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#HACKED: Introducing Authority Confidential

January 28, 2019

Well, this just happened. Turns out some guy who calls himself “Peter the Pod Hacker” got ahold of multiple interviews I’ve had with experts in influence and authority.

I’d been having these meetings in secret, in hopes of compiling a lot of information first – and then sharing it with entrepreneurs and business owners when it was all ready. Apparently, because I was doing this as covertly as possible, this “pod hacker” thought that I was hoarding the information just for myself. Come on, really? Who is this guy? I’ve always been a sharer.

I’ve worked too hard to let him ruin what I had planned, so I decided to go ahead and release the interviews in their current state, as my new podcast, Authority Confidential.

And guess what, Mr. “Pod Hacker”? I’ve got a surprise for you. I’ve obtained your pirated copies of my interviews, complete with your comments. And I’m releasing them that way. You were so concerned that I was hoarding information, let’s let the people hear what you share. It’s not much, that’s for sure. Nothing like the value listeners will get every Tuesday when I release a new one. Maybe instead of hacking, you should be learning how to boost your authority and influence in an honorable fashion!

So, who are some of the experts Peter discovered me interviewing? Well, it's a top tier list, which partially explains why he was suspicious. I secured insider advice for you from:

  • Kate Erickson
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Mark Schaefer
  • Cheryl Tan
  • Terri Trespeicio
  • Jaime Masters
  • John Nemo
  • and many more

“Pod hacker” or no “pod hacker”, I'm going to keep sharing these interviews, crammed with high-value insights and advice. Subscribe to not miss a moment! Get Authority Confidential on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or any podcasting platform!

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