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The Next Level of Email Marketing with GetEmails’ Adam Robinson

95% of your website visitors are anonymous.

Adam Robinson is the Co-Founder and CEO of GetEmails.

GetEmails identifies emails for up to 35% of your anonymous website traffic, then sends you those email addresses you don't have. Since only US emails have opted-in, this is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. It takes 60 seconds to set up.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

And with us right now we've got Adam Robinson, Adam, you're the Co-Founder and CEO of GetEmails. Thank you so much for joining us.

Well, thanks for having me.

So Adam, I guess probably the best place to start would be just give us an overview of what get emails is and by the way, marketers get ready to hit up your browser cuz you're gonna want to check this out.

GetEmails is a complete New technology it allows you to, to put code on your website. And we can identify up to 30 35% of anonymous visitors to your website. So people that haven't logged in, they haven't filled out a form, we can identify up to 35% of them, and then connect them to a database of third party opt ins and customer records that we've accumulated over years and years. And we can give you customer records, email, first name, last name and postal address of people that are not yet on your email list. And we can tell you what landing page they were on. Its can spam compliant in the US 100% legal and this is getting those dot com.

Wow. Okay, can you can explain the technology just a little bit more and as well, like, again, as a marketer, you know, just making sure that it's compliant, you know, we're not going to get in trouble. But so someone, say was on our purchase or product page or on our checkout page, I mean, it would be really Nice to know who that person is. And so there's a database than that there. I'll let you explain that.

Sure. Basically, there's there's there's two sides to the technology. One is the identification piece. So the identification piece uses cookies and cross device ID. And basically, you know, there's a way that advertising networks are set up to where they can cookie you on a million different websites in a million different ways. And that's just out there happening on the internet. The other side is, we have a partner database of a huge amount of third party options, and basically what these websites are, and we've all seen them, they're not really businesses are kind of like lead gen websites like lower my bills. com or maybe you fill it out for a credit card or a mortgage refi or something like that. Those websites exist to sell your data any way they possibly can. Yeah, so we can match an encoded email address to an encoded address that has been basically accumulated over the last several years. And voila, they match up, we have a customer record. And in the US, unbeknownst to a lot of people that can spam law is actually opt out rather than opt in. And we can link to a bunch of legal legal documentation from our lawyers in the footer if you want to have more detail about that. So it's totally can spam compliant the US, we only have us addresses so it doesn't have anything to do with GDPR even. And it's a great technology.

So what's really cool is that you can actually go to get, and you can actually get 25 credits free, just to try it out. So I guess my recommendation would be, at the very least put the script on your checkout page, that those are some high value people that would be great to find out Whoo, hey, who was on my checkout page? And then when you identify that, what happens next? like where do I Go where is that? How do I reach out

so person? So yeah, we're in the process of building out integrations to every email service provider like MailChimp or clay, vo or robably, or whoever you use for that. We have a Zapier integration that we just finished so our application will sync the contacts to wherever you want them to go. We recommend that you email these people as soon as you possibly can. So we give you data once a day at 11am. Eastern time, we recommend you put them in an automation flow. And the second you get them to just automatically start sending out a welcome series one email a day for two or three days is fine. A lot of people e commerce specifically are having success with the same welcome series they use for their opt in email subscribers, and it's just a little bit about the brand story and maybe a coupon and then a couple more emails with content value or whatever. And then after the welcome series happens they add them to their normal email program and the important thing to keep in mind is these this is the this is moving email marketing up the funnel. Email Marketing is known as very high intent. It's someone who filled out a form, they gave you their information or they bought something from you, this is a totally different deal. It's somebody who showed up to your site didn't give you anything and then bounced. So these records are going to take time to warm up to your brand. It's not going to be as quick as as as traditional email marketing, but it's still the open rates are similar, if not the same. And it works.

