Guillaume Monges: Optimizing and Automating Your Trading with Arya Trading

Do you find that your trading experiences are a bust?

ARYA Trading integrates many risk management features to optimize your business run time. They calculate maximum losses, earnings targets, exposure, optimization of entry and exit points, and so much more to make sure your trading experience is smooth.

ARYA monitors the market to ensure its clients are protected and making the best decisions possible.

By automating as many tasks as possible, ARYA simplifies the approach to trading while leaving it to its driver to determine his own scenarios.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my where we turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. So we believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Even you stick around to the end of this show, where I'll share info on how you could be our next guest three times a week, five to 15 minutes each learn from successful business owners and professionals. It's time to get inspired. Let's go. All right, everybody I'm Josh and with me, I've got Guillaume Monges from Arya Trading. And so yeah, Guillaume Monges actually know through a mutual friend. JG who I met at a Tony Robbins event. And so JG and I got talking so he's lives in France. And well currently now is actually just relocated to Dubai. And so actually, if you can see a screen I don't know gamma, if you could put it on full screen for a second there, but behind him is actually the Dubai skyline and I'm so envious. It just so loved the architecture, I can't wait to come visit. So now one thing that I asked Guillaume Monges if they'd be willing to explain what they do in regards to they've developed a platform in France, which is very, very popular. I have family that live in France, and Arya is a platform that has gained a lot of momentum and and gamma will explain exactly what Aria is why people are using the platform. And again, what it allows normal people to do is a Normal people like me, if you are not a trading superstar, then we're going to get into a major, major problem. And Dave Ramsey talks about this quite a bit, in fact, and that is that if you start dabbling in the markets and you pretend like you're a day trader, I think Yama is going to maybe show us some evidence. Chances are, you're not you're going to end up losing a lot of money. And and there's a lot of reasons for that. But it's really going to boil down to human error. And it's emotions. One person that I actually interviewed was Dr. Daniel Crosby on this topic, number of years ago, and he wrote a book called you are not so smart. And he talked very specifically about this. And so what's really cool and gamma is going to explain this but what are you Where are you are really thrives Is and I'll just kind of tee it up and then yeah, I'll let you correct me where I'm wrong. But you you've really taken art, you've taken artificial intelligence in a way that allows people to actually actively trade and the AI keeps keeps us within activity that is going to significantly improve our chance of, of profiting from the market. And I know you've got some examples of people who have used the trading platform. And the first question that I'm going to start with is why would somebody actively trade in the markets as opposed to I'm just going to throw my money in a mutual fund. And I know that they're not mutually exclusive, but but if what are the advantages to trading versus just throwing it in a Find,

but you should you should have goals of course, the main difference between being able to trade with Allah for example, and to convert just in a mutual funds is that with I Are you going to be in control of what you do? So you are the you are you you can learn how to basically use the system to leverage your cash, leverage your time, and know that you will be in control the same way that you you could be working in a corporate world or with your own business, you control the way you're going to generate your income versus if you invest in mutual funds. You basically suffer from market conditions which you cannot control and you never know what basically someone else is going to do. And you deepen a few performance on this. So I would say both are needed but a desire the good thing is that you first can control it, they can. You can target 10 to 20% a year as a return investment and is pretty much responsible to do and we already A lot of people within our community in France, which is doing it,

that will be my answer.

And and you've just and I guess that the reason for where it would make sense to introduce this to my own audience is that you're now just now available in the United States. And this is very cool, because we're going to get a little bit of a demo, as you kind of explain what the ARIA platform is. And so that consumers will now have another option, just in terms of being able to generate Well, you're basically I think the reason you know, if you're actively managing and doing an okay job, you can outperform your mutual funds. Is that kind of the idea why a lot of people actively trade beyond just having control, you know, for me, you know, I don't know that. I know I don't really consider myself very smart on on it. And I certainly don't know that I consider myself smarter than fund managers. But if I have a platform that will allow me to outperform, I'd love that. I mean, and so would that make Aria a good platform for me?

