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Be a Podcast Guest for Big PR & Public Relations Exposure

June 6, 2016

Be a podcast guest to give you a much bigger bang for your PR (public relations) buck than traditional media.

If I were to tell you to go do 2 hours of ‘PR’ what would you do?

Be a Podcast Guest for Big PR Public Relations

Be a Podcast Guest for Big PR Public Relations

The first thing that generally comes to mind when PR is brought is getting some exposure within online or print newspaper articles; perhaps TV or radio. However, PR is not just a broadcast media. It’s any media – digital included. Podcasters, bloggers, youtubers, social media personalities; ALL have audiences. Serve those audiences well, and it’s a win-win-win.

One medium that has made tremendous growth is the past year is podcasting. 2015 was known as the year of the podcast, due to the number of regular podcast listeners increasing by 24%, while the investments have been growing by the millions into the space by larger media companies. With an increase in talent, good content, and more sources to listen to, podcasting is a medium that is worth your PR focus – and if I can help you be a podcast guest, this may be a better fit for reaching your intended audience.

One of the greatest values of doing PR on podcasts is that the audiences are typically very focused. Communicating to a network TV audience is like casting a very wide net to catch fish of all sorts. Doing PR on podcasts is like spear fishing for that exact breed of fish you want.

With podcasting continuing to grow, now is the perfect time to start pitching your product or company to podcasters. Here are FOUR tips to make you and your company noticeable through podcasting.



To start, the first thing you must do is establish your media credibility. If you are a newer startup, DON’T go for the big podcasters first. They may too busy – and its important you are comfortable with the process first. If you want big press, you gotta earn your stripes and media cred by starting smaller. The largest podcasters typically have a backlog of guests anyway. If you can demonstrate that you are a great podcast guest, you’re much more likely to get an invite or a ‘yes’ to your pitch.



Be a Podcast Guest for Big PR - My Mixergy interview

Be a Podcast Guest for Big PR – My Mixergy interview

What’s in it for the podcaster and his/her audience? If you communicate to them in any way that you want to be a podcast guest ONLY to promote your stuff, forget it. This is absolutely contrary to the philosophy we teach at UpMyInfluence.com. I cannot stress this enough. Every bit of communication needs to be about bringing value to the audience.

Trust me when I say that if you bring enough value, the podcast host will take the reigns in regard to promoting your products, services, and website. Most hosts are excellent at promotion – but you need to allow for reciprocity. Don’t force it. Otherwise, it’s just uncomfortable for everyone.



If you’re trying to sell a must-have baby product; pitch a podcast that has an audience of moms. Pitching a podcaster whose audience is full of teenagers looking for the latest gossip on celebrities is not going to go very well. You’ll likely just be ignored – and rightfully so. As a podcaster, myself, I get pitched on the most absurd topics. I, in fact, happen to have an audience full of moms. If you want to pitch me on something they’ll love, go for it. 🙂

Another note on targeting: Listen to the show… please. Not all shows have guests. If you pitch a show that has no guests – offering to sit in the non-existent interview chair, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.



Let the podcaster know you are eager to promote the appearance. You will use your own social media and website to get the word out about the episode. As you promote to your own audience, this will increase the listenership, which benefits both you and the podcaster. As a frequent podcast guest, myself, I go a bit overboard to drive my audience to podcasts I’ve been a guest on. The hosts are typically very grateful. As a result of the work I put into being a great on-air guest and the promotion I put into my guest appearances, I’ve been asked back onto shows many times. This is part of the PR strategy we teach at UpMyInfluence, as well: Play the long game. Stay soft on selling so that you can be invited back into the media over and over again.


Host your own Podcast for Big PR

Host your own Podcast for Big PR


Do you work in a business where you can produce enough content to start your own podcast? Why be a podcast guest when you can host your own show filled with anything you'd like to talk about? Most podcasts lasts 15 – 30 minutes and are posted once a week – but there are no hard & fast rules as to length how often you need to publish. If you have enough steady, noteworthy content, you can gain a bigger audience (and connect with them at a much deeper level) by doing research and starting your own podcast.

I’ll save this topic at-length for another day. I’ve taught hour-long workshops on why startups should (or shouldn’t) start a podcast. That said, as you are considering a podcast PR strategy, starting your own program may be a good venture for your brand. UpMyInfluence has consulted with a number of startups on the subject of podcasting. We provide everything from podcast media strategy to creating a podcast in a box for brands looking for more exposure to larger audiences and conversion among their existing audience.



If you want to improve your digital reputation (Google search results) podcasters will REALLY help you. Evidence? Google “Josh Elledge”. I’ve been on TV and radio more than 1000 times in more than 100 different cities. However, even with all that traditional media exposure, you’ll see my search results are filled with podcast appearances. Podcasters are generally pretty adept at their own SEO – giving you lift when people search for your name & brand.



If you are ready to hit it on your own, start planning your PR pitches for podcasters by coming up with your own podcast segment idea. Do your research first to make sure you’re pitching the perfect hosts who have the audience that will appreciate your message.

Browse a couple podcast directories – and click through to the podcasters’ websites. They are usually pretty open about how to contact them and may have a page that shares how to be a podcast guest with them. Start small. Smaller podcasters will usually appreciate the offer to have an excellent guest reach out if your expertise is a good fit for their audience.

Are you still a little nervous of taking the leap into the podcasting world? I and the rest of my UpMyInfluence startup PR managers will reveal the strategies and formula for getting unlimited free PR, helping you to be a podcast guest with either an UpMyInfluence membership – or come watch a free, live workshop. You’ll learn how to position yourself as the expert that the media will come back to week after week and exactly what to do to increase your chances of success when reaching out to podcasters… or any media.


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