind of put my coaching to the side and I hadn't wasn't really doing too much with it. I was kind of getting dribs and drabs with clients and I wasn't didn't have package or anything put together. And then I invested quite heavily in myself and my coaching and within the first three weeks of working with This coach that I'd hired, I'd created $15,000 and left my full time job and jumped straight into doing coaching full time. And she was the one that helped me understand. It's all the learnings that I've done prior. And it's not about the hourly rate, it's about the package and the transformation that the clients getting. And you can't put a price on transformation now, and the growth that you have and the confidence and just going through that process, it was super scary. I've never created $15,000 before in one week, it was like, Whoa, that was too easy. How did that even happen and it all comes back to energy and being really clear on what it is that you want. So knowing exactly what it is that you want, knowing exactly what it is that you're providing for your clients, and then going out and seeking those clients but also energetically magnetically attracting them into your world.

Okay, so there might be someone who might be listening to us and go, Alexis, that sounds a little woowoo for me, come on, what are the mechanics? What did you do?

It is a little bit woowoo the mechanics that I used was really, really simple just having fun and giving massive value and not. And I didn't focus on getting the money. I didn't focus on as soon as I focused on stressing out that I needed the money, I needed the money to pay bills and what have you. The money stopped flowing through into my experience. And once I got out and started doing focusing on helping people in the deep service and the deep transformation, and I knew that I could help people with money, just clients just showed up and it was easy, and they said yes, without worrying about the finances on their own because I wasn't stressing about the finances. It's on my end. And I think that's one of the biggest things that we do as coaches is we alimony story into a conversation and the energy behind that. And the person that we're talking to you can feel that even if we don't say the words, the energy behind it is desperation and neediness. And that's not a nice energy to be on.

Anybody who has worked in sales and have been in that situation where they're like, I gotta make the sale, I got to make the sale, I got to make the sale. It is like good luck with that. That is the, you know, people are going to smell desperation on your breath. And so, here's, Alexis, here's, here's kind of my take on that and kind of where I had to evolve my own brain because I had issues with this for a long time. And, you know, if our focus is on, you know, and it's like, what's the thing that motivates us? And it's money, like I get it, like when you owe money, it sucks. It really does. But as hard as you can you have to Shift, what is the outcome that I'm producing the outcome that I'm producing is impact or change for my client, like, I want that more than anything I want for my community. Like, when when I wake up in the morning and I say, Who am I going to sell to today? That's not gonna be a great day. If If I wake up in the morning, and I'm like, you know, what is, uh, you know, what's the, you know, who can I serve today? How can I improve someone's life and now, obviously, their issues with you know, you have to make sure that you're serving an audience that has the ability and desire to pay, but as long as you're serving an audience that has the ability and desire to pay, and you can solve big problems for them. Okay, it's going to be, in my experience, much easier to generate revenue than you know, then if you're just like, you know, I got to scrounge together some sales because I gotta, I gotta pay my stuff like, actually Get it, you know what so likes is I guess my part, you know, maybe if you won't have any impressions upon what I just shared, but how do you get around that feeling of? Yeah, but you know, I just lost half of my clients because of this whole Cova 19 thing. And now I'm really in a tough pickle here. Like how does you know? How do you get them this to stop thinking about their money and their bills and that sort of thing.

So there's a lot of fi out there at the moment with this kind of at 19. And there's a lot of frantic chaos that's happening that I feel that the media are bringing into all of us. And it's about it's about having empathy for your clients and empathy for yourself and bringing it back to an understanding that this will pass. This is just where we are right now. And I feel that this point in time is a really amazing time for people because More A lot of us are in locking. And we're not allowed to either leave our house or running late to go to the shops, there's plenty of time to really dig deep within yourself to figure out what it is that you actually really deeply want. And how can you serve people that in these situations How can what what is it that it's not so much at the moment? What is it that I can give to people is what do what is it the people need? What is it that my clients need from me and how can I best support them in this process and not to focus on the money side of things because this will pass and we will be okay. And really reaching out and making deep connections with people because you don't know where those deep connections are going to go in the future and how everything will turn around later on in the year.

