Eric Pearl

#HACKED: Hidden Gifts with The Reconnection’s Eric Pearl

Reconnect with yourself, humanity, and the cosmos.

Our guest for today is Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of The Reconnection.

The Reconnection strives to make infinite healing and evolution fully accessible, transparent and easily learned by everyone. Known as “Reconnective Healing,” Dr. Pearl facilitates healings for people that are often instantaneous and can last a lifetime.

This blog isn’t the end of it though. To know more about Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection, listen to the podcast found above and let me know what you think! 

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Welcome back listeners. Morse Code here. Today I have a treat for you, Josh speaking with the Eric Pearl of The Reconnection, and I had to crawl through the sewer system to get it for you, so you better like it. Why did I have to do that? You're probably asking. Well, I don't always owe you an answer do I?

Alright, Dr. Eric Pearl, thank you so much. So this is thank you very much for kind of visiting with me and kind of having a private conversation here. And I got to tell you that even though I know I've had hackers kind of listening to my conversations in the past, I can assure you we've kind of swept the area. We are not being recorded. I know that for sure. Because I have top notch security there crack commando team. And so anyway, I just want to let You know that this is a private conversation. So feel free to share the things that maybe you wouldn't be willing to share. And I think mainly for me, I'm going to reveal some things that I have never shared publicly, because I've just been too embarrassed, not embarrassed, but just fear of judgment of some rather supernatural things that have happened in my life. And I reached out to you because I know that you're someone that's kind of you, I know you've experienced some of those same things. And another thing I gotta say is, you're partially to blame for some of these supernatural experiences that have happened in my life. And so first of all, I just want to thank you so much for for taking some time and and visiting with me about this. Well, I appreciate

your confidence in reaching out and contacting me and I'm very happy to have this discussion with you and then honored you asked,

so I'm going to take some notes here as well because I'm going I'm kind of preparing our conversation to is I'm doing a lot of research and kind of a Napoleon Hill fashion to kind of share this wisdom with a with an audience that is looking to increase their authority. And I think part of that authority is recognizing when there might be gifts within us that, that maybe we are embarrassed to share with the world. And I think that a really big part of owning our authority and owning our identity, who we are, is being comfortable with and vulnerable with with sharing some of those things that it's possible that there might be a percentage of the audience or our population, or customers or clients or you know, social media audience, whatever, that might not be ready for that and that's okay. Like in and in fact, just because of our authenticity. It makes I welcome things that we never expected. And and with that I'm wondering, you know, while I kind of take some notes here, if you wouldn't mind just kind of sharing what happened in your life and of course by now of course you've written about it and you've been teaching about this for getting close to a couple decades now. But would you mind just kind of recounting you know, what I I'm kind of calling out what appears to be a fairly supernatural experience that you experience. And I say supernatural in that you don't necessarily have an explanation for what happened, but but if you wouldn't, if you would mind, I'd really love to hear it. Sure.

I'm very happy to do that. And in my listening to your thought process here, one of the first things that comes to me is from my experience, the best way to share something is to share your truth, not to try to convince and this was a very interesting discovery for me because My nature I have always been what used to be called a type A personality which really translates to you didn't leave a conversation with me or room from me until you either agreed with what I was saying or, or were good enough actor to make me think that you agree. And suddenly Here comes the along the biggest thing in my life that that ever happened that not only is impacted me, but has impacted now millions, millions and millions. It's hard for me to even imagine that what that looks like but people around the globe, not only do I know, I can't necessarily convince people of it, but yet I have no drive to my centering. And my compulsion, in a sense, in a sense is to share my truth and leave it up to everyone else to decide whether or not they're able to recognize that truth and what it speaks to within them. So for me here, here's the background, as I know that you spend a lot have time with people in business. And that's really not at all foreign to me because when this started what I assumed called Reconnective Healing I was I had one of the largest practices, the two largest chiropractic practices in Los Angeles. At the time, I was very fashionable Street, an intersection of Melrose Place in La Cienega Boulevard, if you know the area, and even had valet Parkers, not not to be, you know, ostentatious, but basically, you couldn't find parking on that street. But my efficiency is a joke. We're the only chiropractor with a belay Parker. We actually share it the

street. Can I ask Before we continue, how did you how did you build up your practice to that level?

