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Podcasts Now with Audivita’s David Wolf

October 5, 2020

From Freelancing to Entrepreneurship: The Story of David Wolf, and the Journey into Entrepreneurship

David Wolf is the founder and CEO of Audivita: a 3-year-old company specializing in audiobook and podcast production for authors. He appeared on Today’s podcast with Josh Elledge, CEO and founder of upmyinfluence. During the 20minute interview, David took his audience through the music business and how the business has treated them so far. The company is based in Vienna, and according to David, they have been doing some video jobs lately, because of the evolution of podcasting. They run a bifurcated company; that also works with authors, speakers, thought leaders, business professionals, producing podcasts and audiobooks. They have two terms: those on the audiobook side, those that handle casting, and talent for mostly fiction.

Again, they also deal with nonfiction by working with recording authors remotely, in the comfort of their home. Amazing, you must say! By the way, the case of recording these things remotely started during the pre-COVID and has proven to become an idea worth continuing. Audivita has worked with authors all over the world, recording them reading their books. David has a team of about twelve people, a mixture of administrative and other audio professionals. Some are producers that do production live.

If you are still in doubt about how good Audivita is, it will interest you to know that they work with big names like PBS, Disney Discovery Channel, Southwest Airlines, Texaco, Morgan, James publishing, Frito, Pepsi, Miller Brewing, and Exxon. The list is endless. Audivita is an evolutionary company that grew out of David’s start as a composer and producer for radio, television, and film. Due to David's early interest in music, he started a company in Dallas, called it Cry Wolf Music in his early 20s. For him, that was the beginning of what he prefers calling “entrepreneurial spark.”

David shares the state of Podcast gives the State for Podcasting for Mid 2020

With the state of the world with COVID-19, it has accelerated some of the trends. They talked about remote learning, education, schooling, meetings, festivals, film, festivals, author festivals, and David's wife is involved in producing those necessities needed to carry out this endeavor. According to David, most of the activities in the world today are shifting to online model of communication, and podcasting was already there. They see in their production business a surge in demand for new show creation and production and assistance, which is what they do: they work with many startups, Podcast wise. Despite, the scourge of the coronavirus, David still believes that there are still millions of shows out there that need their attention. This means in spite of the downward trends, there are still millions of opportunities out there.

The company likes working with clients from the start to break the format a little bit. The company is more interested in keeping listeners engaged, and they sound interesting. The company is also interested in shorter formats, though people kept asking how long this format could last. All the same, if the content is great and compelling, even if one goes on for an hour, it won't matter. The business is all about sourcing for newer platforms to promote their clients’ materials. As a content production company, they have about 30 to 35 other channels to get these materials on. This has made the audiobook side of their business solution very turnkey.

How the Company Operates

In the company's usual way of doing things, they cast professional talent when the job is fiction-related. But this applies only in cases where they tend to work in the business space. So, indirectly, they are working to help general authors, write business books and technical books, most of the time. Hence, they're the voice of their brand, or what David sometimes calls “the voice brand,”  and their link to the market. They like to encourage these clients to be their voice and help them get the best performance. They record them remotely from their home's convenience.

Currently, the company is planning on expanding its services by venturing into videos. The podcast listening audience is getting better every day, but its social media audience is proving more potent by the day. As it stands, the visibility that they get from those little 32nd, 62nd video clips of this conversation is huge compared to the podcast listening audience for any one episode. Again, all of their podcasts go out on YouTube, but the audio part is exempted from the YouTube audience. This because people don't want to watch audio on YouTube.

Finally, despite the COVID-19 pandemic David Wolf and his term always explore better ways to bring uniqueness to the industry.

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