Yes, it will. And that's the main objective. There is a just maybe to get a bit a bit of idea. First, what you need to know and I have an example here on the slides but I can also explain it's already the when you when you invest your cash, you always need to find leverage your real estate, real estate is a good way to do it, but it's, I would say is middle to long term investments. You have private equity. Private equity is very risky, but it's a huge potential income but also its long term. Investing in the financial markets is a good way to leverage your cash which is not going to stay in the bank. On which you can basically create a leverage. If we take a very simple example that everyone can understand. Let's say we have a new child in our family. This is my case was a boy, I got a daughter, and I want to pay for her studies in 18 years, I'm going to save 100 euro one of the dollar amounts for 1818 years, every month, if I don't invest this money, it will be 21 k 21,000. But if I invest this money, and let's say just a 10% per year, so not let's even not imagine that like a 20% or something more just 10% consistently for 18 years, the same amount of money 21,000 will be 60,000 and will be 34 of time and you can be control of doing it through your investment they can do it desire. and I are basically the problem you have when you look at trading is that which which always bothered me Is that you have only two sides is it you can buy the market. So you can win money when the market is going up. Yeah. Or you can sell the market and when money when is going down. And so only two chances, and you have 90% of the personal of the retail traders who are losing money. And why the main reason why is because the emotion and you said it Josh, the emotions of psychology, the way they use the money management is not going to work. And is it become basically the worst enemy. So the main objective of Aya is basically to avoid to do this do this curve, you see,

that's exactly that. This pics this image right here. This is exactly what I've seen over and over and over again. with people who have tried it. They've invested in something. I'm not going to name names, but there are some Yeah, there's a Some elements of crypto for example, that I have some very dear friends that this is exactly what happened to them. Losses like elevators

is very true and is very known the codes in and financial markets because it takes a lot of time to create a performance, but only a few days, few weeks, she's just burning out. And the reason why is because we are humans, so we got emotions, and at some point something is going to go wrong. And we're going to do bad things. Basically, one of the objective of ARIA is to protect our capital, so protects us from ourselves. This is the first objective and to really be an interface between you and the market. So for example, you cannot lose more than 2% per day. So that's the first thing that is a bad day you have you can't lose more secrets mathematics integrated which is going to help you to take better decision to avoid that your emotions goes against you and then you do something wrong and it helps Also to simplifies a trading. So as I say, you have only two sides is you buy you sell. And most of the time people are right the way this is a trend The problem is that the money management will could be wrong maybe takes too much exposure on the trade. That's okay. I believe the goal today is going to go up and up too much exposure and the goal is a goal doesn't go up straight away. So go down and then he got the emotions was it tough to sell the position? Yeah, keeping it and every everything here that we subscribe that if you've been trading, you might already have experience is going to remove it from you. So she's going to enter into trade for you. She's going to manage the trade she going to exit the trade. And the only thing that you need to do basically, is to define the trend of the of the asset of another slide I can show you, which may help you to understand is to basically see it as a super trading assistance. So you have the best of human This is you selecting the right assets. For example, gold lately has been a great I said since the beginning of the year, because the economy is not doing so well to people try to invest stock to invest in gold, so it's going up. So the trend is up, and you can put eye on it, and she can help you take profit from this assets. And the best of technology, which is IR. And this is our job basically to do everything, which is not funny, I would say. Getting to the trade, managing the trade, optimizing Ziggy's execution points being in front of the screen, you know, waiting for an opportunity to answer and apply every right rules of money management, your job is to choose a trend up or down to only two choices, long Sharia and then Enjoy your free time. This is basically what we're trying to do here. And one other thing I can add is this is not a you know, a magical wand or or miracle solution is more like a sport car. And that's an example I like to use some People like Porsche, some people like Ferrari, me are more into you know, Ferrari. So I see it like a Ferrari is a lot of performance. But if tomorrow I give you like, I don't know what you have in us, for example, very simple Ford, you know, will do you and ask you to have the same performance than me with a Ferrari, even if she's the best driver in the world, you can't have it because I have a better motor of everything is better with my car. And people who are going to trade doesn't use the right vehicle of the professional investment bankers. They basically are Ferrari, and those guys they got very simple car, which is not going to work as it cannot win against you know, people with better car. The second example I like to give is to see it as a Tesla. The technology which is integrated in Aja is going to help you protect you from yourself as a say, for example, let's say tomorrow, you are driving a Tesla and you start to think Sleep, because you tired. So Tesla is going to stop when there is a wall, so you're not going to die. But if you were doing the same thing with a Toyota or even the Ferrari, you will be dead. So it's more like, you know, a special or Ferrari Tesla kind of thing, which is going to help you having better performance rather than a magical one. Yeah.

So just to illustrate this, so let's imagine that I buy at let's say, I buy one, one stock, or one commodity. And over the course of the year, that stock increases by 10%. So if I bought if I bought and held for the entire course of the year, I would have a 10% yield on that. So how does but along the way, there's all kinds of ups and downs and so do with Ariana Do I earn the the 10%? Or it helped me understand that?