You know, I think it has a lot to do with an inner knowingness or belief that you're doing something of value and with that, that's communicated in your conversations. And what I found was too Talking to the community work. Now it's kind of interesting because there are at least two ways to talk to the community. One works for me and one didn't. What didn't work for me was getting up in front of an audience and sharing it with different healthcare practitioners and each giving you know, 10 minute presentations on the subject or the topic because it made me nervous quite honestly, I, I had notes points I wanted to take about I was well versed in the field of chiropractic. I did it well, and I loved it, but somehow put me in front of an audience and my mouth planned I couldn't even read my notes. I didn't know where I was. There were moments of awkward silence because I couldn't find a word come out of my mouth that just was not working for me. What did work for me was going to public events and seeing people one on one checking out their spine, their posture talking to them about it now A conversation. Well, interestingly enough, almost conversely, when what is now known as Reconnective Healing comes about now I'll tell you how that happen in a moment. The first time the basically first time I got in front of a large crowd. It was on that stage of Madison Square Garden. There, that's a thrust oh my gosh, because I had smoke into smaller crowds. But this was where I was pulled and they brought me into Madison Square Garden.

The funny thing was

nothing awkward. Nothing awkward. You know why? Because I had nothing to memorize. I had nothing to remember. I had no facts to make sure that I got out in a sequence. All I had was my story to share and my insights along with it. And when I came to a point of pausing on that. I had an infinite amount of questions to respond to. So there was there was no time to be self conscious or nervous or anything but in a desire a knowingness a purpose that there was to share. So I should go back and bring you a little bit of the story. Yeah, to ask.

I'd practice chiropractic because I said 12 years,

burgeoning. Practice celebrities, rock bands,

and we're gonna say you're a chiropractor to the stars, it seems oil.

David say that a bit. But to be quite honest, you know, pretty much any successful health care practitioner in the Los Angeles, hollywood West Hollywood area at that time had their fair share of celebrity. So yeah, it didn't make me stand out that much.

Just the same it was it was fun walking into my reception room and seeing all these people that you already saw and tell Issue stage.

And so

when I started chiropractic, my studies in it, it was because I was introduced to the concept by an old fashioned chiropractor who knew what chiropractic was basically, which was not about treating aches, pains, symptoms, or anything else. Specifically, chiropractic, he explained, he has this one simple understanding. The brain that we think of sitting in the skull doesn't stay here, it becomes the brainstem and the spinal cord, and the nerves shut off and they travel throughout the body and become tiny, tiny little nerve fibers that attention each and every physical cell. Communication between brain and body keeps the cells functioning healthy. The cells live their normal lifespan skin cells in 30 days, liver cells every six weeks, whatever the cycles are, her entire body and subatomic particles turns over brand new, almost not like Nandi percent every year. And that communication is what allows it. The funny thing is, when a bone in the spine turns a twist interferes with the nerve communication, no going to the cell, the cell gets only maybe at most 40% of that healthy input. And when that cell lifts its lifespan and dies, the new cell that replaces it is less than healthy. So you build up less than healthy cells in your liver for example, your liver can't detoxify they can't do that sends poisons out of the kidney that aren't handled well. So the kidney doesn't know what to do they scooted out in the blood.

So Good, good. Dr. Pearl, like a good illustration of that would be if someone has nerve damage, and let's say they lose all sense of feeling in their left arm for example, like what what might happen as a result of that?

