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Fitness and Transformation with Russ Yeager

October 6, 2020

Fitness and Transformation with Russ Yeager

As we know, the fitness training industry has changed and has no doubt joined the bandwagon of online businesses going greatly. But unlike the fitness tutorials we are used to, Russ Yeager, Founder, and CEO of Fitness Together & Russ Yeager online coaching, in an interview with UpMyInfuence, has chosen to go a little bit unconventional with the establishment of his yeager.com platform.

As the COVID-19 rampaged countries, many businesses took succor online. Russ Yeager leveraged this opportunity by going beyond his online web platform, to the popular online social media video community Zoom.

This is a story of a 45-year-old online Atlanta-based gym trainer who has chosen consistency, focus, and innovation over conventionality, and today, he had his resilience to thank for it. With 12 coaches working with him in different studios in Atlanta, Georgia, Yeager has always seized the opportunity to reach wider audience.

According to Yeager, the body fitness business goes beyond physical exercises, it has to do with an overall body transformation activity. It guides you through the kind of food you should eat (or should be eating), how to shred those carbs, the amount and types of fruits and vegetables you should be eating throughout the body building process.

He has created some personal values for himself which he has kept all this while. One of those is maintaining six packs year-in-year out, and never has he defaulted. This has been a source of inspiration for thousands of other men and women who follow his classes worldwide. And by the way, Russ Yeager has a firm presence in seven different countries.

Yeager also have some eBooks on his online platform which interested persons can always access at any time. One can also download the “ultimate 30 day transformation” which has gained a lot popularity of late. It helps you build some parts of your body including the abs, with a free trial period.

Still talking about determination, what most people don't know about Yeager is that he grew up a fat boy; another evidence that anybody can achieve anything they focus their mind on, and success is assured with hard work. Yeager's story has taught us the importance of having a mentor (or mentors as the case may be), to Yeager, was his inspiration; not just a mentor but an intelligent one.


When Destiny Comes Calling

It is good to live a life you feel is right, it is also important to pay attention to small details. Just like every other young adult, Yeager was partying and drinking with his friends, even with a not-too-good body shape. But at age 27, destiny came calling; he entered into some Arnold competition, but that was after he had hired an online coach who had helped him shed some fat by 25% in 12 weeks.

By the way, he later won the competition, this event marked the beginning of his career in the bodybuilding industry. Yeager's career as a body trainer started taking shape when he joined the bodybuilding fitness magazines as a writer. But his interest in the niche grew when he started getting questions from people on how to build a particular part of the body, Abs nutrition, e.t.c. Then he followed his heart, and in 2002, he was certified as a professional trainer.

The online coaching part of his career started in 2006, and as a matter of fact, he was among the first people that used such medium even before it went viral. Yeager is a trained accountant but had to quit before opening his first studio. According to him, gym training job paid more, another evidence that passion is more profitable when it meets hard work.


When Money Comes in Between your Passion and Ambition

By leasing his space, he was able to buy some of the equipment he needed for his studio. Then he went further to access a loan, which his father stood as a cosignatory. The thing is, when your motivation comes directly from your passion, money will be an irrelevant factor. So, he had to go for the easy-but-risky part: borrowing $200,000, which served as an initial investment that got him going till date.

Money is not always a barrier when you are passionate; get the right business plan with the perfect model. And yes, Yeager did have one. He had designed a model that attracted people of all ages, e.g., the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The important thing here is, know what your present market needs, and you are as good as getting the right customers.

Yeager knew this for a fact; he knew that people care-less about the company name; they just want to get fit. And he has been working with this model all along; in 2008, the third studio was born. That's how far, passion can get you. All the same, the story of Russ Yeager cannot be complete without attributing the impact of technological innovation on modern society.

The outbreak of COVID-19 would have posed a hindrance to this business's continued existence. But with a little innovation here and there, Yeager's company continues to offer those exceptional fitness trainings even without going to the studio. Today, Yeager has continued to practice his passion of getting thousands of people in 7 countries of the world to be fit again, getting that shape they have always longed for.


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