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Roxanne Albin: Financial Management For Nonprofit Businesses

In need of someone to manage your financial services?

A good number of people don’t have the time to go through financial management because they’re too busy building their business. A variety of financial services companies only cater to business clients. What about those clients that are in the nonprofit side of the industry? Our guest for today is Roxanne Albin, founder of Applied Financial Services, Inc.

Applied Financial Services, Inc. is dedicated to serve both non-profit and business clients. Before Roxanne started her own company, she served in the financial services industry for over 20 years. This experience combined with her education in MBA in Global Management and passion for supporting her community, started Applied Financial Services, Inc.

“A lot of nonprofits hire people that are less qualified, or unqualified for their roles, or many nonprofits hire, you know, one person and expect them to do an exorbitant amount of work, we have found that there's a lot of cleanup that needs to happen, or there's a lot of turnover in nonprofits.” – Roxanne

Roxanne Albin is the founder of Applied Financial Services, Inc., a company that provides quality, customized, financial management services to clients, facilitate financial training, and give back to the community at the same time.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur show, I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com, where we turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. So we believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Even you stick around to the end of this show, where I'll share info on how you could be our next guest, three times a week, 5 to 15 minutes each learn from successful business owners and professionals, it's time to get inspired. Let's go. So Roxanne Albin, you are the founding president and CEO of Applied Financial Services. And thank you so much for joining us, by the way, thank you for having cool. Um, so what I'm really what I'm really excited about talking about is your transition because you were working in the nonprofit world. And probably, I think the way you've explained it, not necessarily seeing yourself as being self-employed. But


somehow that happened.


Can you kind of share a you know what that trends and what that transition was,


I was at a nonprofit for a long period of time, never thought I would be self-employed, and just decided I really wanted to help more missions than just being tied to one mission at a time. There's so many that I would love to be involved with, from, you know, homelessness, to helping empower women to young kids that are facing poverty, etc. And so what I did is I first started, look, I tapped into my resources and the connections that I had, and found that there was a need to go out and help these other nonprofits. So I started with a contract cracked, while I still had my full time employment, and just built it from there. And once I felt solid enough, it wasn't very long transition, it was only about a six month transition from being fully 100%. employee to switching over to contract work to starting this business.


That's amazing. So that's, well, that's wonderful that you didn't have to just like, you know, just burn the bridges. And just like, okay, you were actually able to transition, you kept your full time position while you started doing some work on the side. And, and so Applied Financial Services does bookkeeping, accounting, financial statement, crab, by Jane payroll, all of that sort of thing? And is, is there a lot of in the nonprofit, I know you work with more than just nonprofits. But is that something that you just saw that there was an opportunity that there was a you are getting requests are seeing that, like, wow, there's a real demand for more professionals in the space to work with this audience. And you know what, I happen to have a background here. So I could probably be pretty good at this.


Definitely, because a lot of nonprofits hire people that are less qualified, or unqualified for their roles, or many nonprofits hire, you know, one person and expect them to do an exorbitant amount of work, we have found that there's a lot of cleanup that needs to happen, or there's a lot of turnover in nonprofits. And so we often get called, and I go in and do a variety of cleanup, or have done a variety of cleanup from taking their systems and literally putting it on the ground and building it back up.


That's great. And so for someone who is from your perspective, let's say it's another say, woman that was in your life level of seniority, professionally, working with another organization, and they decided whatever space it is, whether its financial or otherwise, and they want to make that shift to working on their own, like, what advice would you provide them,


I would advise them to have a business plan, which I wish I did have a business plan, tap their existing connections to see what opportunities are out there, assessment are out there and start, like, literally dreaming about what kind of environment they want, how they want to do it, if they're going to have employees if they're not. And it's pretty amazing to be self-employed, and to be able to do the services that I want to provide and to have an environment that I'd like to have for my employees.


What makes you different from other financial services providers?


I think that we provide a very customized approach, we work within the clients existing platform accounting platform, so we don't make them shift to our one type of accounting software. We are very multiple. So we, if they only need bookkeeping services, we provide that if they need more higher end financial management, and we provide that as well. It's really based on what the client needs. And we don't force them to have like one set of


books or one set of services.


Do you see a lot of value in being a kind of in a niche where you specialize in one industry?


Yes, it's definitely we specialize with nonprofits, and definitely 501 C, three nonprofits, the those that are getting a lot of donations, etc. And I've had the opportunity both working with them to clean up their systems and get solid systems and having a system that they can maintain.


That's great. Well, Roxanne Albin, you're the founding president and CEO of applied financial services, which What is your website URL? Say that one more time? What does your website URL


is www.AppliedFinancialServices.com awesome.


Roxanne, thank you so much. Thanks for listening to the thoughtful entrepreneur. If you are a thoughtful entrepreneur or business professional who would like to be a media celebrity and be on our show, please visit up my influence comm slash guest. And while you're at it, take our free quiz and learn your authority score that's available for you right now and of my influence comm slash quiz. And please do us a favor. If you liked the guests that was just interviewed. Would you share, share this episode on social media. Also in your podcast player right now, please give us a thumbs up or a rating and review. We promise to read it all and take action. So we believe that every person has a message that can positively impact the world. Your feedback helps us fulfill our mission to help create more media celebrities. Make sure to hit subscribe, binge listen to our previous episodes. And we'll send you the next episode three times a week automatically five to 15 minutes exactly what you need to inspire yourself just a little bit more, learn from others and grow. With that. Thanks for listening and thank you for being a part of the thoughtful entrepreneur revolution.

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