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Video Games for Cats with Mew and Me’s Willem Delventhal

Willem Delventhal, CEO and game designer of Mew and Me, wanted to create something for his house panther to have enrichment when alone at home. And thus, video games for cats was born! Find out more from Willem Delventhal on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

Your cat is your best friend and your family and you worry about them all the time: are they eating and drinking enough? Are they going to the bathroom? Are they getting enough enrichment at home? As cat parents we do our best, and we want our cats to be happy, especially when we leave the house.

Mew and Me games are meant to be put on the tablet for your kitties to whack at and interact. And even better, you can play a multiplayer game with your cat! It's a bonding experience that can teach you more about your cat and your cat’s behaviors.

Listen to what Willem Delventhal says about Mew and Me on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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