Brendan Kelly: Constructing a Sales Funnel with BKellyProfits

Are you ready to build a business funnel that really works?

Brendan Kelly is a funnel strategist and the founder of the popular funneling podcast What The Funnel.

Brendan began his entrepreneurial career in 2018 and has expanded to helping clients all over the nation perfect their funnel.

Brendan’s program for creating working sales funnels, the Ultimate Avatar, launched in late 2019.

To learn more about his funnel creating program, visit Brendan’s website, BKellyProfits. com.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right, Brendan Kelly, you are a sales funnel strategist. And, you know, you're you and I have had the opportunity to have some really good conversations and you're kind of my go to guy to kind of like bounce ideas off of you certainly know the platforms really, really well. But I think more than that is you know, you're kind of a big picture strategist when it comes to setting up funnels. And so first off, thank you So much for joining us.

Yeah, Josh. Absolutely, man, thanks for having me on. I love doing little trade offs on podcasts. And when we first met, you know, we clicked right away, and we said, Hey, I'll help you, you help me. And yeah, it's been a fantastic relationship ever since. So,

it is, you know, and one thing that I think is a really, really smart idea, you know, it's really great to join, like a mastermind and that sort of thing. But, you know, one thing that I like to do is surround myself with smart people. And, you know, certainly like, I know, I have my zone of genius, you know, we're like, this is what I obsess on, like authority and visibility and, and media and influence and that sort of thing. And but there are certain areas that you know, like funnels, I'm pretty savvy at but man, you know, it's like, and we see this a lot like, you know, web designers, for example, like they need other people outside of their organization to look at their own stuff. So when you're in it, like you can't really, you know, you can't we can't judge your own stuff very well. So it's, it's really really important to, you know, make friends with other people, even in your area of expertise, just to bounce ideas off of. And you know, and you and I have had this kind of standing meeting every couple weeks where we just like, Hey, you know, Hey, what's going on in your business? You know, I share with you some of my insight, my observations, I'm, you know, I'm working on some funnel stuff right now. And, and Brendan, I mean, your advice has been rock solid, you know, we're partnering on some, some client work as well, which is really cool. You know, and that's the great thing, you know, the more people that, you know, just kind of before we kind of get into your expertise, you know, I really just want to put this out there that, you know, the more smart people you can surround yourself with and connect with them. You really can help your business, make some some big steps forward. And there's, you know, learn from someone else's experience, you know, unless you want to obsess like imagine. I can't imagine the number of hours that you've spent obsessing about funnels.

Yeah, all day for the last year at least. Yeah, right, almost. So yep. I mean, the way I look at it is like, so you know, the show Pawn Stars and the main guy whenever, you know, somebody comes in for a book, or whenever somebody comes in for a coin, and he says, Hey, I got a buddy for that. So it's like, in the authority in the media realm. You're my buddy. It's like I have anything that I want to do. So I think that's the good way to go about it is find a buddy for no matter what it is, and then you could Yeah, services. It's amazing.

You know, at the beginning, I think a lot of agency owners sometimes they they're like, oh, client, someone's going to give me money. Yeah, sure. I do that. And so, you know, it's, it's really nice when you, you know, start just, you know, getting that work to other people like Drew, don't do everything. You know, it's better to do one thing exceptionally well than to try to do lots of different things in a mediocre fashion. So So Brendan, let's talk about so your website, you also have a podcast as well. kind of start off by talking about what It is that you do this by like,

Yeah, absolutely. So the podcast is called What The Funnel that's all about sales funnel strategy. As far as services goes, I do one on one coaching all about sales funnels, you know, I help people basically bring their business from an idea or let's say they come to me and they say, hey, I need lead gen or I need sales or I need to run a webinar, but I don't quite know how to do it, I'll guide them through the process one on one will create a game plan together and then execute it over the next three or six months. I also do done for you services for people who come in and say, hey, look, I need this result. I need a funnel because I need sales or I need lead gen, I need to fill my program, but I don't want to be involved with it because that's not what I got into business for so then I will go will still create that game plan together but then I execute it by myself. So those are really the two different sides of it there. So it's done with you or done for you different price points for different people. So those are really the two big ones. There.

And what does engagement typically look like in terms of like, do you? Like how does your pricing work? That sort of thing, because I know there are a lot of people that are, you know, it's like, I think every funnel can use some help. Because And what's nice is you're kind of one of those guys that come in and you your clients make more money when they hire you. So ROI is kind of the name of the game when they when they bring you in,

right? I mean, I mean,

essentially, usually done for you services are higher ticket, right? So once you can provide the value, and you can make the prospects See, hey, let's say this has the potential to make you a quarter million dollars this year, when I map it all out, and we create this game plan together and we say, Okay, well, this is going to be you know, 15 to 20 grand, that is so small compared to, you know, the eventual outcome once they can actually see it. So that's part of the processes. We create a game plan together, we figured out exactly what their wants and needs are and then we put that plan together. We know exactly what has to be executed. And that way we can say, okay, we're going to spend, you know, probably X amount of hours here, this needs to be done, this needs to be done. we'd write down every single thing that needs to be done, execute this plan. And then from there, we can price things out. Because you know, funnels are it's a lot more than meets the eye. And it wouldn't be fair for me to just say, Hey, you know, I'll build a funnel, it'll be 1000 will be 5000 $10,000. I like to go into people's businesses say, hey, look, this is what we're about. Here's our goals. Here's our pain points. Here's our, you know, where our bandages are. And then from there, we can create a set plan and put a cost on it after that.