Well, it's not just that they lose the feeling the feeling is the symptom. The right Yeah, actually what starts to happen the cells replace themselves unhealthy the muscles begin to wither and die. So What chiropractic says is reposition the spine, get the pressure off the nerves and new healthy cells will come replace the sick cells and the body heals again. And I went, Wow, that's really cool. I'm going to do that really in that conversation. I said, I'm going to do that applied school, went to school, and you know, the school they beat a concept out of us as students because that was the time they were trying to become pseudo medical doctors, right? It was about diagnosis and treatment. And so by the time I got out of school, I was looking to fix the aches and pains in my patients and help their muscles regenerate and massage and ultrasound and all those things. You know why? Because I didn't know what true chiropractic was. I didn't learn it. And today really about 80% of chiropractors don't practice true philosophic principle chiropractic, Chase symptoms. My ninth year in practice, someone turned me on to this concept again reminded me of it I went to hear doctor speak on it. I went that to me Got rid of all physical therapy, everything else. And although I was excellent at getting rid of aches and pains now people evolved beyond that into having greater health manifest in their lives. I thought that's true. So as I listened in read to the philosophers on this one line really stayed with me that by freeing up the communication between brain and body we're freeing up the innate communication system in our body is really our individual manifestation of this universal intelligence we exist in so the field the universe, is has an intelligence something tells trees to grow up and tree roots to grow down and children be born with two eyes, more nose and all of this stuff functions in your innate intelligence within you Josh within media with everyone else, listening and watching, and this description of it was were reunifying it's a little sexist way of putting it at the time, man physical Within the spiritual, I say humanity, the physical with humanity spiritual. And that consciousness allowed me every time before I did a physical chiropractic adjustment on my patients to pause, and to just breathe without awareness in connection while I was touching that patient, and then do the adjustment and the very same physical adjustment that would have brought them to here without awareness brought them out of the picture, to a new place. And I did that for three years and then one day

something strange started to work.

One night, a lamp next to my bed that I'd had for 10 years, turned itself on in the middle of the night and woke me up. No one was in my house. Or when I looked my bedroom door which I was in the habit of closing every night to my head. Before I went to sleep was open. I'm thinking night turns. stuff on doors open and it feels like someone's in my house. It's very unnerving feeling to wake up in a house, big house that you're in alone and feel it someone's there. So I did the only natural thing I walked I got to get my hands on a grabbed an old can of pepper spray, which I knew was empty, but I figured you know, the other person and my Doberman Pinscher who hid behind my knees the whole time, as if she were sensing something was wrong to walk through that whole house up down sideways, couldn't find anyone when to go back to sleep. Went to click the lamp off next to my bed and it wasn't clicked on the knob was only rotated enough for the light bulb to ignite but not clicking the place. And I was so you know, OCD about drawers locked in toothpaste caps on and Windows shot lamps. I knew that wasn't me, which made me feel all the more impressive. But I want to sit anywhere. Well, Monday I went to see my patients. I just did my first patient started on there's no face down, finish with them lying on their back, tell them to close your eyes relax for 3060 seconds when they open their eyes. He asked me who came into the room when his eyes were closed and I said no one mind is another person who stood by the door. I said no one stood by the door. He said, I heard them. I said they weren't there. He said I I felt them. I said no one was there. So he kind of looked at me in a way where he said okay, but I knew he didn't really believe this person must be having an odd morning because he'd been a patient of mine for a long time and never said that before. Anyway, kawaki and I worked on my next patient. When she opened her eyes. She said, who came into the room when I was lying here? I said no one. Why? She said I heard someone come in. I said no one came in. She said I come from the same story. Seven

patients on that day

insisted that someone can into the room stood there, watch them walk around the room, ran around the room and two of them. Two of them, I promise you said to me, it felt as if someone was flying around the ceiling. Now I'm thinking seven patients in one day. No one had ever said this to me before, right? This

isn't part of your like when you're selling your features and benefits or your company. By the way, one benefit you'll get is someone's gonna fly around the

room. 12 years 12 years and practice so anyway, other patients that they are saying I can feel your hands before you touch me. Yeah, sure, you can close your eyes, or they close their eyes. I hold my hands near different parts of their body. And they tell me left ankle or right shoulder. So it became kind of a game and as I held my hands here, patients I started seeing their fingers move their facial muscles begin to twitch. Their eyes move back and forth when they opened their eyes to they told me they were seeing coverage. They've never seen flowers. They've never smelled before. They were smelling and he started calling me Parents have like the younger patients with cerebral palsy and epilepsy saying I don't know what's going on. But Johnny doesn't need meds anymore. So here it is Sarah's not having seizures and they're walking and talking normally what to do. I said I didn't do anything. And don't tell me. Of course, the more I said that, the more everyone started talking Yeah, right. To media came in and was asking questions and researchers, scientific researchers came and they wanted to measure me and what are you going to measure? It's that they're measuring around my hands in my body and they're looking at other people. And they're saying we are finding this. I'm glad no one's listening. We're finding aspects of light and information, information I didn't know that means light and information that we've not seen here before as if it could be new.

or new on Earth. I'm thinking this is very odd.

