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Caring for Your Energy with Conscious Business Coaching’s Anna Choi

October 6, 2020

Caring for Your Energy with Conscious Business Coaching's Anna Choi

Entrepreneurs and professionals in all fields eventually realize they must take ownership of their business and life in general. If you belong to this category, there's a good chance you've never heard of Anna Sun Choi.

Anna is a coach for conscious business leaders and entrepreneurs. If you need a way to generate perpetual peace in chaos, manage negative energy effectively, focus your energy like a laser, or never burn out, the Anna Choi Conscious Business Coaching is B-school for the mind that you utterly need.

In the Beginning…

Being a business energy coach for conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders is as specific a niche as one may get. Yet, Anna's beginning is probably more unique. An art major without any connections, Sun Choi, clawed her way up the ranks as a financial planner. Fast-forward a few years, and she's made plenty of money but amassed much mental baggage in the process too. Her slumping on a chair from exhaustion was her cue that entrepreneurs need a way to avoid burnout while making money.

She sold her financial planning business, started a family, published a children's book, and toured the world. But the reality of lean finances would make Anna rethink her stance on being a full-time mom, as her husband eventually quit his job. She started a consultancy service and built multiple connections in the tech industry. The heavy schedule would take its toll again – another burnout.

With just enough impetus, Anna Sun Choi's Conscious Business Coaching business was born, and within three short years, her family is debt-free, she earns six figures and takes nine weeks off per year.

How Breaks Matter – the Concept of Recharge

According to Anna, peace and chaos are things we discover as we make the most of our opportunities. It's important to actively seek seasons to get away from the noise around us – a silent retreat, a vacation abroad. These seasons may be micro-moments of peace that we deliberately create by habit. These are the things that keep you in top mental shape as an entrepreneur.

In a high-performance entrepreneurial journey, it's advisable to maintain a systematic routine or ritual that helps you reset. Since running a business is about being awake for long periods of time, it's always good to remember that sleep is a gift of nature. That's not to excuse slothful behavior or laziness. But sleep is proportional to how alive you are when you wake up.

Morning rituals should constitute whatever helps you get in gear quickly and throughout the day. It should be something that nourishes your soul and that you genuinely enjoy. How long you do this does not matter – thirty minutes to two hours – as long as you enjoy it.

Another approach that works is to use multi-day challenges. Anna recommends a 21-day challenge of 20 minutes per day. After it, she often switches to a sleeping tiger posture, a Korean martial arts movement aimed for the back. She listens to inspirational audios while in this position. The position forms the anchor to enrich her mind with motivation from whatever audio is playing.

Locating Energy Drains

Energy drains are like suction pipes for your vital power. Each person has specific things – internally and externally – that rob them of the energy they need. It's often their partner or spouse. It could also be anything else.

As the coronavirus forces entrepreneurs to adopt remote working strategies, the energy drains are also evolving. It can be so draining that it leads to a constant cycle of triggering and reacting. Layoffs or deaths are more impactful than the events themselves. Such circumstances lead to a cascade of unsavory events such as grief or anger that you might not even get the opportunity to deal with appropriately.

It's crucial to identify energy drains because they take a significant toll on you that blocks your path to peace and greater energy.

What to Do When Circumstances Seem Beyond Your Control

Most entrepreneurs are strong-willed and believe it's the unspoken code of business to deny personal struggles. According to Ms. Choi, the most therapeutic first step in any undesirable situation is to admit that it's happening. Denial prepares you to fail even when you have physical cues (such as pain in your body) that all is not well.

Be in tune with your body – notice colors, shapes, textures, movements – everything that may suggest that you're having it rough. Entrepreneurs must learn to embrace chaos and go one step further – not fight it. It frees you to meditate and listen to your inner advisors and know what your next step should be.

How do you create positive energy in overwhelming circumstances? Anna Choi says, “definitely not caffeine!” It matters what you put in your body. Chemicals ramp up your energy only to rapidly ramp it down [without your consent]. The quick-fix only sets you up for a significant long-term crash.

Natural living helps you stay in top shape, naturally. To sleep more easily, for example, Anna advises having blue lights installed on all devices. Then you need to review what you do as your day winds down – precisely the last two hours. Eating or binging on any kind of screen can delay your bedtime significantly. It would help if you allowed enough time for your brain to refocus.

Your body clock allocates time to reset physiological processes. Anna believes that asking it to do extra work by feeding it food means it'll likely ignore essential processes such as immunity, healing, and repair, that thrive when you sleep.

The final thing Anna suggests is to make exercise a part of your routine. She recommends toe-tapping (tapping your toes with your heels while you lay flat on the ground), roll-backs, and spine massages (sleeping tiger).


Anna Sun Choi's Conscious Business Coaching provides plenty of resources that entrepreneurs can use to help them stay in the game longer. The website contains many resources in multiple multimedia formats. You can also book a consultation with Anna to help unleash your inner creative energy in a healthy way.

For more entrepreneurial inspiration, visit the UpMyInfluence website today.


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