Should you What should you say in terms of best practices in that first email? If they like, whoa, whoa, like if I didn't give you my email address,

right. That's how you address that. So that so we, I think a good proxy for people thinking I didn't give you my email address is the level of spam complaints. Yeah, and we haven't had any customers that have had spam complaint problems who have great immediately emailed we We've had people who've waited two weeks sent to a whole list. And then they've had some spam complaints. Because Sure, my view is, there's a couple things going on one, somebody bounced off of your site. A lot of times they may not even have known who you are. So if you send them an email the next day explaining who you are, and they can sort of like, yeah, think that they were on your site yesterday, maybe I signed up for for maybe I didn't have I didn't it's pretty cool. These guys got my email address. Yeah. Then it just hasn't yielded a lot of complaints as far as what goes into the first email. You know, I do think a lot of the problem is people get to your site through search. They don't know about you, they don't know about your brand. They bounce from your site, they have no idea who you are, I think I think a major problem that first email can solve is just explaining who you are, how you're different. And, you know, just giving them some, a small financial incentive to just go back to your site in the first one. Yeah. And that's really the purpose of retargeted rights to get People back to your website more than more than anything else, you just get them familiar with navigating your site, looking at your brand, and feeling what it's like to do business with you.

Yeah. So I would imagine a good best practice would be, then if they do sign up, then you'd probably want to intervene in that automation with Zapier or whatever and say, you know, hold up, don't go ahead and remove them from that welcome series, because now they're a client. And so that would be a different type of communication.

Exactly. I mean, the the the sky's the limit with how sophisticated you can get, and, you know, we tell you what landing page that you they were on, so you can get as sophisticated as setting up automations for you know, let's say you sell three different products, you can set up three different products or three different automations for these three different product pages that these people could have been on. You can even do trigger direct mail. If you have a super super high intent page that you're comfortable spending, you know, a couple dollars per contact. To get something out, you can hook up to API driven triggered postcards and hit somebody with a postcard in addition to email, so you have this like omni channel thing going on that that, you know, gives you just this like, that's, that's one of my favorite opportunities and all this trigger posters. We haven't set them up or get emails yet, but I'm going right.

So GetEmails recently launched. And of course, Adam, you're the Co-Founder and CEO of Robly, Robly, as well. And so what's involved for a founder at your level, like you've already been through this process? Obviously, then you have a long history working in the financial, I guess that kind of the financial realm. But what do you spend your time doing to launch and get awareness for a new startup being that you already have? You already have a decent list through Robly are you I think I saw you like working with I like G2 Where else do you want to get listed as a SaaS product like this?

So that's a really good question. I don't think we're doing the best job at it right now. So our first of all the the Robly avatar of customer that we have is not the perfect Yeah, for writing emails. There's two great advertise for getting emails one. It's it's magazines and publishers and online, people who are selling the value that the size of their email list against content, excuse me against advertising, and this is like a no brainer for them. We give you the cheapest and easiest way to get targeted email addresses. It's a home run, we have virtually none of those redly ecommerce, MailChimp and cleveo on that market to we have very few ecommerce companies at Robly also so our existing list, it was helpful just to prove the concept down yeah, we built a lightweight product inside of rugby to prove it up but it's not the best part. So, you know, we're, I would say you wear 1000 hats when you're when you're at this point. For instance, right now, you know, you like have all these grand plans, like I do a lot of the product design and some a designer and engineers build it, but like I like draw it out and stuff, you get this whole thing up, and then people sign up for it. And you're like, wow, this is not moving them through the funnel in any way whatsoever. So a lot of what I'm doing, and this is like, day nine of launch is just we've had hundreds of people sign up, you know, not enough people are putting the code on their site. So it's like, all right, if only 20% people are putting a code, it's like, what do I need to do to get that number two. So stuff like that. I hired a marketing guy to help with that awareness stuff, which which you had mentioned, and he has been doing startup marketing consulting for last 15 years. He's got this whole checklist of different directors getting product on you know, like, all this, all this kind of stuff. So we did all that. I'm working with him now because I think we really need to drill down on these two different avatars, the publisher avatar, and the the e commerce avatar two. And there's, you know, the broad stuff just isn't interesting to me because so many people are going to sign up for this and like it's just so clear the value for these two people

you just can't you just me you can guess and you just don't know tell us in the wild and then the market will tell you but it's a great offer in terms of like, I love that you're able to me because I'm sure that requires an investment to make that data available pro bono to somebody who is just getting started at get emails calm. So to get those 25 emails, that's that's an investment. So hopefully, you would hope that offer would be good enough that people would take action on it so now I guess it's just identifying friction points and examine