Anyway, I mean, prior

to this, I mean, you weren't you weren't practicing Reiki or any of these other things like,

study energy healing take, I will tell you once, way back, yeah, in school, I went to a three hour class with friends said, Hey, you want to see this energy thing and someone talks about Reiki and I thought, I don't know.

And another thing too is, you know, sometimes you might say, well, this person became a spiritual guru, because they saw it as a way to make money you're already doing well, like you don't need to disrupt your

fine. I'm doing really well. Thank you.

And so, but what became interesting, it became more interesting if I'm not gonna push the envelope with you too far. Is that three months into this, and you know, and by the way, I mean, all these things are happening. Just With this and I'm holding my hands dear patients, you think you get closer and it would get stronger but you didn't pull further away and the responses would get stronger. As a matter of fact, I had a friend come visit me so I got Sue this You won't believe it. So you came to the office and I started to work on one patient. And then he was also a doctor so it was already coming from see and and then we walked out of the room for them. It was still moving and went to another room worked. Another patient who walked out of the room went to another one said multiple offices in my you know, small rooms in my office, went to another did it the same way. Now we're walking down the hallway, we're looking into each room and one patient's body stop moving. So I'm standing in the hallway with my friend, I pick my hand up like this from outside the open door and the body starts to move again and we're both in shopping don't understand what's going on. So I'm playing with it. People are coming in. They're watching in one day. Three months into I remember it was December. It started in August on a Thursday. I remember the day I wish I knew the dates. But another day on a Thursday in August 1993, in that December, not not sorry that January, I held my hands near one of my patients is head check back, his eyes roll to the top of his head, his mouth open, his tongue start to move. And just as I'm staring in at his tongue, because it's very strange to be looking at, and no one's in the room with me. This air starts to come out of his mouth, you know. And so I'm listening, and I'm kind of leaning in because I can see his times moving like he's talking. The sound is coming. All I hear is, it looks like he's saying words. I'm getting closer and closer with my ear and suddenly I did hear a voice. But I have to tell you, it wasn't his. It was the voice of our mothers. We all carry within us. My mother's voice saying, Are you crazy? What are you doing? Get your ear way. From that person you don't know if he's gonna grab you and bite it. I mean, so I was like struck funny and little shocked at the same time. But the voice, the air turned into a voice that said, we are here to tell you, I'm looking around the room, what is going on? We are here to tell you to continue doing what you were doing. What you're doing is bringing light and information onto the planet. And then I tried to talk to him some more. And he answered, and I said, Well, I've got to go see my other patients. I'm thinking myself, I don't want to tap him on the shoulder and say, thank you. This great, powerful voice from the universe has come all this way to talk to me, but I'm busy right now. Can you come back at seven? So I kind of said, How can I reach you again, he said, You can find me in your heart. And well, as I said, being a type A personality, that answer didn't work for me. So I pushed and pushed and pushy. So I finally said I can reach you through that person again. So I touched him lightly. I left and the guy was in shock. He had no idea what was going on. I thought okay, maybe he's In the shop, no idea what's going on or maybe he's just strange.