Sure. Ah, there is, there is many ways try to try to find the right assets, you know and say, Okay, this one is going to go up by 10%. Yeah, that's

a good one that that one's done well for the year,

that's all really, really good, you know, congrats on this, but more iOS is going to help you to do is to do, let's say swing, or day trading, but more on short term, let's say today, like, economical word. And the, like, worldwide conditions are going to be very complicated. We don't know what is going to happen is or Donald Trump is going to tweet something or do something which we don't know. So I would say short term investment on the financial markets being liquid and your portfolio is good. But the main problem when you don't use tools like Aria, you cannot win profitably in long term. Why? Another point that I like to add to give you An example very concrete is that, for example, this is from MIT Technology Review. And this is Goldman Sachs. So you know, Goldman Sachs is a large investment banking company, and the god they used to have in 2000, about 600 day traders, which were employed employed in New York, and those same 600 traders that we used to see, you know, in TV movies, that we imagined as the traders have been basically removed and replaced by 200. computer engineers. Why? Because can do better? You know, the reason why, why is because today nine, I mean, if I think of those statistics, over nine trades, over sorry, 10 trades, nine of them or algorithmic, so you cannot do manual trading, you know, like most people people do, they go and do what I do. casino trading, they go online, they see the Ico I can buy the gold or I can use some leverage and I'm going to buy some some stocks or some gold or some whatever, and then this stock to play, and that tells it don't trade the play. And then they start to do the curve we see the difference was is that you're going to be able to do this type of curve, things elevated to go up to stairs to go down. And then depending on your assets you're going to choose so if I take that example, let's say you have the gold the gold since the beginning of the year has been going crazy. And you can take part of it for example today. If I share my screen at the moment I'm sharing with you I'm having a position on the gold for example. So as you can see, this is a Live account here the broker is FX pro and II which is plugged here so at the same moment we are having this discussion. My super assistant is in a trade binds the gold she has secure already in profits, the trade so I will not be able To lose any more money at the moment of speaking to you, and I have a bunch of different options that I can select. I'm not going to describe here ever since because it's it can be, you know, very scary, you know, and you see a lot of options. Yeah. It's like a lot of options. But as in today, very simple. Yeah, just have to choose aside, define how you want to manage your risk. How do you want to manage your trade once you are in a trade and a lot of different options when you want to start where you want to play? This, everything is explained. But the main objective is basically to set up this and just to focus after on the sale and by whether you want to win shorting the market to buy winning once the markets going up. And that's the wall is the size you need to do. And yeah,

and I should point out, again, that I don't want anyone to get overwhelmed when they just saw that screen, because it does look, it's starting to look a little geeky you and I took a look at that yesterday, and there's really only a few settings that you just want to, you want to use the rest of it Don't touch. Unless you really want to get it. If you are a power user, it's, it's there for you. Right?

Exactly. It's like I want to say it's like the car Josh, you know, you don't know all the options you have in car but as in the videos only other you know how to sell in English. And

so, you need the gas,

the brake and the steering wheel.

Exactly what I would like to do other maybe Josh, maybe to explain better, as you say that we launched a solution in France. And as you know, the French people, you know, is not the best investor type and they way more I would say sophisticated than before. I suppose the American people want more, I would say aware that they can invest their money that should be investing. It's not really the French culture. You know, training is really like the opposite. Yeah, we want We launched the solution we we never because at first we we created for us for trading of Amina funds. And because we are busy people we don't have time. So we wanted to draw the way to leverage part of our cash, of course, which is going to see on the back, instead of being in the bank at least worse and have some profits on it. But only, you know, not not investing, but earning some cash at any cost. Because we want to leverage our time. Most of all, though, is going to take five to 10 minutes to set up a day, and you can have amazing return on it. Now of course, if you bored with it, you're going to be bad. The only thing which is good is you never going to burn your capital and you know, being weak to be bad in one day, which is going to be very, very like bad for your portfolio. So it's going to write sustainable way you're going to create but on Aya high is not just a software is like what we call an ecosystem. So you are in it. Of course software lifetime but you also The training program which is explained and very simply, from five to six hours, you have different modules. And these are a very beginner or an experienced trader can learn how to use it on the financial markets, even if you know nothing about the financial markets and even have a statistics which, which is funny I showed you yesterday 76% of our community is beginners with no experience of training before and Okay,

so I wanna I want to underline that because that that happens to be me. But so arias just in case someone was just didn't pay attention that so 76% of people are using Aria, their baby brand new like they've never dabbled in the market before. And and and we'll be talking about I hope we could talk about maybe some examples of what people have been able to return you know, again, anytime we start talking about, you know, markets and you know, everything is your mileage may vary, but I think you've got some numbers just in terms of like, how the population is, is doing.

