#HACKED: The Social Media Learning Curve with Auer Social Media Marketing’s Bess Auer

October 21, 2019

Is your company in need of a social media makeover?

Our guest for today is Bess Auer, Co-founder of Auer Social Marketing. Auer Social Marketing is a program that focuses on re-branding and re-marketing companies’ social media to improve their business.

Aside from being the co-founder of Auer Social Marketing, Bess Auer is also a widely recognized social media and blogging expert. She is the founder of the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference and regularly works with influencers, marketing agencies, and media companies to create new and innovative marketing campaigns.

This blog isn’t the end of it though. To know more about Bess Auer, listen to the podcast found above and let me know what you think!

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Welcome back listeners Morse Code here. So I'm watching the live feed of Josh from HQ which is way better than being trapped in the bunker because I can eat chips and I know what you're thinking Morse code that's terribly unprofessional first by

our hair.

It's been a few days without Josh having a guest over. I saw someone going through the bunker security. So I got an error immediately looks like that's our from our social marketing, Patek or suspected Josh would invite her to bunker but eventually

we go live.

Well bass, thank you so much for coming. My kind of James Bond villain layer kind of vibe to this place, but it was places abandoned. I think it was like a spy base during the Cold War. And, you know, it still has like, kind of like that 1980s vibe, but you know, I like it's totally private so we can, so you can give me all the best stuff. We're going to talk about blogging, and we're talking about content, we're going to talk about marketing strategy, because you're locally like, people need to know like, you're the you're the Queen here in Orlando, and I know Central Florida, you're, you're very, very well known. And so I'm hoping that I can I can kind of ask you some questions I've never been able to ask before you know, but you know, before I do that, and I'm what I'm doing is as you can see it like I'm taking a bunch of notes right here because I'm working on this top secret project and, and I just want to let you know that there's absolutely no way anybody is going to be listening to this conversation. Absolutely privacy, you can share all your best stuff.

Josh, you know, the Cold War was all full of spies and double spies and I don't know that. Okay, I'll trust you.

Alright. Alright, so. So the first thing I definitely want to first off, thank you so much so, so you I just want to say thank you so much for allowing me to keynote, Florida blog con last year that was amazing experience. Talk about a big stage. I mean, that Full Sail is just a beautiful facility. I mean, that's where they filmed WWE. They film that there and what a gorgeous facility. How many years has Florida blog con been doing its thing?

Yeah. So this will be so we're starting our ninth annual I'll be you know, September gab will be back at full sail and full sail. For those who have never heard of Full Sail now I was born and raised here in the Orlando area. Back at when I was in high school Full Sail was kind of this weird alternative school that nobody really kind of did what they did. And now fast forward to you know today and they were one of the top schools in the world for video editing, music mixing any type of creative digital arts, I mean, they have this award ceremony every year where they have like 35 alumni that work on you know, Oscar winning projects every year. And just you know, they have a Grammy show because all their alumni win Grammy Awards. So they are and it's amazing, and they're such a good fit for Florida blog. com because, you know, bloggers and content creators, they're all using all the digital stuff. They're using all the new tools, and they may not yet be at the Full Sail level, but they're pretty good at you know, mixing some video themselves and so it's a great space to be there.

Yeah, yeah, for Sure, so, all right, so let's talk about blogging. And so when you're launching a show nine years ago, obviously, you know, blogging was it on on the web, you know, you had blogs, and you had forums. And you know, Facebook, I think was just really kind of picking up some decent momentum. You know, clearly was the thing nine years ago. But I wonder now, in terms of interest from where they'll call content producers, where do blogs fit in all of this?

You know, so I started Florida blog con. It was a very opportune times 2009 when I first started blogging, I wanted to go to a blog conference, but there were none here even in the southeast side, like go to New York or something. I I was a full time teacher at the time. I couldn't take up time off to you know, fly up there and attend a conference. I did the next best thing I went around to all the big bloggers I know Here in Orlando, and I said, Hey, if we have if we have a conference and get together, will you share what you know? And everybody was so gracious that they all said yes. And so that's kind of what started Florida blog. How was it? Was it an opportunistic person? So it was the timing. That was good. I was filling a need. But you're right. People were just discovering blogs. They were kind of familiar with the mommy blogger.