The next day,

not two, but three other patients had the very same response. They said the first two phrases he did, we're here to tell you to continue doing what you're doing. What you're doing is bringing light information to them said, what you're doing is reconnecting strands. One of them said what you're doing is reconnecting strings. And on that Friday, the first patient came back and said, what you're doing is reconnecting strings. Next week, five, seven other patients over the following three month period of time, over 30 patients lost consciousness and spoke six phrases I just told you the first four of them six, verbatim phrases, none of them except maybe the first ever had a voice come through them before. Some of them were frightened by what happened. Some of them became angry at what happened at me. I left my practice and And then in the third month, as quickly as it started, it all stopped, sputtered to a complete halt. Wow, the first patient it continued to. And I continued recording those times with him when that voice was coming through and actually, I finally recorded I had it transcribed and we put it out into a book maybe five six years ago called solid and speaks on reconnecting Your life is my second book. It was co authored with Fred Pons off the person who had the voice come through him and you know those voice that came through everyone else but I wasn't shocked by this. Now.

What happened was,

I didn't really know what to do or say with it, and I wasn't talking about it. Kind of except TV show started calling and I did a television show. or two and then people started coming in from around the world and it was the strangest thing. Yeah,

but at some point like were you feeling I would imagine you're feeling uncomfortable with this like, Oh my gosh, they're gonna make me look like a loony or something like that.

I was. Most shows handle this really well because by that time

I'd already had patients with dramatic healings I brought on people who would. I remember the first woman who came in to me her name was Michelle She. She couldn't walk without help and leaning on her mother. She has severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, which at that time was considered to be by many a psychological problem today they find that it actually is an existent medical problem. She couldn't walk she couldn't eat she had to be carried by her husband and placed in hot water or hot shower several times a night for the pain. She walked out of there so fast her mother couldn't keep up with her. They went to the mall shopping for the first time in years. And the interesting thing if this doesn't get too strange for you was that right after her session, she told me that she saw someone she saw an angel. I'm thinking to myself, you could tell him your sarcastic nature. I'm thinking to myself, Oh, yeah, she saw an angel. Well, I'm looking I'm doing. I'm waving my hands in the air for people I'm bound to attract people who think they see angels. So she I chopped off at that. But as a doctor, I took all my notes. She told me the name of the angel and that the angel had a hard time getting her voice out and the angel became a little frustrated and testy that Michelle couldn't really hear exactly who she was and what she was saying and, and all these things and do you know that a month or two later someone from another part of the country at the same experience, same Angel, same name, same message and other things started happening with different experiences, but what you were saying about television making you nervous? Yeah, I would turn green in the green room. Yeah, I'm out and see what came through me. I would watch myself on TV. I'm looking down thinking and coming up and trying to share answers. I did have one show. I was very disappointed. Don't remember if you remember back to the leeza show Emily's have given us

given Sure. So nice woman I always thought

and I ended up on her show. And every time I would tell a story that would make other TV audiences laugh, no one was laughing. I found that afterwards, she had instructed her main person to hold up the sign that said, sound like you don't believe this person. So when all the way through and the audience would make all these really, really just disbelieving noises. Oh, wow. Even over her instruction. They got so carried away with the story and the sharing of the healings that they laughed and opened up to the north. You know what they told her jokes but what I was getting but they had a doctor jumped out With the audio, yeah, I asked me a question. And I knew he was a plant because he was in full makeup. Haha, sure. And he said, Well, haven't you ever heard of spontaneous healings and, and or spontaneous remissions? I said, Yeah, I have. But isn't it amazing how many of them happened with Reconnective Healing? So I'm thrilled you should be too. But that back to what I was going, what was going on with this was my heart became very quickly about these feelings. And so because I want to talk and I want to address you on the business concept here now, my focus was on doing this evening session. I had so many chiropractic patients coming in, that I would I hired, I show them how I did it, how you know, to interact with the patients and you know, so that they feel wonderful. I I'd work with him in tandem. And then you know, let him take over the practice. I do the healings and I turn around and look in the other rooms and no patients were coming in. So to go back in, save the practice, bring in a new doctor and train them again and then go back to the healing work. And this happened multiple times. And I've gone to I had agreed to go to an adult training program at the time is called the loading ads and to get my very first presentation teaching when we connected for I made all these notes like I used to do when I sat on the panel of different healthcare practitioners in front of the public. I got there and the same thing happened with me I couldn't read the notes I couldn't see the notes I couldn't remember the notes I didn't want to finally I just threw them away so here's what we're gonna do the broaden the massage table. I everyone had a chair I shared the story. I let them feel it in their hands because the time I had a Reiki Master Teacher now working for me as my Asst. And he said, Victor Hansen. So I believe that I realized at the time, that Reconnective Healing is so much bigger and more comprehensive, that includes all the gifts of Reiki and chincha. gone and all the energy healing techniques, but it has no technique. So we don't have to learn a technique, you know, right to access this and you get more when we do a technique we limit what we bring through when we let go, everything comes out. So I shared this with the people for least 25 unsuspecting 25 new healers onto an unsuspecting planet and my phone rang so much. My front office person couldn't answer it had to buy my very first computer. Anyhow. So as I worked with that, I was so fascinated with the patience that the woman who was sort of running me when I would go to the different learning at its place, right, because they couldn't imagine why I would fly myself to New York and other learning annex locations. They said, we're only going to pay you $300 Why would you go? I said, Because something inside of me must do and must show. I have no choice. And when I said my mother had no choice, she said, Well, of course you have a choice. You don't have to. I said, I have to not because I'm forced to externally. I have to, because internally, I have to write something that I feel entrusted with. I've never had that feeling before to share with the world. So

