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Full Financial and Lifestyle Changes with Code Red Lifestyle’s Cristy Nickel

Code Red Lifestyle: A Company Dedicated to bringing her Clients back in Shape

Cristy Nickel is the CEO and Founder of Code Red Lifestyle; she is among the few American women of her age who has attained such feat. Cristy had what you may call a humble beginning; having been raised in a poor home, Cristy has decided not to remain poor, and from the look of things, it is working out for her. It was so bad that they depended on food stamps for their meal. The story is not the same anymore because she now controls a 10 million dollar business and has been doing this for three years now, and from the look of things, she is not planning on slowing down. Well, Cristy was with Josh Elledge on his Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast and spoke extensively about her type of business and how the industry has treated her so far.

Cristy's Life in Brief and her Journey into Business

Cristy believes that being healthy has a lot to do with the mind, body, and soul – with the right advice and the product, you are on your way to getting the best remedy. Cristy started by telling her listeners how it felt like growing up. As we have earlier stated, she had a poor background; she grew up poor in the northern Idaho mountains. The father was a cop and a preacher, and they didn't have any money. So when she graduated from high school and wanted to go to college, she had to work as a bartender; she didn't have anybody to help out.

And that was how she ventured into professional boxing, a legitimate, sanctioned licensed professional boxer as a way to pay her way through nursing school. While she was on this, she never knew boxing would end up taking her to be one of the top three most dangerous females on the planet. She had her own MTV show, and a magazine cover problem which was halfway through her career. But then she started getting fat, even though she was training approximately five hours a day.

Then she realized that she was eating the wrong food; she changed her diet and immediately started losing weight. She realized that exercise has nothing to do with weight loss. So her business sense came alive, and that was what gave birth to the company The Code Red Lifestyle. This business has created a level playing field for everybody, whether you're physically challenge or not. But the problem here was that she had a great program but didn't know how to monetize it. And she doesn't even know what the word monetize meant. And so she was sitting in a downtown office just waiting for people to walk in from the door.  Before she could meet up to what it takes to manage a business, she had to meet with business coaches who helped her through building what is now a reputation nation wide weight loss company.

If you Trust your Business, look for ways to raise the Fund

She had to borrow $100,000 from her husband, who was doing well for himself too. And mind you, they don't share money at all. And she had to borrow $100,000 to get her company where she needed it to be. There was a time she launched a $5,000 package; she thought everybody was going to be clamoring for it. And she was in the middle of a stage. The experience wasn't just pleasant. It felled on her face, and nobody bought her product –  it was a big waste of money.

But no matter what happens, you must understand that in business, these things are expected to happen; though you have to be optimistic about things walking out well, you have to get ready for the worse scenario. And at that moment, giving up might seem to be the only option, but you have to remember that quitters never win – you have to keep pushing forward. Just try and get yourself a good counselor; more reason to have good people around you. You have to also understand that these things don't happen often, but they're going to happen anyways; you just have to keep moving.

Few things to Note about Weight Loss

The thing is, people are not entirely sincere about weight solutions, they begin to make up stories. According to Cristy, there are three biggest lies about weight loss. They include:

  1. You got to exercise to lose weight
  2. You got to eat low fat to lose weight
  3. you got to eat frequently to lose weight

Those are all the top three biggest lies paddled in this industry for 25 years, and Cristy went ahead to wonder what some people learn in college, what they learn in medical school, what they learned in grade school, and so on.

She went ahead to say that 77% of American population are overweight, while 44% are obese, they (Americans) have the heaviest number of children growing up with such body attribute. As an entrepreneur, you got to understand that to level up your business; you just have to maintain a side hustle. She also commented on what a prospective entrepreneur needs to be successful: if you are running a multi-million dollar company,  if you are not healthy, you're not going to produce the required content.  So you have to know when to get a good sleep, drink your water and just stay out of that which makes you sad and unconformable.


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