Stephen Wible: Why Access to Capital is Good For Business with CreditSuite

Does your credit halt your business's needs?

Stephen Wible is the Director of Business Development with CreditSuite.

Credit Suite helps businesses get credit with no personal credit check or personal guarantee. You can get approved even when you do not qualify for a business loan.

Credit Suite is prepared to help you and your company even when banks deny your credit. With CreditSuite, you can get the money you need without the hassle.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right, Stephen Wible, you are the Director of Business Development with CreditSuite. CreditSuite is a company that we had up my influence like I've been a consumer of the platform. For now. I believe it was, I want to say September, I think was September of last year is when we got enrolled. And it absolutely changed our life, simply because thanks to CreditSuite, we were able to generate over $100,000 in business financing. So when we were looking at some opportunities that we had, or we wanted a little bit of runway so that we could develop some sales and marketing systems CreditSuite got us all set up and I'll have you to kind of talk just a little bit about it. But mainly what we want to do is we have an event and in a webinar event that the person listening can can actually attend. Now we run these events at 1pm and 5pm. Every day, and they can get there by going to up my slash 100 k 100 k. And Stephen and I are going to talk about in that webinar in much greater detail than we are in this podcast. We are going to talk about exactly what I did and we'll break it down step by step by step. Because, Stephen, this one, I'm going to hand it over to you. There are a lot of businesses out there that could really do some amazing stuff if they had access to capital. And if you don't have access to capital, you don't get to take advantage of things. Can you talk a little bit about it? I guess, let me let me toss it over to you. Maybe you could kind of give us just a quick background on credit suite. And then we'll kind of get into how just very surface level because we don't have the time and just as a high level, what credit suite does for business owners what the general idea of it is?

Absolutely, Josh, and I really appreciate you having me on today. We're super excited one by your success, and we get to see this every day. So it's awesome for us at what, who we are and what we do is we're a company that a long time ago figured out that every business owner should have access to capital, but most have no idea how to get it. They have no idea why they're getting turned down for loans. Because unlike the consumer world, when you get turned out for a loan in the commercial world, they are not required to tell you why. Now, they won't tell you why that's usually their mandate is to not tell you why you're not. They'll use something nebulous, but they won't give you the real facts. We figured out that they have a secret underwriting criteria that only the big companies know about. So after doing our research, our CEO Ty Crandall and our CEO Megan Christian came up with this program the system with a step by step process that will take anyone even a startup through this and set them up. So that become more fundable. What you experienced firsthand.

Yeah, so no, and Stephen, it's true that businesses get turned down for financing businesses get turned down by investors all the time. businesses get turned down by banks and credit unions all the time. And so I think you have a lot People like me that are just like, Okay, well, I guess I just have to suck it up and just bootstrap and, and even though I'd love to hire another salesperson, I can't do it because I don't have the money. Because I don't have the cash flow to do that, like I might be paying, you know, earning enough to pay my bills and you know, and have a take a vacation, that sort of thing. But, you know, for the really big things like maybe get office space, because if I had office space, my gosh, you know, we could grow a lot faster or I could be I could I could be a sponsored and upcoming conference or, you know, I could hire an agency to help me with my visibility and authority and getting connected in the media. I'm just throwing that one out. Things are all designed to help businesses earn more money grow. And when businesses grow, you have a bigger impact in the world. But you know, it's kind of one of those things that a lot of it just takes money to make money would you agree with that?

Absolutely. Look at even take that a step further. Not that you have any company Titian, Josh, but maybe you might want to buy out somebody who might think that your competition because they have absolutely, I see it every day. And what's what's this heartening is every business owner can look through their memory bank, and they'll see many opportunities that they had that they couldn't take advantage of because they didn't have the funding, they didn't have the ability to to take advantage of it. And there it could have changed the entire trajectory of their business in life. Right. So we don't look at it as we're helping people get funding, we're helping people create their dreams, change their life. And just like you You said, it wasn't really it's not really about the money. It's what you were able to do with the money.

Yes, right. Right. Right, exactly.

So because we're looking on the other side of the coin, I'm not a big fan of personal debt. So