this woman said, you know,

we won't help get you out. You just need to leave your practice. I was so nervous. I finally, I didn't even sell my practice. I build it up again. You're another chiropractor, and this time I legally signed over to him. The reason I legally signed it over to him is not for money. I didn't It was my second best. It's beautiful. I loved it. But chiropractic was my second best. I needed to be doing Reconnective Healing. And I needed to free myself. So I gifted him legally with the practice so that I would not feel compelled that didn't work. I did feel compelled when I saw that backless drop down again. But I wouldn't be able to walk back in, take it over and fix it. I released it. It was a frightening evening. I remember getting in a car and be on my way to a presentation. Having just signed it. Taking a sigh of relief through nerves and letting that go because I tell you I had been spending not just every penny I had. But more than I had. I was in debt in order to share Reconnective Healing with the world. At the time, it had no name, because I thought getting a name would put it into a box. And when we put something in robots, we immediately defined what we think it is. And everything outside the box sort of defines everything that it isn't. There were two things I knew quite clearly

that I didn't know

that I didn't know what this was. And I knew I absolutely didn't know what it wasn't.

You know, and I think that that's part of the appeal that, you know, I tend to be again, pretty left brain, pretty analytical type A, I'm not really a new agey kind of guy. But I think you know, your approach I enjoyed when I learned about it, and this was in the mid to late 90s, I believe. Yeah. And so as I heard you explain it. I think this was like a George Noory or radio program at the time. You said, You know, I don't know. I honestly I don't have the answer. I don't know exactly why this works. I don't know. You know, and I think one question I have is and I think comes up often. Okay, well, is it the patient? That's just, you're just allowing them to release their own healing energy? Or is it really you are, you're the healer, who is the healer here?

You know, it's an interesting concept, and it is an expansive discussion.

I know we won't have time for today.