Yeah. Right. That was Oh, yeah,

thing. But fast forward to today. And it was interesting. I just had some my tweet me on twitter the other day. And it was a rider kind of saying, you know, I just heard that, you know, blogs are making a comeback. Do we really need this? Really? Yeah. So I got my mama bear, you know, attitude on and I said, Well, you know, the thing is, blocks have never gone away. Right. You know, your favorite news organization has blog, your favorite sports illustrated writer has a blog, your favor, you know, celebrity has a blog, your favorite, you know, local charity organization has a blog. Your mom has a blog. So everything. In fact, I read somewhere where over 50% of websites that you visit are a blogging website, whether you know it or not. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Now, Orlando Sentinel is a blogging website that York Times is a blogging website. So even though people don't realize that they're reading blogs all the time, they may not think of it as a traditional blog, but even a step further. You know, there are all sorts of different types of blogs. So there's photo blogs, there are bloggers that are video bloggers, there are podcasters that are just audio bloggers. So there's all sorts of different type of content. So I think how blogging fits in today's landscape is even better than ever. It's just we have to broaden what we think of as a person. lager to even as grammars that you know, are telling their personal stories through their Instagram, their lot. They just don't call themselves that.

Right, right. So let's not get too hung up. I mean, what we're talking about, you're communicating to an audience. And so now you could choose to write, you know, a 5000 word post. And I think that when people think of blogging, that's what they think. But, you know, a blog post, it doesn't need to be, you know, where I'm just going to write out everything like that. And in fact, I would say, I mean, Google may like that. But in terms of like, the content that I absorb, its multimedia. I mean, it's an In fact, you know, a great blog post is going to show me images, it's going to have some videos embedded. You know, I'm going to feel like I'm connecting with whoever the writer is.

Not only that, so you mentioned Google yet Google is still by far the king. I mean, everybody uses Google, but Let's think about how what you're doing with this podcast. You're creating audio content and now people are thinking, Oh gosh, we have to worry about Voice Search optimization and additional search engine optimization and so a lot of times so I don't know if you have an Amazon Alexa.

I do

I love my Alexa and so I and she's lighting up right now as I'm talking about her. She's always listening. Oh, um, you know, I think that even the way we search for things though, is different. So Google, you know, they're going to have to fight to stay King because they say by the end of 2020 voice search is going to dominate the search that we do.

Right? I can see that because you know, we want we want instant information we want all of our questions answered. We want to understand things quickly, very, very quickly. And you know, sometimes you depending on what it is you want to learn like video is going to be like, Look, I need to Know how to fix a doorknob. So I'm going to I'm going to search that on YouTube. And other things are just going to lend themselves much more to a written format and other things. Like if I just want a quick answer to something, I'm just going to ask Alexa, why would I? Why would I go on my phone type in how bad blah, blah, blah. But the thing is, someone needs to create the answers to those questions. Someone needs to create that content that you know, you know, what we need is, believe it or not, we need more educators. We need more people that are willing to serve and give and teach others and so that's what we're talking about. You know,

at so at Florida blog con, very few of the sessions feel like they're actually on what people would think traditional blogging, you know, we we have sessions on pot. In fact, we've got two sessions on podcasting this year. We've got a session on branding, why would Why would a blogger need Know about branding well how are you going to market your content and get it out there so I ball see it we have you know Facebook Messenger bots so we have you know a whole variety of information and you're kind of like well what does that have to do with blogging? Well that's because bloggers are really just as you said content producers that tell a story or deliver a message

so let's talk about all of the content that you personally produce okay MEDIA list.

Oh my goodness All right, so um, you know, currently right now for you know, most of what I personally do might spend my days on would be just helping them market our conference. So fo blah copying an annual conference. We have to create content, you know, graphics and images to promote the conference. Our theme this year is story, which has to do storytelling. Everybody has a story. Every brand has a story. They want to tell what's the next step in your story or the next chapter in your story. So we like that theme. So currently, right now, we're Posting long form, you know, word text stories of different content creators. But next will be going to some video people have created a video for us to tell their story that way. And so we'll be posting video next. And we've also had a podcast. So for FO blog con in general that we've had, you know, two seasons of a national TV show. We've had radios for a year. And we've been having Alexa, you know, flash briefing and things like that. So probably, if it's some type of content, I probably either try producing or had a hand producing it somewhere along the way.