Right, right. So you know, kind of what I've been You know, what I've been talking a lot about is now is the time to double down on relationships, now is the time to really invest into your community and find ways that you can serve. Find, you know, if there are people that were negatively also negatively impacted, what are things that you can maybe you've charged for these things historically, but how can you create content around that and give that away for free? So like our, our 1800, dollar authority makeover, product or service that has, you know, you know, we were, we sold a bunch of them at like, 1800 dollars apiece, but right now, we're giving it away for free and like, No joke, no, and and, you know, again, to somebody if I can persuade other people to do this as well. Like, don't you even dream about, you know, doing some kind of tricky upsell on the back end, or like collecting their credit card, and I don't know Just save your marketing tricks and techniques. Just hold on to that later if you need to write right now is the time to just serve and give to people. Because Alexis, I'm sure you agree people will remember this.

Totally. And that's where with all of my clients at the moment, there's things that within their business that they've been charging, quite a high price for. And I said it's not about now discounting what that program is maybe taking a few things out of that program, and reducing the price so that you're still serving people and they're still getting results, they might not be getting the same results as what they would have been if they had that the bigger product. I said you can still have that bigger product there if people choose to do that. There still is money floating around there. Still people are still spending. I know that. My coach, people are still spending the same amount of money to be working with her. There's my sister's looking at wanting to buy property at the moment. So there's still money that's moving and shifting around. It just is really, where are you right now? What is it that you need to do within yourself to either uplevel your skills or to do some research and what we were just talking about before connection, deep, deep connection, I know that my family, we're talking a lot more now. We did a FaceTime party last night, where everyone was in different houses, and we're all having a conversation. And it was like, we're all in the same room because everyone was talking over each other. It was highly amusing. But it is about the connection and being being kind, being really kind and generous and reaching out to people that you've never spoken to before, or reaching out to people just to check in to see how they're going. Yeah. And they will remember you for reaching out to them. I had someone messaged me the other day saying, Hey, can you just help me by liking my page? And I said, Would you like me to brainstorm where you're at So Oh my God, I would love to do that. And there was no, in in my head there was no I'm not looking for a new client, I'm not looking for anything other than helping her brainstorm within the business to help her create something because she's now she's in the fitness industry and was working out of a gym. And that's all close now. So she doesn't have an income coming in. So, and she wanted to move online, but she didn't know how to. So let's just jump on and do a brainstorm and create something. And I think there's a this is a really great time to be creative and figure out what it is that you really want, because it's given us time to slow down.

So I think another thing too, that I've been talking a lot particularly on this show, is keeping in mind that the world is forever going to be changed from from this event that we're experiencing right now. It will never be the same again and consumers will have been impacted by this. Businesses certainly impacted by this. And so I think a really smart thing for someone to do is not plan on quote unquote, life returning to normal. I don't, I hate to say I'm not going to say, I'm not going to use the word or the phrase new normal because way over, you know what I'm saying? Right,

like, exactly what you're

saying a new way that I think consumers are going to be sensitive to. So if you were involved in events, events are forever going to be changed. You know, people are going to be more sensitive to social distancing. I think a lot of companies are recognizing they need to be ready to go distributed at any moment. Uh, you know, if you had a physical place of business, you know, how can you do what you do in either a virtual or a, you know, a delivery type way, I believe Leave, you know, a lot of these things were fairly imminent. And I believe that the world kind of fast forwarded a couple of a few years. Based on that, so you know, I see, you know, you know, a lot of teachers, some of some of them are doing well online. And I've seen some celebrities not do very well at all, during during this time, any any recommendations around what is to come?

I don't know what is to come. But I do know, like you just said that the world is forever changed. It's never going to go back to the same way. It's never going to go back to what it was. I was talking to a client yesterday and she was sitting there and she said this morning before we jumped on the call. I was sitting and pondering thinking I will never have the same weight that I had last week ever again. Nothing is going to be the same. And we'll having a little chocolate cookies into big conspiracy theory, all of that.

