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Creativity is a Business Tool with Nir Bashan


Creativity is a Business Tool with Nir Bashan

Small wonder how Apple Inc. became the world's first trillion-dollar dollar company by market cap. Today, that figure is as close to 2 trillion as your hair is close to your scalp. Experts are unanimous that the seeds of creativity that Steve Jobs planted throughout the company continue to inspire technological, financial, and cultural dividends. Creativity then must be the X-factor, the sumptuous topping on the cake of any business. Our guest today, Nir Bashan, the author of The Creator Mindset; is one man whose life vocation is to sell creativity as a business tool.

As a world-renowned creativity expert, Nir has inspired thousands of leaders worldwide to improve profitability and grow sales. He’s also taught them to make customer service better and create more meaningful work. His sole recommended tool? The power of creativity.

Nir has practically discovered the science behind creativity, culminating in a book, The Creator Mindset. This book is essentially a course in exposing the secrets to innovation, growth, and sustainability. If you run any business, it's advisable to pay attention to Nir's priceless wisdom.

The Start

But, how did Nir Bashan become this great entrepreneurial influence that business leaders thoroughly regard? His initial attempts to make some money as a nine-year-old knocking on doors to wash people’s cars failed. Nobody wanted to risk having a nine-year in Los Angeles wash their car. But, they’d ask him to clean out trash cans and do other stuff like it.

This story might seem insignificant, but nine-year-old Nir learned much from it. He knew he had to be creative to succeed in business. It highlighted his first lesson for business owners: service-level agreements or statements of work need to be flexible to keep up with public demand. Only creativity makes that happen.

Creativity goes beyond creating visual or performing art. Art is indeed one small aspect of what creativity implies. Instead, it involves the entire scope of operations – including customer service, finance, and sales. Creativity aims to unearth places where the quality is lacking and inject some into it. Creativity isn't an exclusive quality, but expressing it must be deliberate.

Nir looks back on his work in the music industry with fondness. Having worked closely with famous crooners such as Rod Stewart and Woody Harrelson, he realized that even music superstars aren’t really different from the rest of us. Their major strength lies in being able to write and sustain a rhythm. Creativity requires this: a resounding ability to take the initiative and determine the flow of events. Nir teaches people to foster creativity daily across their organization, enabling them to solve problems that previously defied solely analytical solutions.

Dimensions of Creativity

Creativity can manifest in a wide variety of ways. It’s important to note that small businesses and online operations, for instance, are hubs of creativity far beyond they get credit for. How else would you describe the launch of an inventive billing model? Or, is it possible to enhance your email close rate with a simple story-based tweak?

As a business, you need creative ideas that are personable, and clients can relate with and actually desire. For instance, Nir implemented an á la carte billing model in his father's business that offered customers several services at once for a lower amount. The outcome was revenues came in 18 percent more than with the previous model. Clients were happier to have the full package, but it took twenty-two years for his father to realize this.

A key element of business creativity is the ability to see things differently. As the times evolve, the efficiency of today’s models is likely to drop tomorrow. Keep your ears to the ground and listen to the pulse of your customers.

Creativity vs. Analysis

It’s common for people – engineering and science-y types – to think that being creative means ignoring the data. Nir says that creativity thrives even in manufacturing. In his book, he highlights scientific data on early childhood education in babies that show every human being can be creative. The best part? It's there even before the child's language skills come alive.

Teenage and, eventually, adult experiences tend to diminish our creative bias while making our analytical side stronger. Facts, numbers, and other tangible measures hold more weight in our decision-making. But, all the analytics is only fifty percent of our potential. We sorely need the other creative fifty percent to accelerate growth and scale our businesses.

Creativity can also be improved, just like any of the business metrics we're quick to fuss over. Nir recommends a predictable routine anyone can execute to become more creative. The only element you need to provide in ample supply is the will to do it. Creativity isn't just artsy inspiration; it's a set of actionable business tools that can help you build your business.

High technology isn’t a requirement for creativity. A simple pad and pen are all you need to get going. The method is to write the concept and execute it in your business. You need to view your business from three levels: the broad look, the medium look, and the ultra-specific look. These views become exposed once you start writing things down. You activate a part of your mind that enables you to solve problems differently.

Creative Business in Trying Times

With recessions and pandemics becoming more common after such long decades of history without major mishaps, change has become the order of the day. There's no way to avoid it, and businesses must adapt to changing times by adopting tools and techniques that propel them forward. Tools such as virtual conferencing software, for instance, have made it easy to continue business even in the face of COVID.

A key dimension to creativity in trying times is to maintain an appropriate perspective. Nir teaches that perspective can multiply or deflate the power of business challenges. Your positive perspective will reveal opportunity to help you navigate trying times. See the problem as solvable, and it is!

Creativity is Not a Shortcut!

One of Nir’s most profound lessons is that quick results schemes have little staying power. The results of applying creativity are hardly quick, yet they are profound. You need to put in the hard work to make creativity work for your company! Whether it's to enrich your product or service, see a new side to your market, or even ascend a rocky career path, Nir Bashan believes creativity is a sure path to success. And his results agree.

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