So quite a bit. And

so, so obviously, of all of that content you're producing the one thing that you mentioned that I think people probably kind of caught, you know, if I were sharing this story with me, because obviously no one's listening to us right now. It's just you and I, but if someone were to hear the fact that you create Did a national TV show? Can you explain how

that happened? I sure can. Yes. So, um, we live streaming is this wonderful thing. And I actually started live streaming all the way back in 2011 was my first and that was what was called web casting. And nobody really knew how to do it. Well. You know, you, you could not just pick up your phone at the time and go live on Facebook. It was that thing you had, I think was called Justin TV was the new thing it was made for. Right. So we decided as as a group Florida block con that since we were going to be talking about live streaming, or I guess it was called webcasting at the time, at one of the conferences, we probably should learn something about it. So we went weekly live. Ben raid was my co host and he was a fellow blogger and we would go live with AF you know, we caught up blog talk live And we would live stream and it was actually seen by a producer in Virginia. That's the power of the internet. And so God will Rodriguez contacted me and he said I love what you're doing. We have an audience I think for new technology. That's what he called it. Could you expand past the Orlando area because we were featuring bloggers that were here local online. Sure. You know, blogging is blogging about where you live so we can just drop off the you know, the local part of it. And he said great, I'll order up a season so that was a hot table. And we produced a full season we did I think was 13 shows the season. And you ordered a second one but for the second year, Cox national actually picked it up so it went national so all the Cox affiliate stations carried it and bright house which is now of course spectrum, saw getting national attention and said they picked it up as well to carry it in six, Mark six of their major market so

here I cut cables on TV.

Yeah, so I'm not sure how big the audience is for that. Like I don't know how many people compared to like if you were to just do this on YouTube for example, but but there's something that comes with I mean, so I was on one of the episodes I was actually just look you've got all the archives on your website right now I'm at Florida blog com.com slash blog dash talk. Season Two

is on there. So we actually have to get was produced for Cox Cable we have to get permission from them to be okay. So I don't think we have Season Two on there. I think we only got permission for season one. So okay,

let's see my buddy new mon jello, season one episode one. We it's a good guy. He's a great

guy. He's always up for anything I want to try and like Lou, I'm trying something new. I don't know if anybody will tune in but he's all good. Yes, me too. To television and what they were most interested in was the technical production of it and if there was an audience so that's why

first season as a test

well, and I gotta tell you, you know, having been on the show, it was quite an operation there are a lot of people involved a lot of equipment. I mean, it was even, you know, you shot it in your home, but I mean, the cameras Yeah, that's right there. And, you know, the lights and camera is a big big production. And well, that's that's amazing. So obviously, you know, they took care of that right and you had to part I mean, you're up to go into the details on how that all came together. But I

you know, so you know, we pay for the production for the partnership so that was fine. The reason we personally did not continue doing is you saw what a production it was it oh my god

so much work.

Yeah. And the way the product was shared with it was so made for TV you have to do like 26 and a half minutes or you know, a specific time and you had to hit your time perfectly. And then they would divide up commercial time for you so they could sell some of the commercials and you would sell some of the other commercials where that sounds good in theory, the problem was because it was proprietary to Cox Cable, they would not give us exact viewership numbers. And it's kind of hard to tell somebody when you can't tell them how many viewers you have and who's senior. Right, right. And so by the end of the second season, I'm like, you know, we're doing a lot of time here, and we're not getting much back out of it. So besides great content that we may or may not be able to use depending on so that's why we limited to two seasons.

But talk about the authority that you've gained from it in terms of like your professional goals.

Yeah. So I'm always wanting to I never mind

ever, you know, doing shows going on creating content Because it really does up your authority. There's something about you being seen on TV or being seen on on a TV show or even being able to say, Hey, I was the host of a show, you know, I'm sure it's gotten me some clients from that and gotten, you know, me some looks probably I didn't deserve it, but Heck, I'll take it anyway.

Right, right. And and so let's talk about the work that you do. So you you you run an agency, or do you just consider yourself a consultant or, like, what do you call your business?