Yeah, we have like at the moment 70% of four by so we got it pilots in France is another right word because in English pilot is a four plane and now

that's fine you're you're flying Arya

you're flying if it's more you know, like a driver but it's

the traders 7070 70% basically, which are profitable, so not burnings capital. I like to remember that 99% and 89% of the of the retail traders, at least in France lose money. So some country is less is maybe 80%. But it's still a lot of people losing. And yes, that is not even counting people burning 100% of the capital. So it's even I would say it's, you know, dramatic for some people and I've been in this case before so I know it's, it's not funny.

Yeah, you know to honestly to go from and you're just to compare apples to apples there. So you're got 10 to 20 only 10 to 20% of traders are profitable amateur traders are profitable and and that's all traders. In fact that's not just amateur traders, amateur traders good to do words. But what you've done is you've taken that number up to 70% are profitable at a current snapshot that is significant. And so and the reason why, again, as we as we kind of illustrate, as we talked about at the beginning, is that you can outperform let's say if you're getting, you know, five and a half or 6% with a fund, you have the potential of doing far better than that.

Yeah, of course. What When I say it will depend on your level of cash someone was $1 million invested someone was one of the thousand. Someone was 10,001 of the same results one of the same appreciation to risk of course, because it was I you can define us a real risk portrayed. So you can define how much you want to risk portrayed. But for example, I'm as a screen also different examples of different people. When we launched, we took a screenshot because we like just to see. And what I like to point out of this screenshot is a ways of performance is created. As you can see, it's not a straight line, you know, is going up and down. But as in the day we have elevator going down, and sorry, stairs going down in a video going up and the same or every curve. For example, this guy has done a between five to 10%. So I can't see exactly some the parallel would say between 8% this one here, as done, CG more 34% maybe, and this one is done. Let's say 18 to 20% So different result different appreciation to risk and this not everyone is going to do the same but what is good was is once you have created I would say enough performance you have your like you know green you know that at some point you're not going to burn everything out because I is going to protect from you so once you have started trading a little more performance for example those guys, they accepted you start to do very very bad but they are time as they won't lose everything overnight over a week and they know the system a way of doing performance and this is always what we've been working on because I always said okay, when I started trading 10 years ago, and Mia I'm going to show foreigners so we got a group of in France got different we got 12 different brands and companies so we have a lot of work a lot of different stuff to do and always live training you know as leverage of of making money. Why because the market is so huge is five


begin today if we just look at the Forex markets, so as the markets are changing euro against USD and everything, and I always say, Okay, look, this market, I don't need to play, I don't need to find a buyer, I need to find a seller's already here, I just need to find a way to make money was a problem when I started to make money on with trading is that really really quickly, I've seen that it's possible to make some gains is it's a I mean it's possible, but then it's also very profitable to quickly lose it. So that's why you're decide this type of solution because we want it to avoid Sergei. Now I've created performance, but I could lose it maybe in a week and then I got nothing. And this week, I mean nothing, nothing of the performance is one thing, but he got nothing as your cash you invested This is even worse. So I is really here for two things you need to remember first profit capital second leverage of time by automating your trading ideas and you don't need to be a no coding expert or anything like this. Yeah, everything is very simple.

So So what kind what kind of people invested in the market?

I would say anyone was interesting too interested to earn more money so I would say everyone the final

what I have what I've said obviously a lot of people who are they are doing well financially, they invest in that they get they take advantage of the opportunity to you know, if they've got a fund that they've built up to put into the market because of the potential upside, which is you know, generally if again, if you can do it right, you can outperform pretty well, from what I've seen,

