Augustas Kligys: Creating the Amazon Seller Virtual Summit

Have you been looking for ways to become a top Amazon seller?

Augustas Kligys is the founder and CEO of Orange Klik, a company committed to providing others with the tools to achieve success by offering informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller.

Orange Klik creates webinars, virtual summits, and software demos designed for Amazon businesses. Orange Klik is passionate about sharing ideas, strategies and sale techniques. They strive to create a growing network of successful Amazon sellers that optimize their businesses. In 2019, Orange Klik started to organize in-person events for Amazon sellers. The European seller Conference is the first live event produced by the team at Orange Klik.

Augustas Kligys created the European Private Label Summit in 2016 as a way to help other Amazon sellers benefit from the European E-Commerce market.

In 2017, Augustas produced two other conferences targeted to global Amazon sellers. One of these conferences, AMZ Seller Summit, was well received by digital marketers.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur show, I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my, where we turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. So we believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world, even you stick around to the end of this show, where I'll share info on how you could be our next guest, three times a week, five to 15 minutes each learn from successful business owners and professionals. It's time to get inspired. Let's go. All right, Augustas Kligys, you are the founder of orange click, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you. Pleasure to be here.

Alright, so I am really excited for you to share what you do because I think it is such a great model for lots of other people who are looking at increasing their platform. And so what you did is you started a lot of virtual summits. And those have evolved into live events. So can you start off by talking about your business model at the beginning? What made you decide that you wanted to do virtual summits at virtual summits? That wasn't the very first thing you were doing? Right. You were- were you podcasting and creating content?

No, no, I was not creating content. I used to be a website developer for more than 10 years. And I was always looking what I can do online more than sitting at the computer and looking at the code. So at some point, I got to know about Amazon and selling on Amazon. And I was interested in that. But at that time, about four or five years ago, I didn't have any funds. So I was looking for what I can do on the internet. And I found this virtual summit business model. And I ended up doing organizing the first virtual summit for Amazon sellers. And I think it was the first in the industry of among the seller community. It was three years ago, because Exactly. And from nowhere, I'm from a small country, in Eastern Europe called Lithuania. So from where I appeared there, and I started interviewing big names in the industry, I create the first virtual summit. And since then, within the next two and a half years, I did six virtual summits. And this year, as I said, they transformed into organizing life events, farmers and sellers.

Wow. Okay, so tell me about the very first virtual summit, was it successful?

Yeah, it was successful, it was profitable. So a lot of influencers in the industry started to contact me and saying that they want to be on my next show. So it was really inspiring and motivating. And within probably less than one year, I could quit my website programming freelancing job. And I could focus solely on creating content for this industry in this way. And this is how I grew my email list. And I started to do not only virtual summits, but just recording different videos and interviews with different service providers and softwares in the industry. So bringing all these kinds of services, mad to my audience to the Amazon sellers, because my idea is to inform people I really associate with someone, as a partner and promote one company only, I really like to promote three different companies have the same service so that people have a choice, and it's their choice what they want to choose. So for me, it's just to inform them.

And if you don't have a big audience, how do you promote a virtual summit? And, and so attendees, so what's- can you- can you kind of break down the business model of a virtual summit?

Yeah, so basically, virtual summit is good for creating an email list, it's good for maybe becoming an authority in the topic, you are an expert in. And promotion, of course, it's the hardest thing. And in my case, I was very often relying on the audiences of my speakers of the people I review, because amazon seller, community is very difficult to target through advertising lead, let's see Facebook ads, there are no kind of filters for Amazon seller, there is a filter Amazon, but we are not interested to show ads to Amazon buyers. So usually, I have to just leverage audiences of speakers and show advertising to the warm audience to the people who visited my websites in the past.

And so the- the speakers are promoting it, everyone's registering these become people that are now on your email list. It seems like a huge win. Now you don't charge the speakers money to participate right now. So you'd have maybe- maybe a brand that would like then exposure to that audience, I suppose you could charge them money. If you said, Look, you know, we have 7000 people that have no, or you know, I wouldn't be that many in the first one. But when- when did you? How did you make your first money?