Yeah, I'm just a consultant. Typically word of mouth at this point. And you know, I'm, I'm 50. So I'm not having to be out there doing the hustle and grind quite as much as I used to, which is very nice. Where I can, you know, kind of take on the clients that interests me and just a digital consultant. So if a company comes in, let's say they're launching lights, like a new ice cream line they want to sell online, I can help them determine the best strategy to do that. Do they need to be selling it online or do they need to be in brick and mortar stores? I can do some comparisons of, you know, competitor comparisons, I can help them determine what will work best. And if something's not working, how do we need to change it? Do you know? You know, it's a great time to be in business. Josh, you know that because there are so many tools available. Unfortunately, it can be really overwhelming for a company. You know, what do we need to be on? You need to be on social? Do we need to be on Instagram? Do we need to be on Facebook? Well, yes, the answer is yes for Facebook. But what do we need to be doing with that since organic reaches dead? You know, do we need a Facebook Messenger but if so, how the heck do we build that? How do we build one to be proven effective? So there's all these things that really a lot of people could use a guide for, and I'm happy to share what I know and you know, it's really a it's a passion of mine, learning about these new technologies and seeing them action because there are some really, really smart people out there. They're doing Summing credible things. And, you know, it's my pleasure to be able to share that knowledge with with these companies that you know, need that guidance.

You know, the thing about hiring an agency and hiring a consultant, as well is that, particularly with some of these emerge are just things are evolving so rapidly in social and just in terms of reach and strategy. And if you are following the advice that was given three years ago, it's already way, way outdated. Yeah, yeah. So any book that you pick up, chances are that advice is not necessarily going to be 100% good advice. So that's why it really matters. And so for a larger company, or any company that wants to wants better return on investment, from their efforts, look, if you're going to be doing social if you're going to be doing digital marketing. So we do Lot of work with sales funnels, we do a lot of work with media and branding and authority. And, I mean, we are in this I, I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff like every single day. And, you know, for, you know, when I work with a company, it's amazing. You know, they might think that, Oh, well, you know, we want to get the word out. So we want to get some buzz. So, you know, let's send out press releases. And I'm like, No, don't tell me No. Now that was now we're talking like 10 years ago. The world is kind of moved on from

Josh. And that's that's one thing that I really respect about you. So I'm sure you like I do. Come across gurus and I'm putting air quotes. People that cannot see these touches nobody

because nobody's listening to our private conversation, by the way,

right? And these talking heads that talk a lot of theory, but I've never actually done anything. I compare it to these coaches who are coaching coaches, they do Click Funnels that I'm going to show you how to coach. And then they have, and it drives me nuts. I'm like, but you've never done anything. I know.

I know that. That's the first thing. Yeah, I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt, but oh my gosh, you know, social media agencies and I go to their social media and they've got like, 120 followers. Look, I understand everybody starts, you know, the small level, but, you know, if you've got 120 followers, I'm sorry, but I know that's, to me is a signal of your level of expertise. And so I believe that you are never going to attract or at least you shouldn't be attracting a client that exceeds your level of branding and authority which so why I'm so big on that So may I Lizabeth I mean it's a mutual admiration society around here.

What I was going to what I was going to say to finish that off was is that you not only know all the lingo the the race Search the information that's coming out today you're not only learning it, but you put it into practice you're actually walking the walk in addition to talk and talk and that is so important such a differentiator in this world where I feel like probably Gosh, probably even as many as 80% only talk the talk and have never really actually sold anything or done anything past read the books and then put up a website regurgitating what they just read in that book. So that's what i mean you know what I mean? And so, but that

isn't everybody just one funnel away? God Look, I mean, I love I like I love invite more people into this. I mean, we need you know, it's important to be able to help other businesses be able to tell their story better and get more visibility. I love that but you just as a business owner, you have to be so careful. Like I blew 25 grand on bad PR like on an agency or a Freelancer Who taught you know, talk to the talk. I mean, but, uh, you know, foolish me, I just didn't know what I was doing. And, you know, I, you know, $25,000 later, I got one introduction to a reporter and I got to speak at a lawn and garden show. And that was my $25,000 Oh, my goodness.

Yeah, yeah, let me learn. But unfortunately, a lot of companies do not have 25,000 to get, you know, to flush down the toilet like that I didn't. So

much it was it was dumb down to the toilet.

So, you know, that does bring up the problem of how do you know who to trust? And I think that's part of what you, you know, you have that social proof, right? So, you can't fake being on a news show. You can't fake being having an article written up about you. I mean, you don't and that's something that you really excel in, is okay. How do you make that happen? There's no you know, there's no shortcuts to it. How do you make that happen? And that's something that you really do well, which So, you know, there are a lot of things you can fake but that you can't. Yeah.

Well, I appreciate that. So, so talk about I mean, obviously running an event Florida blog con now nine years. Yeah, that has to have opened up a lot of doors for you. Like what what have you What have you sensed or felt heard? Seen, whatever that you're like, that's because of that's because I decided to run this show. Like, this thing happened for me.