yes. But again, me What a like a do of mutual funds hedge funds my portfolio, I go, I go to real estate I got I got the device. But before but what I like was I is just on this, I know I can extract a certain level of cash, but also that I'm in control again, it's like you as I said, yesterday, you're a business owner, you got your own company, you know how you make your revenues. And you know how you're going to get your paycheck at the end of the day. And this depends of you, not someone else. And I don't like you know, being dependent of someone else of my success, or I'm going to perform or how I can generate passive income. So at least on this specific one pot portfolio I need, I know that I can extract part of it. What I want. Another thing I would like to tell to you, Josh, and maybe to your community, is that when we launched it in France, so it's been it's been a great success. We've been featured in different in different magazines. Some of them you may know some of them you may not because it's not an American, but you know, Forbes, I guess. Then we have major or below it's from Switzerland. Lyft figure Oh, let's see Boone Beth and business this BFM business and more like you know cnn in the US. So we've been featured a lot of different TV show or magazines. And the reason why is because the company has been growing so fast and with a clear solution that people were needed that some even peoples were saying to us listen, I always wanted to be trading trading, or use trading as leverage, but I didn't know is there's a time or know how to do it or I was waiting for a solution like I had to come. Yeah, first mover advantage, which is great, because the ecosystem that we are providing doesn't exist anywhere else. And in the US, we are launching it. We are offering to community I will I will provide to you or just others way. It's a it's proposed. But just before that I would like to finish on the ecosystem. As I've mentioned before you got first is this is not where and every new updates that we're going to do because we kept using. So we are evolution to do and we provided There's a community for no extra cost or every engineering costs you know, you can have, you know what cost an engineer you know, it's not cheap.

It's it's constantly evolving and you have I mean, there's a very how many people are in the ARIA community?

More than 2000 at the moment? Great.

So you've got you've got a community of peers as well to kind of to support in network and learn learn from one another.

Yeah, exactly. That's that's very true.

License training and the community community where everyone can share it's a really great community because it's positive so at the moment French are waiting for English speaker to come by the sharing together stuff. We got also the settings you knows those assets are selected the problems the solution, so it's really really great, great community, we have also traders room so traders room which are going to be in English where you have like an expert which is going to to summarize basically Where to look at for the week. We are master class. Also, master class is a like a training every month. And basically what we do is we take what the community wants, and we ask them what they want. And then we we solve this problem during a one hour performance. And the last thing of the ecosystem so the number six is the traders league traders league is basically a worldwide competition in which we're going to fund the best traders using IRA we can invest up to 1 million and does on those funds, we're going to share part of the profits with them. And why we're doing that is because, as you said, you can also generate passive income just by investing in mutual funds. So for us, it's a way to leverage borrow for cash, more passively with great one, and for the traders a way of earning more, continue doing what he does with his capital but duplicating it all more capital and having more profit shared was in. So that's also amazed that something that could be interesting for your community.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. And so and so how does someone how does someone Oh Okay, here we go. Okay, so there's here's some of the results that people are having. Just falling would you recommend it like that 90% of people have so the users are happy. Haha.

Yeah, it's always a good question. It's a tricky question. I'm always afraid to see the answer you know?

Yes, no, but it's good.

Also, let's look Josh area of the world you can see we have no user at very bad, my less so we have your results. Wonderful. Yeah, between bad so 02 minus one minus 20. We have 28.2% and everything above good, pretty good and very good. I got the rest. But as you can see on the one is Berlin, wall capital. And so this is also something which is great.

Now that is terrific. So I mean, that's a pretty important pie chart if you want to be realistic as to well, how am I going to do? You know, you could probably put yourself into that category. That's, that's really thank you for sharing that. You're welcome. Okay, so how does one get started with an aria platform? Like, what do we do?

It's very simple. It's a good question. So we for the launch, and for the UU community, we are creating a platform and the tool and we sell everything for 2004 97. So that's a public price. And the good thing about this price if that's for life, so yeah, and

I should I should point out that if you're working it, so someone who might look at that, let's couple elements Here, number one, and is you know, when you are working with a broker, he, that broker, you're going to pay a lot more than 2497 over the course of a year or two, if they are actively working for you, they, so we should point that out. And so that anyway, so I just wanted to share that. And this is lifetime access. So this isn't an annual fee that you have to pay every year. Right?

Exactly. So everything everything you did Welcome to the club, the software, you won't have to pay the engineering costs of this, you forget about it as a traders room. So you have no experts at times the worst something every Monday going to share with you master class. So it's really an ongoing process for you basically to have something where you don't have to bother, as you said, just saying, Okay, now every every month every year, I need to pay something. But the good news, good news, Josh And I always like to come with good news is that for you community, we have made something special because you are special and we want to grow internationally. So this is a new new new development for us because at the moment we were, as you said, only in France, and we didn't want to grow in English before because we wanted first to have a first success and we also said okay, fresh markets, not the first target more complicated market if you can get this right. At least

listen, if you can make it in France, you can make it anywhere.