We're not going to but I meant if we were going to study it, yes, would be an expensive, philosophic, esoteric discussion, except it's not just esoteric. It is now quantum based physics. Hmm. So who is the healer, new agey concepts, you know, and I'm not a new agey person, either. Really, you're not going to catch me walking around and flowing tie dyed outfits. Or you know, I dream Genie pants or or something with giant wooden bowls of are eating it with chopsticks. And yeah, forgetting to clean under my toenails are not who I am. And I don't think we need to do quite honestly, I have found in the healing world that more so at that time today there's a different level of understanding that we're growing into. But, you know, people were wearing all these outfits and strapping the appropriate crystals over the appropriate what they thought was Shockers and what became quite clear quite quickly is that the degree to which we wear the costume on the outside we decorate ourselves for show on the outside hmm I believe is fairly inversely proportionate to the degree to which we own the truth of who we are on the interesting recognizing that we really each are healers is an interesting concept. But then again I'll be the healer as you proposed or as Ask is the client the patient lying down the healer? Is God love intelligence of the Universe by whatever name we refer to as the healer? Is the answer all three I say yes because what we know through controvert quantum physics is that everyone is touching and no one was touching everything. Yeah, nothing is touching. Right now you've got your, your broadcast system set up on your desk probably in your might be sitting on your desk, for example. So we go yeah, the computers touching the desk, but really, it's not. It's, it's an empty space between There we go. Well, I can see there's no space we'll have a closer look through an electron microscope at an atom. So you see in the center of an atom is clustered the protons and the neutrons and then spinning around it or the electrons regard. Well, there's a little space there between the electrons with the protons and the neutrons are a cluster. No, they're not. It's You blow up two protons in the nucleus, the size of each an orange, the distance between them isn't this big, right? It's huge. It's two and a half football fields, if they're the size of an orange, so that electron is way out in the universe somewhere. Mm hmm. Nothing is touching. It's a field of information. It's a field of information that makes something solid seem solid, giving some giving. And so as I came in, with these frequencies, what today, what's called the Reconnective Healing frequencies by science, active healing frequencies of energy, light and information possess new aspects of light and information. As they told us an expanded field of energy. The further away we pull and stretch with it, the more it expands, because we're touching and you went online, we go, Oh, well, you know, we're in different places. But we are sharing our informational fields and even for someone

who if they were if they had bugged your room right now

they're involved in it. And if they recorded it and shared it with someone else later, they would be involved. Right? Yeah. So so we're we're all connected with this and there was a, there was a point I was going to make with this but and I don't remember.

Well, I want to in just a minute but nine minutes we have left I wanted to share with you my experience. So when I learned about this, would you had written a book The Reconnection? So I bought the book at some point after hearing it. And so, you know, you talked through on the radio on the radio interview, and in the book about how to create this or like how to, you know, how do you know how to take the seed And, you know, I think a lot of folks, you know, have if they put their hands, you know, a few inches apart, and they hold it there. And they say, do you feel any energy in there? Maybe some, maybe some people don't. Some people I know do I do? I always have I remember my mom, you know, growing up, she'd you know, put your fingertips together and, you know, hold your hands like this. And do you feel that ball of energy? Oh, yeah.

That as a kid.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I feel something I don't may listen. Maybe it's coming from my conscious mind. Maybe it's coming from God. Maybe I don't know. But I know that like, Oh, come on. I could be my mic, but I definitely feel my body. My brain certainly thinks I'm feeling something for sure.

Try this. Open your hand like this.

Okay, now, slightly. Stretch the fingers a little more like you're taking a drum skin. Yeah. That helps you feel vibration. More do with the other hand. Hmm. Now If you just move your hand, you're gonna feel something in the room, you can't help it, there's a movement of air, you'll feel that there's the lighting, you'll feel that. But imagine that there's maybe a suctioning or rubber band between your two hands and start to pull them with yours tight. In one hand up a little one down. If you move your right hand up and down, for example, place your attention into your left palm. Can you feel a corresponding movement of sensation in your left palm that's sort of matching what your right hand is doing? Yeah.

Yeah, I know. My brain certainly thinks it feels something like I know, I can't deny that where it comes from. I don't know. You know, what's the answer? Is it some? Is it a psychological thing? I have no idea but all I know is, I believe, and I feel something but no. And that's no no and I don't I agree. I don't need to know. But all I know. You're