So, um, Brendan, one thing that you also talk about is avatar creation. And can you kind of talk about that? Is this something that you think that marketers might not be giving enough thought to?

I mean, the reason I love avatar stuff is because once you understand, I totally believe this once you understand your avatar, your dream customer to the teeth. Marketing becomes so much easier much so much less that you have to do. So it's like your your once you know your avatar that dictates any offer that you can create for them, that dictates all the sales messages that you're going to send out and put in front of them. That dictates all the hooks and ads that you're going to put in front of them. So it's like, after you understand that avatar, the marketing is almost half done for you. And you just have to go and actually put things into place after. So that's why I focus on it so much. So when I was doing a lot of coaching consulting in the beginning, I realized that when people's funnels were or they were not working, I could always bring it back to that dream customer avatar. So what I did is I created a system where we actually create that dream customer first every single question that we need to know and able to build the funnel for them. And then we ask them those questions. And then we get the answers and we copy and paste it over into a funnel. And it's the super easy, basic way where you can build a funnel, you almost don't even have to be a marketer. So that that's another piece of my program and it's an info product that's coming a few months down the road, but I'm good Yeah.

So speaking of products and services and funnels, what kind of trends have you noticed over the past couple years?

I mean, it the the funnel world, it's still a relatively new idea, right? I mean, everybody knows what marketing is. Nobody knows what sales is, at least they think they do. I mean, if you go out and you ask somebody in, you know, general population, what is the sales funnel? They would absolutely have no idea. So, first thing is it is pretty new. And there's still discoveries being made all the time. I mean, you know, I was indoctrinated in the world of Russell Brunson and Click Funnels and I know all their stuff. But if you look at it, like challenge funnels, which is the newest thing as of like six months ago, which is basically you want people online through like a 1530 day challenge, and then you upsell them something expensive at the end generally, you know, that was not really a thing until the middle of last year. So that's a brand new thing, but now there's challenge funnels that are making six figures over the weekend and you know, so so it's always changing, but basically, you know, you have your front ends that sell your cheap product. And the things that get you leads, you have your middle, on the value ladder, which is basically just your customer journey. So you have the middle funnels that, you know, obviously webinars, video sales letters that are like 500 to 20 $500. And then you have funnels that are high ticket that go from anywhere from, you know, 5000 up to really an unlimited cost, but trends that are going on, it's just, you know, the big trend is go back to the basics, it works, whatever has been taught whatever you hear out and expert secrets from Russell Brunson. I mean, it all works. And if you go and you implement every single piece, so those two books, that's all you need, and they're eight bucks apiece, and people go out and they buy all this, you know, 10s of thousands of dollars worth of training and software and all this stuff. But really, if you implement the essentials and the basics, it's going to work every single time and if you can get a funnel where you're putting $1 in and you're making $1 out that's a million dollar business right there. Yeah, if you break even because I don't know how much your audience of millions funnel funnels, but if I can stay $1 on ads and I can get $1 out and profit. That means that I could spend $1,000 and get $1,000 out, right? And then all the leads are completely free and everything I sell them after is 100% profit. That's the amazing piece of a funnel. So

yeah. And so what? Now what's Russell's new book? Is it out already? Or is it coming out? Maybe it'll come out by the time this episode publishes, but I think he's focusing a little bit more on audience right.

So Russell's third book is going to be Traffic Secrets. It will be out for the public in may actually, he just submitted it to the publisher last weekend. Yeah. So you know, first one is all about building the business secrets. Yeah. Expert secrets. Book number two is all about selling to those people. Yeah. And you know, number three is how to get more people into your funnels, Traffic Secrets, so all about traffic, how to get people in that includes dream 100 stuff and I talked about that a little bit and you know everything else so anytime you Somebody's into your funnel.

Yeah. And what do you say? What would you imagine? I mean, you work with a lot of clients, what do you think the biggest challenge that most marketers have today, or most people they're trying to implement, you know, they're working on a platform like Click Funnels or cartridge or Infusionsoft, or what, you know, one of the other platforms.

