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Exec Level Job Board with ExecThread’s Joe Meyer

October 5, 2020

ExecThread: A Business designed to help Business Owners Create Contents and a Schedule, using a Project Management Tool


Joe Meyer is the CEO and Founder of ExecThread, a platform dedicated to helping thousands of companies and small businesses worldwide develop content and a schedule. They do this using some project management tools; with an optimal work model that provides work for everyone. Joe joined Josh Elledge on his Upmyinfluence Podcast, to talk about his business and how things have been so far and his plans for the future. His kind of job has more to do with creating a community of executives to share job opportunities with when they get approached. They try not to pursue them so that the larger executive community can find out about all their confidential job opportunities. The company has a claim to have crowdsourced over 15,000, retained confidentiality and created kind of a premium job board around that.

He went ahead to explain why some of the jobs are not advertised, like others. According to him, there's an incumbent on the seat, which makes up less than 1% of all executive searches. So, the majority of these executive recruiters don't want inbound candidates to approach them. They want to control who they reach out to. To actualize their control plan, they went on to create a walled garden sort of industry. Yet, most of these candidates don't benefit from these so-called confidential jobs. These and a few more are the major reasons why he (Joe) founded the company. He was fortunate enough to have found himself in the middle of a lightweight job search after Apple acquired his last company. So, he was looking to move on potentially.

The Untold Part of Job Recruitment, and the Motivation Behind the Creation of the Company

When Joe was getting approached by these executive recruiters for some nice career opportunities, he noticed that many routine confidential searches were not getting approached, and had no way of finding out about it, but were otherwise qualified for them. This formed a list of those advantaged sets of people who make up the underrepresented, disadvantaged candidates, mostly women and people of color, shut out from knowing the existence of such shopping. Joe also associated this process with that normal scenario where people lose their job today and get another within seven days.

Joe went ahead to disclose that one of his major inspirations was his father, who was then a bank executive. When he lost his job, it took him six months to find another job. When he was over with that, it took him another one year to get yet another job, which happened between the late 40s and early 50s. This took Joe through the evolution of job hunting and where he needed to place more emphasis. On the surprising part, Joe made an obvious revelation by stating that “the more experienced you are, and the more potential you bring to the table, the harder and longer it is to find a job.” As sad as this may sound when you bring transparency to the industry and bring down that ‘walled garden' that has always favored few people, everyone benefits, regardless of their gender, skin color, or background.

To worsen the situation, Joe went ahead to reveal how deep racism and segregation has eaten into the recruitment industry. According to him, the white men fill over 8 out of every ten executive-level roles in the country, women and people of color fill less than 2 out of 10. These people of color make up 50% of the population, and this is not because of some ‘pipeline' issue; it is because of the many qualified underrepresented talents out there.

But this situation is not the same for professionals; they usually find the next job of their choice via word of mouth – networking, if you may call it. But at the end of the day, those without these connections are the ones who bear the burn. All these and more are what triggered the idea to create a strong platform like ExecThread, to extend such employment opportunities to the less privileged ones. And from the look of things, it is looking up good for both the team and company at large.

Vision and Future Prospect of ExecThread

Joe believes that switching jobs at the executive level once every three to five years is sometimes proactively initiated by the professionals themselves. That's what the company wants to focus on. They are positioning the company in a way that every applicant gets a knock on the door or gets that phone call from your boss saying, “congrats, you have got the job.” By the way, did we mention that Joe Meyer founded the company with his wife? Well, now you know, that's another benefit of teamwork; growing with someone that believes in your dreams.


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