getting on your desk. What's happening in your microphone is sitting on your desk, right? assuming that's your microphone. Right? Right. Okay. Now, your microphone if it were, you know, sentient would feel the desk. But the microphone doesn't. your microphone doesn't believe in the desk. Again, just there. We have healing. Some people come and go, I noticed the work because I'm open to it. It doesn't matter be connected, doesn't care whether you believe in it, or whether you don't, because just like the desk is there for that microphone. Reconnective. Healing simply is down here. It exists. So in the first book, I'll give you an example and the first book it's called The Reconnection, heal others heal yourself if you want to grab it. It's by Hay House is a publisher. I got it on my shelf. My editor kept calling me said I can't edit this book. I said, Why? Because every time I pick it up and read it My hand starts to vibrate, my body vibrates, I have to put it down and get out and start to work with it. That was my first indicator that this could be taught. My partner Jillian life partner and I have trained over 100,000 people around the world the book is now in 40 languages. We're working in another that we hope to put out this year that gives you not just philosophy and understanding of this work, but a basic how to. But the point is, here's what I would say, if you're looking to move forward into a career that you're being led to follow. And you're a little nervous about it because your entire financial support system has been based on a job profession or career that is no longer making purchasing. See, I wasn't physically in my body to do in chiropractic wasn't really alive doing my second best. I had to go forward and say this must stand or fall on its own. I couldn't see. Your good I choose to allow myself to see any potential other than my life is doing this. And I remember at one point in time I said to myself, you know, if I end up having to live in a shopping carts, no. Hiding between lawns of a police car goes by because I have no money. I'm had no money, I would do this because I know I needed to do it. And if I went to jail, I would do jail but I knew Reconnective Healing with healing and human transformation and consciousness at this level. This was a gift I was given. That I was responsible for as a matter of fact, I felt, here's what I did. I gave myself an imaginary. Maybe not. I said, What's the what are the two worst things could happen? I do this right? I do this and the end of my life. I end up at the pearly gates or wherever we go. Either. Whoever's there, opens the book finds My name or crawler, crawler, Chrome looks at me. He let a lot of people that have a very foolish path. They're thinking that we're doing healings, doing all these crazy things. You've got to go back and live your life over 600 times. Well, not really very exciting. Know what the comparative scenario to that was a guy show up at the pearly gates wherever he goes, and Peter say opens the book. What's up my name, says,

Eric, well,

you know, no matter how many times I tell this, it's hard. Eric Pearl, you will give him An opportunity to bring about a change, changing consciousness, a change in awareness, something that could bring about limitless helping evolution is Reconnective. Healing doesn't just change people physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it puts you onto your life course. It changes relationships, careers, prosperity, abundance brings in order if you were given an opportunity to make a change in the world that could have ripple effects throughout the universe, throughout eternity, maybe you had no guarantees. But you were given an opportunity to do this. And you didn't do it. Hmm. I know why you didn't do it. Because you were afraid of income, afraid of how you might look afraid of what people might think you didn't do it because you were afraid and what came to me in that moment. That fear is not something that fights with love, or purpose. There's an absence of love, knowingness or purpose. And I refused to make my choice. On fear, I refused to make the choice on absence. And in that I knew I was a baby sport, and of the ups and our downs. Yes. And other times I feel stuck and I don't have answers. And I'm not sure how to bring this forward and expand it more. Are there times I question the weather I can make bills or you know, where I am today? Am I in the same financial bracket as I was before, x times much higher and at times lower? Well, that's me. I guess that's how I handle things. And that's, you know, things I need to overcome but nothing is as expensive as leaving a second

damn thing.

Dr. Pearl Thank you so much. I really appreciate you sharing your time with me this was a fantastic and so grateful to be able to spend this time with you and as I mentioned, it's it's been honestly The Reconnection is it's it's my 10 most profound books of all time in terms of the impact that it had on my life and the practical use that I've made of that wisdom in there. It's affected my life in a profound way so I could just tell you, thank you for me personally for letting your message be out

there. I want to tell you one thing specifically for okay if you go you know, just like the book is called The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. The website is The if you go on there, look for what's called the portal. It's part of our one program. The one program is what we teach live the Portal was the first part of it. It's an eight hour course that you can look at anywhere you are online. And I take you through how to find this, how to feel, how to play with it, movement, awareness, philosophy. And I promise you that course will change your life, your relationships, your abundance and prosperity, your success and health in more ways. Even I can use

Yeah, I've got your website open right here. So it's The And then under online courses, you've got it listed right here to the portal. looks amazing. Awesome. I'm going to go through this. Thank you so much, Dr. Pearl. I really appreciate your time.

Well, I really hope you guys enjoyed that audio. If you want to hear more of that then subscribe to this podcast. If you want more ways to to spy on Josh head to, This is Morse Code, over and out.

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