Well, you know, I'm not gonna take full credit for it because I had this amazing team Josh Murdock been rated my co host for a long time as part of it right now get Anne Marie. Sorry, Anna Marie Walsh from Beauty and the Beast. So I have a group of bloggers that always step forward and they're like, hey, we'd love to help be a part of this. Just awesome volunteers. Josh Murdock's been with me From the beginning, if you're not familiar with them, Professor, Josh is a good guy. Holy cow. So I'm not gonna pretend I did it alone at all. Like I said, beginning it was the right timing, there was a need, I was filling a need, which is, you know, half the half the recipe of success if you can fill a need and do it well, you're, you're good. I'm, but by doing that, you know, you jokingly call me the the queen of I get called the queen of blogging a lot. And I'm like, I don't even have a blog right now. How can I be? But it does allow me to have certain connections with especially here in Orlando where it's based. I do, you know, get invited to speak on a lot of panels about tech, which I appreciate because I consider bloggers you know, tech, tech business people. We are tech entrepreneurs. We don't create the tech necessarily, but we certainly use it but you know what so does Uber there's a lot of tech companies out there that didn't create their own tech. Instead, they use what other people have created. So I fully claimed that but you know, it's funny every year. I go through a little period of self doubt with it. And it was really bad. Last year two years ago, I think it was let's see what are 20 1920 Okay, so 2017 I went to full sail and I said, Hey, guys, I want to have it again. But I don't know if I need to keep the name. I don't know if I want to keep calling it Florida blogger conference, because we just had this conversation. I feel like a lot changed. And I don't know if blogging still a thing anymore. Do people still start blogs? So I went through this period of self doubt. We kept the name because of the name recognition. We sold out that year and at the conference, I got more energized than ever. From the amount of new people that were there every year. We asked if you're new to the conference, stand up your returning and it just it exhilarated me that yes This is still a thriving industry. It's still growing. And so I haven't looked back since that time. And so now we are, you know, in our ninth year, still playing the name Florida blogger and social media conference. What we're doing, though, is working to change what people perceive a blogger to be.

Mm hmm. Yeah. I like that. That makes sense. So, where do you think Florida blog con is going to be 510 years from now?

I hope right where we are now. Yeah, that sounds funny. So I was in invited to enter Greg Pollock's starter studio and that's a local elevator. So I went into that with Florida blog com and the first thing they do is ask you what you want to do with it. I really had no idea the second 2014 and they're like Oh, it's so great. You want to become a you know, you want to take it national. You want to do all this and what they didn't understand because they were not in the industry. Florida blog. com is only a success because Cuz I had spent two years making contacts with financial audience here, giving them you know, giving my services to them like, hey, what can I do for you? What can I help you with promoting them on which my blog at the time, which was the Central Florida top five s gives me Central Florida top five, I spent two years of you know, partner with them shining spotlight on them before I ever asked, hey, I'd like to do a conference. Would you like to sponsor Would you like to speak? Would you like to attend? And it's only because of those ties and giving to that audience here in Florida that I think Florida blog content off, I would have a hard time replicating that in California. I don't know anybody in LA. I haven't given anything to them to then make that ask. And I think that is so important that before you do anything, you've got to serve your audience before you make that ask. And so I think that's what I had trouble with. When I was in the tech accelerator. I'm like, you know, I don't think I want to take it Big. And so after my conference every year, we do send out a survey asking our attendees Do you want to go to multi day? Do you want more than one day? And it's always know most people, they're not full time bloggers, they have a day job. That's why we hold it on a Saturday. That way they don't have to work with 10. And we always ask, do you want to go to a hotel so we can accommodate a bigger audience. It's always overwhelming. You know, we love full sail. So I'm hoping five to 10 years from now. I'm still right there at full sail. We max out 312 bloggers or attendees we don't just get it's an exclusive event. Yeah, we get marketers we get PR reps. We get national brands come in to try and make connection. Oh, yeah. Not just bloggers. And yeah, by being that exclusive event, it serves my audience's needs. We feel like a big time conference why maintaining the nice intimate space that it is so open

You know, I was, I was, one thing I noticed is that there are a lot of influencers. So we'll call them bloggers, social media, folks, whatever. They've got influenced. And I was sitting with at a table of my peers, mostly travel bloggers. And these guys are, you know, they are working at working with a lot of brands, you know, they're doing a lot of traveling. And so I noticed that and you're right, there are a lot of good PR people that show up. This is a really good event for networking, with brands and influencers, where they can kind of converge together. That's one thing I noticed, I would imagine. Is that something that you've seen more of?