You make love but it's true. It's true. And even some people when we challenge us to say okay, why you started with France is not you know, it was noisy first we were French and we got infrastructure and everything network so, but anyway, so now we ready to go worldwide. We got the staff, everything is ready. Is ecosystem is great. We will social proof, a lot of great Users also some people French speaking in English so everything is ready and so we might have we met at the price was a discount so we are offering $700 so the price for you community will be 1797 and this would include everything I said which is a full life training program access to the traders league access to the community hashtag with a via weekly traders room and monthly master class.

Yeah, and you also have payment plan

for those who want to pay in four times you can pay 4075 and go towards a gift. It's a masterclass, I'm sorry, but not a master class to coaching for those who follow us so we we of course, are 14 days. satisfaction.

Yeah, could you put that slide back up because again, that's, I think, you know, to someone who's Curious, really the best thing is, you know, I've been able to get in and get comfortable with the platform. The best thing is I, here's what I would do, I always love to, like, work with what's the best way to work this, like, I would definitely take, I would do the payment plan for 75. Try it out for 14 days. See, if you feel like you're in the right place, you know, you feel like the support is there, you feel like this is going to be something you know, again, when we talk about good investment strategy, you want to have those buckets. And this is absolutely the bucket where you have the upside potential is is really, really great. It's, you know, you can absolutely do some buying and holding in the market. But I think largely, you know, you want them you want to be able to take advantage of trends, you want to be able to take advantage of opportunities. And this is the platform that allows you to do that. And unlike you know, right now, I mean if you try to do this on your own If you use an app that allows you to, you know, buy stocks, you don't get guidance there, you're on your own. And so this is why I like Aria is because again, I know the number one enemy to, to earning money in markets is human error. And so that's why I'm a fan of, you know, systems that allow us to protect us from ourselves. So this is wonderful.

Yeah. So you got to 14 days in case you're not hobbies. We're not here to take your money. Also, another day, we put another gift, you got a one to one hour training session, also, which is free. So if you are, I don't know questions or stuff you want to, you know, more specifically, like a tailor made training we can do. So our main objective is really, you know, to and our vision is really to make like the world largest community of winning trader, and this is what I'm really working for. So that's why I always say Lifetime payment line. And we really want to change things, you know, democratize way trading is to be seen, and it's more like an Ico. So this image of Robinhood, you know, making a change in awards or trading works, because, you know, some financial institution like leverage, basically for people investing and losing money and the like them to lose. And this is what we call market makers. And those are the siia from a different angle because people are not using that capitals the same way and then winning, winning money. And we really want to change the market the way it should be and make trading a good investment opportunity for people in the short term must have felt that I would say investing in the financial markets is more and more complicated. I would say long term wise to see where is the market is going because no one really knows and with all the problem worldwide, if someone knows where is going to be in one year, really good level, as we said,

and we've and we've set up a link and the link has been on the screen the whole time. In case you missed it, it's it's down below there. It's savings slash Aria ARYA. So again at savings slash Aria or for someone who's listening to this, I just told you, so that's where you want to go. And that's where you can take advantage, get all of the bonuses, take the payment plan if you want to. And then of course, you get the 14 day risk free trial just to get in, poke around, see if this is something that's going to be a good fit for you. You know, certainly like, do your due diligence on it. And if it feels great, then then join us. I'm really excited to be able to use the platform. Again, this is my this is my my high yield bucket. where, you know, I hope to be able to earn some, some retirement vacation money. That's that's what Mrs. Elledge is Looking forward to Alright, so gam. So again, there's the, the community as well. And that will all be a part of that. So you're not alone. There's a lot of other lot of other users or your platform users that are using it. And again, once again, that link that you want to use is savings., slash Rei, ar YAQM. Anything else that folks should know?

I guess, is more questions again, always contact us. Oh, we all will be very keen to answer any questions they have. And we try to provide as much transparency and really working in a way it works for one and to be able to help as much as possible American citizens.

That's basically what I would like to say. Yeah,

there's, there's great so when you hit that link, there's actually a little chat window that you could post all your questions as well, just in terms of, you know, before you make your purchase, so, all right, well, young Mangia, you are the co founder of ARIA trading. Thank you so much for sharing this. It's exciting that this technology is is available in the US now. You know, really gonna kind of takes advantage of the best of, you know, of AI, but still allowing the user to be involved in, you know, in actively in their investments. So, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, Josh.

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