where am I? Right? I've been a consumer guy for 12 years and, and it's what we're talking about is entirely different. So consumer debt is generally used for summative purposes, and sometimes it sucks like it's a medical bill or something like that but it's not something that you're going to earn money from usually. Usually, it's you know, the water heater goes out the AC goes out, or hopefully it's not stuff like we're going on vacation so we're going to just pile on some debt in order to do that, but consumers do that and that is consumer consumptive debt. productive debt is different and productive debt makes sense. Can I let me give you our numbers so because we had access to 100 k big chunk that was it was at the SBA funded us is wonderful. Like our term on it is 10 years like the interest rate is tiny. In addition to that, we got $16,000 in LLC, or no is zero percent interest credit card. We got Amazon gave us liner credit that we can use, we got gas cards, we got all kinds of stuff now, and it's amazing, Stephen because all we did is we just followed the credit suite system which again, we'll talk about that when you go to up my influence com slash 100 k 100. k. And we'll go through exactly how the platform works a lot more detail, but all I did was follow the system. And it's going to be you know, you're gonna have to do a lot of business adult and stuff like, you know, get DMV numbers, EIN and banking and your address and phone numbers. There's a lot of little hacks that you go through in order, and then you start to again, you kind of go through, um, you get you identified, what's really great about credit suite is when you get to a certain point, they'll identify, okay, you're ready for the next phase. And that's where you might find things like small trade lines and stuff like that. And what we're doing is we're building a business credit Here's the cool thing you could build a business credit pretty quickly compared to consumer credit seems to take a lot longer is that is that kind of that was my experience because all of a sudden, I didn't qualify for stuff before. And then

I qualified for it like within months. That's what's amazing about it. I hear this a lot. One of the number one complaints but but rejections or blocks for me is, I just don't have time this is going to take forever. And I just laugh because I know what they're thinking. They're tying it into what they did personally, and they're going, man, it took me years and years and years to get to the point where I could get a mortgage or I could get this business credit not only moves 10 times faster, yeah, the limits are 10 times higher. Remember, the SBA says limits are between 10 and 100 times higher for commercial or business credit versus personal credit. So why wouldn't you want to do this? It just makes no sense to not do it.

Yeah, I mean, the only reason you wouldn't do this is because You're happy with where you're at right now you have no interest or desire to grow. You don't want to increase your revenue, you know, you know, you think of how important it is to have access to capital, if you don't have access to capital. That's, that's what it's like when you live in the third world. And so because of that the economy's you know, our horror are terrible, as opposed to Here we are, you know, if you're us, Canadian, Europe, Australia, like you have, you have, you have options, and you should, as a business owner, take advantage of those options doesn't mean you have to use up all the money, but if you have access to it, you can make smart investments. And most founders of businesses, I think, are pretty smart about their investments. And so we're just basically, you know, once you get all of this stuff set through credit suite, now you have lenders coming to you and saying, Hey, we love to give you $20,000 line of credit here. And and you could use that to fund stuff that you need. If you need a new computer need whatever it is need to hire people, you have that option to do that. Yeah, so it's I'm gonna tell you being on both sides of it. I've struggled with cash flow, and then I've been where we are right now where we're not struggling with cash flow anymore. And I honestly, this is no hyperbole, it is because of credit suite. And and and that's the only reason like, that's why I love you guys so much, and why I really, really wanted to do this webinar. And so we worked we did this webinar, we're doing this webinar together. So you'll learn from both myself and Stephen who I haven't been able to let get a word in edgewise here because I've been going on and on and on and on. But so again, so we're doing the webinar, you can watch it daily, it runs at one and five o'clock, the most important thing is just go ahead and get registered. If you can't attend live for whatever reason. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can get a playback link. Is that right?

Yes, as a matter of fact, when they get to the link, they're going to see the opportunity either watch it at one or five, or they can even watch yesterday's version. So it's okay with that. And that's instant.

Nice. Nice. Nice, nice. Yeah, at least learn the basics, learn a lot more about what what I'm going on and on and on. If you can't see me right now, but I'm waving my hands in the air. Because my my persona matches the enthusiasm that I have in my voice. I'm just really excited even because I'm beyond excited. I'm grateful. I'm just I'm grateful that I can have that impact in people's lives. Because we were able to use that. You know that that runway to be able to develop some of the sales and marketing systems that we've been able to do so we can help more people. And I know that there's some man there's some great business owners out there, that if they had access to capital, they as well could have a bigger impact in the world?

Well, absolutely. And and look, first of all your excitement is is exactly what I love to see, because I'm the same way. I love I get up on stage sometimes. And I go through an hour presentation in 15 minutes, and I'm so excited to talk about it. But because we know what works, and even business owners who don't think they need capital today, look, no business runs in a straight line, right? It doesn't the cash just doesn't keep going up and you have your dips, whether you're seasonal, you could be in the landscaping business, it doesn't there's always going to be those drawback weeks or months. So why not be prepared for it. It doesn't mean you have to go into debt now. It just means Be prepared that if you have to, you're going to get approved. So build up your business credit so that when you're ready, that opportunity comes up or that situation comes up, you can pull that trigger and that's the reality look credit suite. We are a very strong company, very strong company cash flow wise, great management. We have an SBA loan strictly to pull the trigger on opportunities Yeah, we see a company we want to buy. We already have the cash we're ready and you know we got instantly approved because we had everything set up perfectly. So every business needs that we don't need money right now we're cash flowing just fine. But Ty being the brilliant business person is he's prepared for the future and every business owner should be prepared for the future.