Yeah, so our first year,

our very first year. It was I think, probably people who had just started a blog or interested in starting a blog because blogging

was so new But I would imagine very tactical on like how to blog.

Yes, right. And you know, we had a VISIT FLORIDA they were brand new as well but they we had she actually spoke about how to use Twitter. But she was the director and had no idea how to use Twitter. So her assistant the one that actually tweeted was sitting right in front of her kind of coaching her through what to say. So, you know, so it was brand new at that time since then, yeah, brands have discovered working with online influencers either getting their products into their hands through our swag bag, being on meeting them. But you know, it's still such a new thing brands working with online influencers fabulously well, or disastrously bad and we've all you know, the the the travel blog with the demands to be given a free hotel room with a luxury hotel. I mean, we are stories out there. They are far and few between them. What we really work to do is educate everybody, both the brands and what they should be doing to respect the influencers, but also the influencers on what they should be doing to deliver real ROI. If these brands are funny on you, you need to be delivering the goods, not necessarily exactly what they want, because it is still your opinion. But, you know, you need to produce the crap content, don't just expect a free ride. So that's part of what we really spend a lot of time as educating both sides on how to work together to a really beneficial relationship.

Yeah. Well, and I think, you know, I think the numbers I saw 2017 I think influencer marketing was a $2 billion industry 2020 it's expected to exceed $10 billion in equity, you know, and movement of money. Yeah, it's, it's really, really amazing. And I think that, you know, if, if brands aren't at least learning best practices for this right now. Me it's it's so it's I think I don't think we're in the wild west. So more so much anymore. I think it's really evolved quite a bit. But I think it's important that brands, man, they figured this out quickly because one thing I've learned I'm a big fan of Mark Schaefer, marketing rebellion and two thirds of all consumer buying is it's outside of the control of marketers. It's looking for user generated content reviews, influencers, content you know about that, you mean, we don't want to learn from the company themselves? I mean, unless they're really truly you know, being willing to be a good brand journalist. We want to see what other people are saying about this. We feel like that's going to be much more objective.

And you know, it's interesting that even that is evolving. So you take Amazon and we find out that there were all these fake reviews on there to boost the search and so Amazon did away with that. Allowing reviews to add into where you show up on their search. So everything's evolving, I think we still have a little bit of a learning period to go through I think we'll get there. You know, think back, you know, years ago, we you know, with newspaper or TV, you know, there took a learning curve to understand that what you saw on TV was not always exactly what you thought, you know, there was a lot of lot of hair and makeup and lighting and stuff like that to where you probably understood, okay, that may not be exactly what it looks like or what it is. It's the same thing with online we've got this learning curve going on, but the learning curve is quickly being adjusted to to where we are becoming savvier consumers. And we know to go check several different places. We also have the platforms themselves like Amazon learning, okay, somebody skewing the whole thing by putting in some fake reviews, so we need to do away with that. So I think it's both sides are learning and that truth and transparency continues to grow. I think it's going to benefit everybody but I don't think we're quite there yet. So you know, every of us have to remember to do your homework do your research to make sure that influencer are they being truthful with what they say the reviews, are they being truthful with what they say? So we'll get they're just not quite there yet. I don't think

well, that's I'm excited to attend Florida blog con this year. And just thank you for everything you do in the community. I mean, you've really impacted a lot of lives by by pulling this community together and making so many connections of Central Florida. I know it should be very, very grateful for the impact that you have. And so I have your top secret. We're gonna we're gonna have to put the blindfold back on as we escort you out because I can't have you telling anybody about the location year. But thank you so much for spending this time with me and kind of imparting your wisdom.

Well, thank you, thank you, and you know what, it's going to be a Great conference this year we're already looking forward to to 2020 which will be our 10th annual conference so Josh will be getting the the invitation to come back and speak because I think we're going to ask all our keynotes back to to speak and I have a big compilation so we're excited about it. But you know, thank you for having me on. And, you know, the Batcave here. You've got

Awesome, thanks best.

All right, bye bye.

So that was best, some like some vital information. So if you like that, totally subscribe to this podcast.

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and these are good chips.


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