So the money in a virtual summit comes from selling the package of all the recordings because the virtual summit idea is that let's say I have 30 prerecorded videos, and I announced it as a regular conference. But it's an online conference with 30 speakers, let's say in September 15, for seven days, and people are subscribing because we are promoting it as a free event. This is how I get email addresses. And then I'm in reality, I'm I am broadcasting all the videos for free. So basically, it's happening for six days, 30 videos every day, I would send five videos. And I would say watch this video today, and it will be locked in 24 hours. But in 24 hours, you will get five more videos. And those people who are feeling overwhelmed with five hours of content per day for the whole week, or those who join too late. Or just they want to sit down and watch everything in peace. They can purchase Sodini. They can just purchase for an all-access pass, which is also a no brainer for maybe 67 or $97. Depends when you take the offer. So it's also like 30 videos for $100. It's a good value, including maybe some bonuses from the speakers, some discounts. So this is how this business model works. And this is how I monetize the virtual summit.

And of course you could do if you sold it through your speakers, audiences, you could do a rev share with them as well, you could give them an affiliate amount.

Yeah, exactly. When speakers agreed to promote the event, I have an affiliate link set up where we share 5050 the revenue. So if they sell their audience, people buy a package for $100. We both get $50.

That's really cool. And how did you make the jump then into a live event? What- What was it that made you think, Okay, it's time.

So already,

within the first maybe 10 months, I have created two virtual summits. And I got a feeling that at some point, I have to jump into life events. But at that time, I was feeling scared. It's something you know, like, someone tells you to go maybe to North Korea, and you start preparing yourself how you will do that. So it's, it was a big jam. So I was a little bit afraid to take that step. But I knew it's gonna happen. I already knew the location, it will be happening in Prague in the central center of Europe so that a lot of European Amazon sellers can come. But it was just in my mind. And with a time I was talking, of course, in the next month or a year, I was talking with different event organizers. And just one day, one year later, which was two years into my business of virtual summits, I decided to go to Prague and search for the venue and signed up the contract. So it was like a natural step. I felt this will be my next step. And now this year, I don't even have time to do virtual events. I'm doing life events this year, I will accomplish implement for events in total. And it's if you would ask what's the difference between virtual and life event there in some ways similar, but also very different. Because, for example, on virtual summit, I could get two or 3000 subscribers in my industry. In the life event, I get maybe less than 200 people. But in the life event, the energy you get back and other people get through the networking is probably 10 times or more stronger.

Well, I can see that. So So you've got and for a live event. What kind of audience size do you anticipate? Or have you had it at previous events?

So I did two events at the moment. And they both had about 170 people. Of course, all these events were happening for the first time with it's a new name. But my first event, which was called the European seller conference in Prague in March 2019. During the conference, or at the end of the conference, probably half of the people just came to me and they said, oh, we're coming next year. So I hope that there will be a lot of promotion, net organic promotion of this event. And maybe next year I can reach 200 or 250 or more. And this is which inspired me to create more events because I see I can do it well. And I would say paradox. So interesting fact was that when I created my first live event, I was telling on the stage in a welcome speech that actually it's my second conference I ever attended, and the first day created to I had only one conference experience to see how people do it. So I just was doing from my imagination how I would want it to be.

Yeah, yeah. And can events be profitable?

Yes, it was profitable. This was also another motivational part for me to continue doing that. We did another event with a partner in Israel. Three months later, which was in July 2019. That was not so profitable. But I think it was also because for me, it was difficult. The language I didn't understand Hebrew and partner was Israeli. But still, for me, the main organizer of the event was a little bit complicated to think of the promotion. So I had to rely a lot on the partner.

Yeah. Well, goodness, this was uh- this was really cool. I thank you so much. You know, I obviously have seen a lot of virtual summits. And so it's- it's really fun talking to someone who saw an area that could be served with a virtual summit. Certainly, there are a lot of people that are selling on Amazon, and you know, creating an event all around that, you know, a virtual summit seems a lot less risky than a live event. So it was a great way to kind of build your audience and then eventually move into the live event. So it's- it's been really great chatting with you hearing your success. Of course, you are found on the web at Orange And that's KLIK that's how you spell click so orange and folks can see all the events you got four live conferences coming up. You got four virtual summits that are listed there as well. So congratulations on all the success Augustas.

Thank you very much, Josh, this was a pleasure.

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