Agreed. And and I'm sure you know the person listening to us right now like you've heard of that where said when is the time to get access to capital? When should you get approval for an LLC when when you really needed or when times are good and you don't need it? I'll tell you. One thing we learned it historically, is you know, get it get that stuff when times are good. And then you could get there they're

their listeners know that because we all say this all the time. Banks only want to give money to People who don't need it.

That's true.

Right? So, so be one of those people don't need it, but be ready for it.

Yeah, and and I should say to that, you know, when you go through credit suite and you get all your business adult thing done, like financially, you're going to look really great on paper, once you go through all the steps, and then again, you're going to get better terms, you're going to get better interest rates, like everything is going to improve for you. Because you look like a You look like a sure bet. And that's the idea is is how to look like a sure bet for lenders and people that would otherwise extend lines of credit and or other means of funding to you. So it's just really, really great. So again, the web, the web website address that we set up that you can watch, it runs daily, twice a day, and you could even watch the previous day's version of the webinar, you go to up my slash 100 k that's 100 Okay, and it'll go right to the registration page, click in kickback, grab something to drink, and just learn from Stephen and I were going to go through, break it all down for you. And then, you know, hopefully Stephen, we can we can help some great great business owners with some great business, be able to do some great expansion. We're doing good for the economy with with what the work that we're doing.

That's right. And when we love absolutely just be our next success story. That's what we're all be our next success story. Because everyone who goes to this program does extremely well.

Yeah. Well, Stephen, while you're the Director of Business Development at credit suite, so excited to be able to join you on the webinar now. So we're going to head over there and get that cut and, and then we'll have a bunch of folks join us and and let's do let's do some great good in the world. So Stephen, thank you so much for joining us. Oh, Josh, my pleasure. Thank you. Thanks for listening to the thoughtful answer. for newer show, if you are a thoughtful business owner or professional who would like to be on this daily program, please visit up my slash cast that we've got something out of this interview. Would you share this episode on social media? Just a quick screenshot with your phone and text it to a friend or posted on the socials? A few do that tag us with the hashtag up my influence. Each month we scour Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We pick one winner from each platform and you get crowned king or queen of that social media now what do you win? We're going to promote you and your business to over 120,000 social media fans totally free. Now. Can you also hook us up now in your podcast player right now. Please give us a thumbs up or a rating and review. We probably Read it all and take action. We believe that every person has a message that can positively impact the world. Your feedback helps us fulfill that mission. While you're at it, hit that subscribe button. You know why tomorrow? That's right. seven days a week, you are going to be inspired and motivated to succeed 15 minutes a day. My name is Josh Elledge. Let's connect on the socials. You'll find all the stuff we're doing at up my Thanks for listening and thank you for being a part of the thoughtful entrepreneur movement.


How to Build Credit For Small Business

Whether you need a loan at this moment or not, good credit practices are a great baseline for a successful small business. If you need capital to start and grow your company but you can't get financing at a bank, business credit is a perfect solution for you. It will help you with funding even when you can't qualify for a loan.

How To Build Credit Fast?

Your Business Credit Builder can help you with all aspects of building a business credit linked to your EIN number, not your SSN. This type of credit requires no personal credit check and is secure regardless of personal credit, cash-flow, and collateral. Let us walk you through our 4-step personalized guide of obtaining business credit:

Step 1: Set up your business credibility

With this step, you will be able to meet all the requirements that credit issuers might have, to make sure you can get approved before even applying. It involves setting up the following:

  • Your business name;
  • The business entity that helps eliminate any liability;
  • Your business address to meet all the standards and get automated approvals;
  • Your business phone and fax numbers with the 411 listing;
  • Website and email address with all the proper licenses.

Step 2: Establish business credit reports

Your Business Credit Builder will help you:

  • Set up and activate your credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Commercial, and Experian;
  • Get access to your free D-U-N-S number which is essential in building a great business credit;
  • Be able to monitor your credit building in real-time, get exclusive credit reports, score training;
  • Fix any harmful information on your business reports.

Step 3: Get an initial business credit

In the process of building credit, this step is where most small business owners fail because they neglect to report to the business credit agencies. Through your Credit Builder, you will be able to obtain EIN credit with no personal credit check. This type of credit allows you to get approved:

  • Even as a start-up;
  • With no cash-flow requirements, bank statements, or collateral;
  • Without a personal credit check or guarantee.

Step 4: Get revolving credit

Once you establish the initial business credit, you will get access to high-limit revolving credit cards that are linked to your EIN number, and not your SSN. With this credit, you will be able to secure:

  • Business credit with major retailers, such as: Amazon, Del, Home Depot, Staples, and others;
  • Credit for fuel and auto vehicle repairs;
  • Cash credit including Visa and MasterCard;
  • Financing to purchase or lease your primary vehicles.

There are many benefits of having a good business credit. It gives you the necessary finances to run and grow your business by positioning your company for more favorable payment terms.


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