I think the big challenges that these people, a lot of them aren't marketers, you know, I mean, if you are a marketer, go and learn it and figure it out. That's fine. But a lot of people that I talked to, you know, their business owners, their, their counselors, their realtors, their chiropractors, whatever it is that people go into business to do their own business, and that's their thing. Then they try to become somebody who knows digital marketing and funnels on the side, but really, it's a whole nother business. You know, it's like, I wouldn't bring in a chiropractor to be my salesperson. And it's like, if I am a chiropractor, I'm not going to try to do that either. So, maybe a bad example, but the thing is, you know, this is a whole nother world. Aside from marketing and sales, sales funnels is its own beast, and you really need to understand it all to be able to tackle it effectively. And, you know, be good at it. Because, you know, if you have a funnel, it doesn't mean you're making money. I mean,

yeah. So, now it's true. You know, and I think that there's, you know, kind of that one funnel away promise type thing I like, man, there's, there's a lot more to it than that. You know, of course, you know, I'm a real big fan of nurturing relationships, as opposed to, you know, just throwing a sales page in front of somebody and dumping a bunch of Facebook ads money in it. I think that's a lot harder today than it was maybe three, four years ago.

So what I'll say about that is, if you want to nurture people before the funnel, and you know, Facebook ads is the big thing right now throw ads at people see if they convert and see if we can break even on the funnel. But some things you could do beforehand, and I think this will be a big takeaway for your audiences. know let people know what you're known for. So in your content and everything you do beforehand, you know, if you're if you're a local business and you're running a giveaway, or you're doing something for the community say, hey, look, guys go on Facebook Live and say, guys, we're doing this amazing thing for the community today. But first, let me tell you what we're known for what we're about. So if you are a chiropractor, maybe it's Hey, you know, we're known for getting people into the office on time, as soon as your appointments supposed to be ready, you're going to be in the office. We're also known for you know, hot tea and coffee in the lobby. And for you know, following up with people and making sure you're doing okay, six months down the road, so that you're not falling apart after you leave us. So so it's like, letting people know what your business is about is half the battle. So if you do that every single time you put out content, you're going to you know, people are going to know you for that thing. And it's not like you're going out and bragging and say oh, we have the best stuff. It's no other people know us for this. And then it you know, it's social proof, but you're allowed to say it and that's what I really like. So anytime I get on a Facebook Live, hey, I'm Brandon. You know, here's what I'm doing. I'm known for building great funnels for other people and for being able to define your avatar like nobody else. And then when somebody hears that, they have that in their head, and then down the road, when somebody says, Oh, I need help with my avatar, I'm the first one that comes top of mind. And it's nurturing, but it's really just keeping top of mine. And, you know, I think that's an amazing way to do it, no matter what business you're in.

Right. Brendan? Do you have any pieces of content or anything that you have online that you would recommend to people to kind of learn a little bit more about your thought? You know, maybe it's articles, certainly your podcast, I think, is, is anything else that the audience should know if they'd like to learn from you?

Yeah, I mean, the podcast is obviously number one among their at least twice a week. So that's called what the funnel, it's all about sales funnel strategy and implementing those types of things. But if you want to head over to funnel avatar calm, I got a whole six hour master Class over three days that talks about you know, discovering your dream customer defining who they are and then marketing to them and building a funnel straight out of it.

Fantastic for you as well. You know you have some great testimonials on your site as well and again I'm at B Kelly profits, that's B K E L L Y And so what kind of clients who have you worked with in the past? Are they are these mainly just people that are learning to build funnels? Or do you do more work actually building the funnels for your clients?

So, like I said, I'm moving more into done for you stuff for a couple of reasons. Because, you know, I have, I have great knowledge and skill in my mind, and it's really hard to pass that off to somebody else. So I almost prefer at this point, just to do it for people so that way I can move at my full capacity, I can move fast and hit the ground running and get a result ASAP, as opposed to trying to help somebody through the process. So I work with people what I really like is people who haven't businesses, their back end their sales is all setup. And that way I don't have to go and fix that for them ahead of time, right? Yeah, if somebody can convert a customer right now, I can probably come in and either create more customers or improve their cost or, you know, improve their conversions on there. So, um, yeah, I really like you know, I've worked with realtors that work with chiropractors, I've worked with info printers that are building courses. I've got webinars, so you know, people from all stretches. I mean, anybody could use a sales funnel, right? You know that but right. Yeah, as long as they have an established business that would be my ideal client. I'd be my avatar.

Perfect. Perfect. Awesome. Well, Brendan Kelly, again, you're a funnel strategist, your guy I love masterminding with again, your website is BKellyProfits. com. You're listening to a podcast right now. Well, it's really easy in your podcast player. Just search for the podcast. What the funnel and a matter of fact, I think we did an episode together. We did an episode. We did.


go. Yep, go listen, go listen to ours. Yeah. If you like this, go listen to it the other way around. So Brendan, thank you so much for joining us. I really appreciate your time.

Josh, always a great time, man. I appreciate it. We'll talk soon.

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