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How to Invite Someone to a B2B Podcast [Get Free Template]

February 29, 2024

At UpMyInfluence, we advise against using cold DMs on social media for outreach. Our approach emphasizes authentic engagement with potential guests by actively participating in discussions on their public posts, showcasing genuine interest and appreciation for their expertise.

Using this practice fosters meaningful connections and distinguishes our podcast invitations from your typical, overlooked spam messages. This aligns with our professional ethos of building relationships based on mutual respect and authenticity.

This article delves into crafting personalized B2B podcast invitations that resonate with your potential guests, ensuring they are noticed and accepted. Through our comprehensive guide, I'll provide you with practical tips and strategies for crafting podcast invitations that resonate with potential guests and reflect your podcast's professionalism and value.

Research your niche

To create a successful B2B podcast, thorough research into your specific niche is essential.

This process involves identifying your industry's unique aspects, understanding its challenges and opportunities, and pinpointing the topics that resonate most with your audience.

By delving deep into your niche, you can craft content that engages your listeners and positions your podcast as an authoritative source in your field.

Understanding Your Target Guest

Your B2B podcast guests should embody the values and expertise your listeners aspire to, offering insights that align with your podcast's themes.

B2B podcast guests whose expertise complements your podcast's niche can enrich your content, making your podcast a valuable resource for listeners.

Featuring well-regarded guests in your industry can enhance your podcast's credibility and appeal, attracting a broader listener base interested in your niche.

By aligning your guests with your podcast's niche and audience, you create an engaging and informative platform that fosters a strong sense of community among your listeners.

This approach enriches your podcast's content and strengthens the relationships between you, your guests, and your audience, laying the foundation for lasting business connections.

Create a potential list of guests

To create a potential guest list for your podcast, research your niche and align guests with your audience's interests. Engage with potential guests through online communities, leverage social media, and utilize your existing referral network.

Consider attending conferences and networking events for in-person connections and explore podcast guest services for targeted matchmaking.

For a detailed guide, refer to our blog on how to find & get podcast guests for your show.

Building Credibility and Relationships

Before extending an invitation to potential B2B podcast guests, it's crucial to establish your credibility. Demonstrating your expertise and reliability in your niche forms the foundation of trust.

Engage actively in your industry through social media, publications, or networking events. Show your knowledge and commitment to your field.

This pre-established credibility makes your podcast attractive to potential guests, assuring them of the value and exposure they'll gain by participating.

Credible relationships foster genuine connections, leading to more meaningful and impactful podcast conversations.

Reach out to your existing network

Leverage your existing network to find podcast guests. Leverage relationships with industry peers, past collaborators, and other podcasters. They can provide referrals to potential guests who align with your podcast's theme and audience.

Review the connections of leading figures in similar platforms or services. This can uncover potential guests who are already engaged with the QA community and might be interested in contributing to the podcast.

A strong network offers a rich resource of knowledgeable and influential individuals. By tapping into these connections, you increase the likelihood of securing guests who add value and depth to your podcast discussions.

Try a B2B podcast guest service

Consider a podcast guest service like UpMyInfluence (UMI) for streamlined guest acquisition. These platforms efficiently match podcasts with suitable guests, saving time and effort. UMI offers a tailored approach, ensuring guests align with your podcast's theme and audience.

This service can enhance your podcast's quality and reach by connecting you with knowledgeable and influential individuals within your industry.

Crafting the perfect B2B podcast guest invitation

When crafting a podcast guest invitation, be concise and personalized. Highlight your podcast's relevance to their expertise, and clearly state the value they would bring to your audience. Mention specific topics you'd like to explore and assure them of a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Emphasize the mutual benefits, including exposure to your listener base and the opportunity for in-depth discussion on subjects they're passionate about. Keep the tone professional yet warm to foster a sense of welcome and respect for their time and knowledge.

Craft an intriguing subject line

A compelling subject line for your B2B podcast guest invitation should be captivating and specific. It should hint at the value proposition for the guest and the uniqueness of your podcast.

Consider using their name and a brief mention of the topic to personalize and underscore relevance, such as “John Doe, Share Your Expertise on [Podcast Name] About [Topic]?”

This approach grabs attention and immediately conveys the purpose of your email, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Write a compelling outreach email

To craft an effective outreach email for potential podcast guests, start with a personalized introduction, highlighting your podcast's unique angle and audience. Explain briefly why their expertise aligns with your content and how they can benefit from participating.

Offer specific topics for discussion and assure them of a seamless experience. End with a respectful invitation, suggesting flexible dates for recording.

Keep your tone professional yet inviting, ensuring the email is concise and emphasizes the value of this collaboration. Here’s an outreach email you can use as a reference:

Hey *name of contact*,

*Introduce yourself, your podcast, your company, and the subject matter expertise you discuss in your podcast*

If you're interested, I would love to extend an invitation to host you as my guest on my weekly podcast, *insert podcast name*. I cover a wide range of topics relating to *insert subject matter* I encourage my guests to not only share their unique insights and experiences, but also their stories. I'm a firm believer in authenticity in storytelling. After looking over your content focused on *insert subject matter the target guest has covered in their content on social media*, I'd appreciate you sharing your story on my show.

If you'd like to appear on the show, please apply at this link:
*insert your podcast apply link*

If you'd like to listen to some previous episodes, here are links to my show!
*insert various platform links for podcast*

*If you're reaching out to guests for the first time and don't have a published show yet, use a variation of the following:*

My show is brand new, so we haven't published episodes yet. I'd be honored to have you as my first/one of my first guests! I anticipate your episode would release *insert anticipated publishing date to entice the guest further*.

Thank you so much for your consideration, I look forward to connecting with you. Let's make a great episode together!


*your signature*

*include all social media for you/your show*

Timing and follow-up

Timing is key when reaching out to potential B2B podcast guests. Aim to send your B2B podcast invitation well in advance, allowing for scheduling flexibility. After the initial contact, if there's no response, a polite follow-up after a week is appropriate.

This demonstrates your genuine interest without being intrusive. Effective follow-up is crucial in maintaining engagement and shows your professionalism and commitment to providing a valuable experience for your guests.

Implementation Tips:

  • Consistent Engagement: Allocate time weekly for your team to engage with these strategies, ensuring a steady stream of interaction and outreach.
  • Personalized Outreach: When reaching out to potential guests, personalize messages with specific references to their work or interests, making a clear connection to the value they could bring to and gain from the podcast.
  • Track Progress: Maintain a spreadsheet or CRM to track outreach, responses, and scheduled podcast guests, keeping an eye on the goal of 8-10 high-value interviews per month.

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