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Rediscover Your Life’s Career with Connect Work Thrive’s Johanna Wise

August 27, 2019

Let’s say your kids have moved out and want to get back into the work force, you’re in a new stage of life and it’s time to seek newer fields to share your experience, or that you’ve been unhappy in the career you’ve pursued so far. No matter why, you know you want to chase a new dream, a new career, and a new life. Johanna Wise, the CEO of Connect Work Thrive, has experienced the same thing.  Listen to her story and her solutions on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

Connect Work Thrive is, as Johanna Wise says, “a company that help mid-career professionals find work the love.” And with Connect Work Thrive’s resources, you most certainly can! Connect Work Thrive can guide you around the obstacles and confusions involved with your new path. Define your skillset, understand your own impact, and learn how you can apply yourself.

Johanna Wise talks more about her experiences and what Connect Work Thrive’s goals are for their clients.

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