And I was like, oh, okay, um, so unpacking that. And I found a side of things very interesting. But I do know that it's never going to be the same and thinking about the way that restaurants do what they do, how how restaurants going to look when you go into a restaurant now what are the things that they they've got to now do differently with serving food? I know that they're still take away and things that you're allowed to go and get. But there's no sit in. So what does sit in restaurants look like? When we come back from all of these What does you know all the other things look like because this virus sits on your clothes for I think it's nine hours and sits on cutlery and steel for so much longer. And it's it's very interesting times and that shifting the way that we all think about doing life and we think about germs and the way that we touch one Are we touching? What are we touching? Do we need to wear gloves out all the time? Like, what does that look like? How it's kind of the unknown. It's really the unknown of Where, where, where we're heading. And I do know that there's going to be a lot of new creations coming out of these one of those creations. I'm not too sure, but I know that there's going to be things that we've never seen before been created out of this time.

You know, in Alexis, one thing that's kind of really in your your zone of expertise is dealing with stress and helping entrepreneurs, particularly female entrepreneurs also deal with stress. And so what advice do you have to people who are kind of freaking out right now, or they're kind of not freaking out, but maybe they're just withdraw really withdrawing and almost experiencing depression or literally experiencing depression?

Yeah, and this is something that I was experienced. At the end of last G, some depression, I had a little bit of trauma that had kind of resurfaced from years ago. And one of those two really amazing things that I know that has helped me shift out of where I was, is breeding and really slowing down breath. Because I know that when I get really super stressed, and I know that when other people get stressed, I hold my breath and I don't realize that I'm actually holding my breath. So slowing your breath down and even you can close your eyes, okay, if your eyes open, it doesn't really matter. But focusing on counting in and counting out and it doesn't matter what number you can't in and out. I like to start off with five five in then five out and then I like to challenge myself because that's what I like to do and go all the way up to 20 and even past 20 just really slow it down and just focus purely on your breath and allow any if any emotions or any thoughts It's come through. So let's just acknowledge that they're there and let them just float away. And just continue focusing on your breath. Yeah, and another one that I've really, that I find really helpful is journaling. And the way that I get well, the way that I do it myself, or my I get my clients to do it is doing a brain dump. So getting all the noise out of your head that doesn't need to make any sense when you're writing on the paper. Just getting it all there. It could be I can see the sun rising, the sun rising, there's a candle next to me. I need to go to the bathroom, it doesn't matter what, right? Right, allowing it all that noise to come out of your head and then asking yourself a conscious question. Because questions are what you focus on when you focus on the answer from that question. And when you get the noise that you can actually answer the question that you won't because if you've got a question, you already have the answer inside of you, but sometimes we just have too much noise We can actually see through the fog. So getting that noise out and asking yourself, what is it that I need to do for myself today? or How can I best serve my clients today? And when you ask yourself that question, you just start answering the question and you're like, Whoa, I didn't even know that that was even inside of me. Or what is it that I want from life now, now that life has changed? What is it that I actually really want my life to look like at the end of this? And you can ask yourself the same question every day and your start growing and building on top of that, and it just flows through after you've done by after you've got that excess noise out of your head.

Fantastic. All right. Well, Alexis, Jane, your website is Alexis-jane.com. And what would be a great way for people to engage with you

on Facebook? If they find me at the

That's right, you've got a very thriving Facebook group, right?

Yes, called activate the next level. You

You can go over there and jump into my group. And that's where I do lots of really fun trainings and give away some free stuff and you get to really know know the real me inside of there as well.

That's fantastic. All right. So all of that is founded Alexis-jane.com. The Facebook icon is up in the upper right hand corner. So you can click on that and got us got Instagram there. So great. Well, Alexis, thank you so much for joining us. I really appreciate it.

Amazing. Thanks for having me here. It's been fun.

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