it was added the whole the whole thing right. It's like until people actually get in there and you can talk to them. Yes, we were. My idea was because we never did this with Rob, we were using a lot of phones and I was like, I'm going to make like a super low friction digital funnel for this thing, I'm only going to collect one field. And a week later, it's like, well, I really need to call all these people just to like get inside of their head. Why'd you sign up? Where do you see this? Like, why aren't you putting the code on the side? Like what you know? So now we're collecting a lot more data. And you know, it's just it's it's it's it's the process right? But every every single software company goes through its until you see people in there having problems using it, it's tough to tough to know what to build.

So I would imagine on this one, did you just I mean, you were able to just bankroll it yourself or like did not necessarily happen to work with investors on any of this stuff. And we were lucky

enough to bootstrap Robly my brother and I funded it and then it's creating considerable cash right now. So yeah, we're just sort of, you know, doing that to find You know that that was also an interesting debate, it was like, well, getting meals doesn't really have anything to do with Robly. But we didn't sell Robly. And, you know, like, one of the partners isn't really active in it anymore. And my brother, you know, funded the original Robly concept, and this is evolving into something totally different. You know, it's just, it was it was a debate, it's like, you can't really, you know, we're funding it, and we have expensive employees with get emails that I couldn't pay on my own. And, you know, these guys, like, it's using all of these resources. So, so, you know, we just are it's like a subsidiary, that's, that's exactly same ownership structure.

Yeah. How important is it? You know, for example, I see that you know, you've indexed both Robly and get emails in directory directories but I don't know what you'd call them. Like, again G to cry or whatever. Product con you know, that like, how important is that?

I am a huge believer in customer reviews for software programs. I just think I don't have data around this. But I think that I think they're more important than other business owners think that they are. Yeah, we made a massive push with Robly to try to get a review out of every single customer that possibly get this one. And I think it's benefited us tremendously. Like we don't do any advertising with revenue just because I look at that market. And I, I don't see how that product is differentiated. And it's kind of grown in its own and thrown off a bunch of cash anyway. And I was waiting for something like getting emails to actually do advertising with because I do see how getting those is very different than everything else in that market. So the only way we're getting growth is through these review sites. You know, it's the way people learn about us. It's the way we come up and search. It's really easy to to I mean, if you look at our jeetu crowd page, there's like 905 star reviews on or something yeah, it's You feel comfortable setting up using that product. It's not it's, it would be virtually impossible to get that many fake reviews on something right? Yeah.

Right. Right. Well, very cool. Adam, I really appreciate this. And again, you know, for anyone who's listening to this, it's very simple. You just go to get and right on the front page there you just enter in your your business email or your work email, and you can get the code to collect 25 emails. My suggestion would be to test it out. If you're not using well of course, you've always got Zapier, but I mean, is there an interface where I can actually just look at the emails as they come in and and just maybe put them in Gmail or something as well? Yeah, we what we do is after you put the code on your side,

come 11 11:11am The next day, we send you an email, say you collected 19 emails last night. Click here to see them. It's a surreal experience when you open that file for the first time, and you see the names, postal addresses, email addresses in the landing page that these people were on. I would highly recommend doing that. Even if you don't end up buying it just because it's such a wild thing. You really feel like so yeah, you can get the me it's very, very easy to it's Hello.

Yeah, install. Yeah. So I just installed the code snippet. And then just one click integration with your email marketing platform. And then bam, you get new emails in your email marketing account every day. So it sounds like it sounds like a winner, especially if it's free to try. So Adam Robinson, I apologize for the little internet blip there at the at the end. But again, you're the Co-Founder and CEO of GetEmails of course, you've got a history, Co-Founder and CEO of Robly as well. Thank you so much for joining us.

You're welcome. And if you want an offer code, type in 15 for three To get 15% off your first three months from listen to this podcast,

so it's one five, fo r three. And that will give you one more time again,

that will give you 15% off your first three months

right on excellent Adam coming bearing gifts as well. Thank you so much. Thanks.

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