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BIG announcement: Our name change from upendPR to UpMyInfluence!

February 23, 2018


Nevermind the Carnac the Magnificent fortune teller pose in this screengrab. Click play and watch this video!


Josh Elledge headshotHey, fellow Riser… (more on that in a sec.)


I've got a bit of exciting news…

We've changed our name!


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UpMyInfluence logo: We believe every startup entrepreneur has a message that can positively impact the world. Our platform can increase your authority and influence with growth hacking PR / Public Relations tactics for more revenue and industry respect. Own & grow your expertise online and rise with our movement!


From upendPR to UpMyInfluence – Regarding the logo…

The logo was designed after lots of great work to identify our purpose and values. It was done with some great inspiration from our work with UpMyInfluence risers, Purpose Pioneers.

We were honored to have the logo designed by a great military-spouse owned company, Wise Advise & Assist Team. As a military veteran-owned business, we love this! Did I mention that they are also UpMyInfluence risers? We love hiring and working with our clients!

What's in the logo?

The waveform behind the word UP is comprised of different colors and sizes – representing our different clients and their existing authority and influence. Democratization!

The waveform is actually of the word, “rise.

The waveform gets a bit louder showing that we are amplifying our audience’s voices.

UP is much bigger – focusing on the work that we do. It is very high-authority – critical to our clients’ ability to positively impact the world with their voices.

A waveform is symbolic of modern communication – symbolic of our value of innovation – where we challenge the status quo.

The lines, however, are very close together communicating human connection – our philosophy on the best path to sustainable collaboration.

The design is very clean – communicating clarity on our clients’ messages

From upendPR to UpMyInfluence – Why did we change, you might ask?

Well, I'm about to tell you!


Here's the short answer…

We've realized that what we're doing is part of a movement that goes way beyond just PR. We've realized that TOGETHER we can OWN our expertise, SHARE our wisdom and SERVE the world with our collective messages. Together our work will create REAL, IMPACTFUL CHANGE!


We believe every person has a message which can positively impact the world.


We believe we have a moral imperative to help our clients become thought leaders and media celebrities — increasing their authority, influence, and revenue.

UpMyInfluence.com focuses directly on what we can deliver. We are doing this in a way that nobody inside the PR industry has attempted – and it has the potential to rip open the gates to the country club… WIDE open.

Beyond ‘upending' an industry… We're DEMOCRATIZING ACCESS TO INFLUENCE.

We empower ALL with the ability to rise!

We've helped so many others get their voices heard. Now, we are ready to INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE.

We're only going up, up, up! Won't you rise with us?


Intrigued? Let's chat…

Thank you for being a part of this movement.

We're honored to be in service however you'll allow us.



We're actively booking guests for our DAILY #podcast: The Thoughtful #Entrepreneur. Happy to share your story with our 120K+ audience.Smiling face with halohttps://upmyinfluence.com/guest/


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